StriVectin Advanced Acids Skincare Collection

StriVectin Advanced Acids

StriVectin introduces NEW Advanced Acids, a collection of three supercharged formulas that pair the brand’s proven, patented NIA-114™ molecule with the most potent, skin-transforming acids for maximum efficacy and results. Spotlighted at the core of the Advanced Acid collection are three tried-and-true acids selected for their proven effectiveness to target distinct skin concerns:


StriVectin Advanced Acid Glycolic Skin Reset Mask

StriVectin Advanced Acid Glycolic Skin Reset Mask ($59 USD) — StriVectin Glycolic Skin Reset Mask is a potent, yet gentle, retexturizer that combines the powerful effects of NIA-114™ and Glycolic Acid for an instantly renewed complexion.

Slow-release encapsulated Glycolic Acid, with its prolonged action time and water-binding ability, exfoliates with minimal irritation. Caffeine, Cherry Blossom extract and Evening Primrose Oil provide moisture as well as antioxidant protection and age-fighting benefits.

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StriVectin NEW Hyaluronic Dual-Response Serum

StriVectin Hyaluronic Dual-Response Serum ($79 USD) — is a dual-chamber, dual-action serum that combines the powerful effects of NIA-114™ and Hyaluronic Acid to intensely rehydrate and visibly replump skin. Chamber 1 contains 6 unique forms of Hyaluronic Acid to visibly plump skin with immediate and sustained hydration. Chamber 2 combines NIA-114 and ceramides to lock in moisture and prevent water loss. At the push of a button, the dual-phase formula fuses into the ultimate moisture treatment.

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StriVectin Advanced Acid Oleic Rapid Recovery Milk

StriVectin Advanced Acid Oleic Rapid Recovery Milk ($79 USD) — The nourishment of an oil in a lightweight, comforting milk. StriVectin Oleic Rapid Recovery Milk is an intensely nourishing concentrate combining the powerful effects of NIA-114™ and Oleic Acid to repair visible signs of aging and soothe dry, damaged skin. A powerful combination of acids, Ceramides and Peptides works to replenish skin’s lipids, which denigrate as skin ages and are essential components to the foundation of healthy, youthful skin. Each emulsified drop packs the nourishing benefits of an oil in a deeply comforting yet fast-absorbing milk, leaving skin resilient and renewed.

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I think all of these products are amazing for anti-aging help!  Together they smooth skin and help the texture.  Skin looks so young!

Have you tried any of StriVectin’s Advanced Acid products?  Leave a comment and let me know!


My Beauty Favorites — Week of September 25 – October 1, 2017

Happy Sunday!  I hope your Fall is going well!  It’s still a bit warm in Kansas City, but hopefully it will cool down soon!

This week I’ve been loving a shimmery cream eye shadow, under eye primer (different) and a gorgeous tanning mousse to keep my summer glow going:

Ellis Faas Ellis Lights for Eyes

Ellis Faas Ellis Lights for Eyes ($42 USD) –The lustrous metallic of Ellis Lights delivers lavish results in new metalised shades that bring a radiant spin to your eyes.  The luxurious liquid formula dries beautifully, coating lids in a shimmery smooth, crease-free finish. The new shades are:

E306 in Beige: Beige goes bold, with high-intensity, statement-making lustre. Glide on solo for a gorgeously subtle, reflective shimmer, or layer atop your favourite shadow for a luminous highlight.
E307 in Chocolate Brown: Delicious, rich chocolate brown radiates immediate warmth and sexiness. Fierce and smooth, it glistens with multi-dimensional sheen.
E308 in Dark Metal: This superior gunmetal brings the smoky eye into a whole new light. The bold graphite hue is hit with black undertones, ideal for instant drama.

What I think:  These creamy shadows are very easy to use.  I apply with the brush applicator, then blend with my finger.  They dry fairly quickly and are so pretty on.  They are shimmery, but not too glittery.  The shades are beautiful for Fall and the packaging – that silver bullet – is cool and elegant!

Purchase at

Korres Greek Yoghurt Under Eye Priming Moisturiser

Korres Greek Yoghurt Under Eye Priming Moisturiser ($36 USD) — This advanced nourishing eye cream is formulated with Yoghurt, a centuries-old Greek skin soothing solution, and myrtle and rhodiola rosea extracts to reduce the appearance of dark circles, fine lines and puffiness. The cooling treatment perfectly primes the delicate eye area for flawless concealer application and is ideal for sensitive eyes prone to allergies. The ceramic cooling tip gently massages eyes with each application, giving eyes a refreshed and rested look.

What I think: This is a neat product!  It primes under the eye for fresh-looking and long-lasting concealer.  It does cool my skin and make it very smooth. Concealer applies very smoothly afterwards.

