Boxycharm Subscription Box Review — February 2020


Hey all! I have just received my February BoxyCharm! I love receiving this box each month.

I’ve been subscribed to BoxyCharm for two and a half years now and really enjoy it. BoxyCharm is now $25 a month plus tax for 5 full-sized beauty items. The value is at least $125 each month.

The only subscription boxes I’m currently getting is this box, BoxyLuxe four times a year and the new BoxyCharm Premium.¬† I think Boxy has been doing an amazing job curating their boxes lately.

The theme this month is Adore. My version is 47. This month I received:



These are gorgeous!¬† They are very soft and seem to be of good quality.¬† I really enjoy the Alamar eye brushes I have, so I’m excited to use these!


The serum was my choice this month.¬† I love anything that smooths and firms my skin.¬† I will be testing this out once I’m done with my current firming serum.

The powder is okay.¬† I already have a Ciate powder in my stash that I got from a Boxycharm.¬† It’s a different name then this one but it looks like almost the same thing.¬† I’ll either save it for later or give it away.


These are my least favorite products this month.¬† I don’t wear liquid lipstick and haven’t heard of the brand Qveen.¬† I will pass it on to someone else.

I like Pretty Vulgar and have tried a few things in my Boxycharm, but I haven’t found anything I love yet.¬† I have tons of mascara, so I’ll either throw this in my stash, or give it to one of my daughters.


The box this month was okay for me.  I am loving the Kate Somerville serum and the brushes and will use those.  I might use the powder and mascara, or I might give them away.  I will definitely give the liquid lipstick away.

Do you get Boxycharm?   What did you get this month?

Shop My Stash July 2019 Results and Monthly Empties


Hi All!¬† I’m back with my July Shop My Stash results!¬† I enjoy dipping into my collection and using products I haven’t used in a long time, or just haven’t given much of a chance.

My rule with this is if I don’t like the item after the month, I will move it out of my collection to make some room and let someone else enjoy it!¬†You can check out my first Shop My Stash post for July.

One product is already gone.  The Colourpop Super Shock Cheek in Spoon was waaay to glittery for me.  I tried it once and gave it away.

On the other hand, I used the heck out of the Buxom Lip Creams! I wore one with a lip liner almost every day!  I still have a ways to go to use them up, but I want to use them up by the end of the year.  I will be keeping these!

Here’s photos with the palettes open:



The Maybelline Lemonade Craze palette was my most used palette this month.¬† I forgot how good it is!¬† My favorite shade is Strawberry Lemonade because it is so shimmery dry, but very metallic wet!¬† My least favorite is Main Squeeze because it’s so glittery.¬† I wore it once and had glitter fall out all over my face.¬† I guess you can use a glitter glue with it, but I don’t like to bother with it.

I am definitely keeping this palette because you can make so many different looks with it!

IMG-1110 This is the Alamar Cosmetics Reina Del Caribe Vol.1 Eyeshadow Palette.

I got this last summer.¬† I haven’t used it a lot before this.¬† I used it a few times this months and I like it.¬† The top four shades seem very summery and the bottom four are very fall-ish.¬† The shades I used the most are Coco-taxi and La Costa.¬† When I did use this I paired it with the Lemonade Craze palette.

Since I didn’t reach for it a lot, I don’t know if I will keep it.¬† I might try using it in the fall and see if I use it more.

On to my July Empties:


I think this is the most empties I’ve had for one month!¬† I’m pretty proud that I have used all of these up!

My favorite products here that I will repurchase when needed are the Mamonde rose toner, the Beauty Bakerie powder, the MAC fix+, the Urban Decay All Nighter spray and the L’Oreal Unlimited Length and Lift Mascara.¬† They are all amazing products!

I won’t repurchase the Andalou face wipes or the Colourpop mascara.¬† Neither of these products impressed me. The wipes didn’t really remove all of my makeup and the Colourpop mascara was so thick and goopy.¬† And it made such a mess when I removed it.

The other products were all very good and I may repurchase if I run out of skincare.¬† I have a lot now I am using and testing out, so I shouldn’t have to purchase new skincare for the rest of the year!¬† LOL!¬† I’m getting more in for review, too.

This was a really successful month for my Shop my Stash and for empties. I really used most of the products a bunch and I had a lot of empties.

Do you do a Shop my Stash?¬† How’s it going?


Shop My Stash — July 2019


Hi all!¬† It’s July! It’s time for a new month and a new Shop My Stash! I’m always excited to play with new (again to me) products that I either haven’t used in a while or haven’t used much at all! My goal is to get more use out of the products I have and to see if they are something I want to keep.

We are fully into summer now, and I wanted to choose summery products that would be fun to use:


This is the Alamar Cosmetics Reina Del Caribe Vol.1 Eyeshadow Palette.¬† I received this in a BoxyCharm last year.¬† It’s so pretty, but I haven’t really used it since last summer.¬† Although it does look like a summer palette, the mattes would be nice in the fall, so I need to remember it this year!


This is the Maybelline Lemonade Craze Eyeshadow Palette.¬† This is another palette that I haven’t used since last summer.

I really like this palette.¬† The mattes blend well and the shimmers can be built up and made metallic with a little setting spray. I’m looking forward to playing with it and making pretty summery looks!


I forgot to take photos of the individual glosses and highlighter.  But here are the swatches.

From left to right is Buxom Full-On Lip Creams in White Russian, Dolly and Hot Toddy.  The highlighter is ColourPop Super Shock Cheek in Spoon.

I love the Buxom lip creams, but I have neglecting them due to receiving new glosses this year.¬† I want to give these some love and since I’ve had them over a year, I would like to start using them up.

The ColourPop highlight is nice, but a little glittery.¬† We’ll see if I like it enough to keep it after the month!


I’m excited about my Shop My Stash this month!¬† Are you doing a Shop My Stash?

May 2019 Beauty Favorites

Hi All!¬† May is almost over — can you believe that we are almost