Available at

MineTan Caramel Self Tan Foam

MineTan Caramel Self Tan Foam (34.95 USD) — Not too light and not too dark, Caramel is perfect for those looking for a classic, sun kissed, golden skin finish in as little as one hour. This easy to apply, streak free and self adjusting formula ensures a streak free, natural looking finish every time. Quadruple dark bronzers work with tan extending multi-vitamins and oils to deliver a picture perfect tan in an instant that continues to develop into a natural golden skin finish without the fake tan smell.

What I think:  I don’t wear as much self tanner going into the cooler months, but I do like a bit to give my pale skin a glow.  This shade of MineTan is perfect because it is not too dark, plus it’s customizable.  I can leave it on for 1-3 hours, I just need to rinse it off after the time I want.  It does continue to develop, but gets to the color that I like.  It’s a beautiful tan shade and isn’t orange! MineTan also comes in darker shades like their Coconut and Violet tanners.

Purchase at

What products have you been loving this week?



My Beauty Favorites — Week of September 4-10, 2017

I’ve spent a lot of this week worrying about other parts of our great country.  Especially Texas and Florida.  I am thinking of all those affected by those horrible storms.

I’m also sad about the fires in Oregon. I’m originally from Oregon and I drive through the beautiful Columbia River Gorge on the way to see my mother every year.  I was just there in June.  Next year, unfortunately it will look so much different.

Even through all the sad things the weather has been bringing, I have been test new products to help the transition to Fall (which can’t come soon enough)!

WEN Fall Ginger Pumpkin Cleansing Conditioner

WEN Fall Ginger Pumpkin Cleansing Conditioner ($40 for 16 oz) As the first seasonal collection launched by WEN by Chaz Dean, the Fall Ginger Pumpkin line kicked off the creation of many seasonal lines to come. Formulated with the WEN exclusive amino acid complex and peptides, making the collection best for all hair types. This seasonal collection includes a Cleansing Conditioner, Treatment Oil and Replenishing Treatment Mist.

What I think:  This really smells like Fall!  It has the creaminess of pumpkin with a kick of ginger.  The Cleansing Conditioner is used instead of shampoo and conditioner.  It’s very creamy and moisturizing.  This is great for dry and damaged hair.

Purchase at

Alba1913 Galenic Leave-On Mask

Alba1913’s Galenic Leave-On Mask ($53 USD 1.76 oz ) Made with Shea Butter, BioActive Vitamin A and Parsley Extract, this product is designed to restore healthy looking skin and radiance overnight. Its formula nourishes and brightens the skin tone.

What I think: This mask is like getting extra sleep at night!  It makes my skin glow by morning and look so rested.  It has a fresh scent and I like that it sinks right into my skin, and doesn’t irritate it.

Available at

The Hollywood Silk Solution

The Hollywood Silk Solution Pillowcase ($45 USD) Made with the highest grade of long fiber mulberry silk and high grade cotton, the Hollywood Silk Solution is made to reduce bedhead, decrease tugging on delicate facial skin and extend your blowout. Now, you can truly get your beauty sleep this year. Available in: Pink, Caramel and White

What I think: Silk pillowcases are great for the skin!  I really liked this once because although one side is silk, the other is cotton.  That keeps it more affordable.  It is still really luxe and in the morning, my skin is smooth.

Available at

What are you loving this week?  Leave a comment and let me know!


My Beauty Favorites — Week of August 21–27, 2017

It’s cooled down a bit in Kansas City, which is awesome. I’ve haven’t been feeling the best this week, but I’ve still been testing out some wonderful products!

This week I am loving a serum that mattifies my face, some new potent anti-aging products and a fun matte liquid lipstick:

Tu’el ABSORB Mattifying Serum
Tu’el ABSORB Mattifying Serum ($48 USD) — Get real deal oil control and a shine-free face with Absorb. Powered by natural plant extracts of burnet, cinnamon, ginger and green tea to control oil, inhibit breakouts and leave your skin looking fresh and matte all day while Sodium Hyaluronate locks in hydration. Give yourself glow without the shine.

What I think: it’s not as hot here as it’s been. But it still is very humid. So my face gets oily fast. I apply this on clean skin and put my moisturizer over it. It helps keep my skin matte all day. It’s sinks right into my skin and I really love that it doesn’t leave it slick like a lot of serums do.

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Meaningful Beauty Environmental Protecting Moisturizer Broad Spectrum SPF30 Sunscreen – ($65 USD) — Today, the blue light emitted by our phones, TVs and computer screens, and pollution are all sources of environmentally induced skin damage that can be just as harmful as the sun’s rays.This new multi-tasking moisturizer helps reduce damage and premature aging with broad spectrum UVA/UVB protection.

Meaningful Beauty Overnight Retinol Repairing Créme – ($68 USD) — Renew and repair skin while you sleep with this intensely hydrating overnight moisturizer that features retinol, and hexapeptide-9 to help decrease the appearance of fine lines and improve the firmness of skin.

What I think: these are both new to the line. I love the SPF moisturizer because it helps with environmental pollutants. I love having my skin protected when I go outside. It feels nice and light on the skin, too.

I think retinol is so important for aging skin. The night cream sinks right into the skin, and in the morning my skin is smooth and glowing. I like to use intense anti-aging products at night, so my skin can be repaired while I sleep. This is a great option!

Purchase at select ULTA stores/

Wet’n Wild Lipsticks Matte Liquid Catsuit
Wet’n Wild Lipsticks Matte Liquid Catsuit ($4.99 USD) — What glides on like butter, feels like a second skin and won’t budge? Our Catsuit Matte Lipstick. Made with glammed out superpowers, it goes on glossy yet transforms into a high-pigmented matte finish with some serious staying power. Read our lips: This color is going nowhere.

What I think: this was kind of an impulse buy. I have seen reviews online and when I visited Walgreens I went looking for it. I chose the color RebelRose. I like the color, but it’s a little dark for me. The formula goes on smoothly, but it is a bit drying on my lips. I have a lip primer that I’m going to use under it. I recommend this for those who love matte liquid lipsticks. It’s affordable and it comes in a really pretty array of colors. And I really like the packaging too!

Purchase at Walgreens and other mass market retailers.

What are you loveing this week?


My Beauty Favorites — Week of August 14-20, 2017

Tomorrow is the Solar Eclipse!  How exciting!  Kansas City is in the path.  But, I couldn’t find glasses, so I will probably stay inside and experience the darkness without looking directly at it.  Then I’ll run outside and check on our animals (goats, chickens, rabbits)!

This week I have been loving a luxe new gel balm cleanser, a mascara that you shake and sandy nude nails:

Eve Lom Gel Balm Cleanser

Eve Lom Gel Balm Cleanser ($60 USD) — Fortify, purify and beautify your complexion with Eve Lom Gel Balm Cleanser, an innovative skincare formulation with ameliorative and regenerative properties. This hybrid gel-to-balm solution melts away makeup and impurities before enhancing the skin with intensely moisturising and hydrating active ingredients.

It is formulated with clove oil, utilised for its antiseptic properties, while eucalyptus oil works to banish toxins and purify the complexion. Energizing Egyptian chamomile oil works alongside shea butter to enhance the skin’s moisture levels. Grapeseed oil is included for the regulation of oil production, maintaining a healthy balance of natural oils while antioxidants defend against environmental stressors. Emulsifying lecithin and botanical extracts such as argan oil and olive oil soothe and nourish, establishing a radiant complexion.

What I think: This cool new cleanser feels so good on!  The natural oils and extracts cleanses my skin well and keep it hydrated throughout the day.  I love that I’m doing something good for my skin!

Purchase at

Rimmel London Shake It Fresh Mascara

Rimmel London Shake It Fresh Mascara ($6.99 USD) — The freshest mascara on the block that won’t dry out or cause clumps. Shake it up to keep it fresh from start to finish. Rock ultra-smooth, clump-free volume from first to last use.

First-to-market Shake-Shake technology makes Shake It Fresh Mascara last longer than normal mascara. Patented shaker system refreshes the formula when needed. Formula stays good as new and clump free from first to last day of use.  Volume Defining brush with flexible fibers adds volume and separates lashes from corner to corner for a mess-free, defined look.  Enjoy flawless, clump-free, smudge-free volume with every application.  Shades: Extreme Black,  Black and Very Black

What I think:  This is a really fun mascara to use.  I shake it before each use to freshen the product.  It applies really smoothly without clumps.  I use about two or more coats to get the length and volume I need.

Purchase at mass market retailers near you.

Sally Hansen Color Therapy sandy nudes ($8.99 USD) — Color that cares while you wear. Intensive nourishment for healthy looking nails. Up to 10 days fade-proof, Chip-Resistant Wear. 9 out of 10 Women experienced a noticeable improvement in their natural nails.

What I think:  I love nude nails all year round.  They are fresh and classic looking.  Color Therapy is one of my favorite polishes because it covers well, lasts for days and leave my nails looking healthy after removal!

Available at mass market retailers like Target.

What are you loving this week?




No7 Fall Skincare and Makeup Releases!

Wanting a new fall look? No7 has come out with some amazing skin care and cosmetics to change up your look for the fall!

I was sent the following products to test for my honest opinion.  They are all affordable and perform very well:

No7 Youthful Vitamin C Fresh Radiance Essence

No7 Restore & Renew Face & Neck Multi-Action Serum ($33.99 (30mL) and $43.99 (50mL) -This serum has five clinically proven results for the face and neck. It adresses concerns of wrinkles, face firmness, and neck crepiness, and is targeted towards women in their 50s and 60s. The serum’s building block technology features the protein-strengthening ingredient Matrixyl 3000 Plus complex found in No7’s existing serum ranges, along with an additional complex of Calcium Amino Acids and Ceramides to help boost epidermal strength.

What I think:  I always apply serum in the morning and evening before moisturizer, so I was happy to try this one.  I haven’t been using it for long, but I have found that my skin tone seems clearer and smoother.  I’m using it on my neck, too and it seems a little firmer. The formula is very hydrating and a little goes a long way.

Available at select Walgreens stores,, Ulta,, Target and in September.

No7 Youthful Vitamin C Fresh Radiance Essence

No7 Youthful Vitamin C Fresh Radiance Essence ($24.99 USD) — Smooth and even out skin tone with this new essence and its innovative delivery system. This breakthrough product guarantees to leave skin looking brighter and healthier than ever. In a recent study, 93% of women agreed their skin looked brighter after just two weeks! After first use, skin feels softer, refreshed and more radiant through use of the potent Vitamic C raw ingredient.

What I think: To use this product, you mix the powder in with the essence. This is a glowy combo!  I like using it at night and in the morning my skin looks smooth and bright.

Available at Target,, Ulta, and select Walgreens and Duane Reade locations in July.

No7 City Light Tinted Moisturizer

No7 City Light Tinted Moisturizer ($14.99 USD) — City-proof your skin this summer. This skin-perfecting tinted moisturizer not only quenches thirsty skin, but is full of skin loving ingredients and No7s innovative Double Defense technology, designed to boost the skin’s natural defenses and neutralize damaging free radicals. Available in three shades: Fair, Medium, and Medium/Dark.

What I think: This multitasker is a great combo of skincare and coverage.  It’s sheer when applied, but covers really well and leaves skin smooth and with a subtle glow.  It doesn’t look like I’m wearing any foundation!  It also has SPF 15 to protect skin.

Available at,, Ulta, select Walgreens and Duane Reade locations in July, available in Target and on in August.

No7 Lash Impact Ultra Instant False Lash Volume Mascara

No7 Lash Impact Ultra Instant False Lash Volume Mascara ($10.99 USD) — Push your lashes to their highest potential. With a creamy texture and unique application brush, this mascara will last all day and night. Available in two shades: Black, Brown/Black

What I think:  This mascara not only gives great volume, it curls and lengthens my lashes, too.  This definitely gives a dramatic look!

Purchase “Black” at,, Ulta, select Walgreens and Duane Reade locations. “Brown/Black” at, select Walgreens and Duane Reade locations in July.

No7 Stay Perfect Eye Shadow Collection

Achieve flawless eyelids that look perfectly smooth and velvety soft with the new No7 Stay Perfect Eye Shadow Palettes & Trios. With these eyeshadows, you’ll have options that will last you from day to night, without having to worry about fading or creasing.
Palettes ($14.99 USD)– Available in two shade ranges: nude and smoky.
Trios ($9.99 USD)– available in eight shade ranges: Plum, Warm Nudes, Golden Sands, Smokey Grey, Cool Nudes, Emerald Stones, High Seas, and Pink Blossom

What I think:  All of these palettes and trios give a mixture of shimmer and matte shades to create pretty fall eye looks.  The trios are fun because they can fit in a purse or small makeup bag and can give lots of different looks.  The palettes are very pretty and have great color selections.  The pigments are pretty good, they can be layered for more “wow”.

Available at Target,, Ulta,, and select Walgreens and Duane Reade Locations

Have you tried any No7 products?




Arbonne Clear Future Collection — 25% Off in August!

Arbonne’s Clear Future Collection

My kids went back to school this week.  I work from home so the house is quiet, finally!

Besides the excitement of new clothes and school supplies, new beauty products are important, too! Arbonne is having a “back to school” deal to help keep everyone’s skin clear. The brand has a full line of amazing botanically-based acne products and they are all 25% off for the month of August. Here’s info on the collection:

Arbonne’s Clear Future Collection is your answer for kicking blemishes to the curb for good. Beyond traditional salicylic acid to treat new blemishes, this system contains several nourishing botanicals like sage leaf extract and witch hazel to condition and soothe skin. Daily, consistent use will help skin appear more even-toned, healthy, and of course clear! The line is complete with a Deep Pore Acne Cleanser, Treatment Pads, Mattifying Lotion, Spot Treatment and Soothing Overnight Mask so you can customize your own unique routine.

I think this sounds amazing!  I should be reviewing some of these soon.  But for now, all of these products sale price is reflected in the price on Arbonne’s website.

Have you tried Arbonne’s Clear Future Collection?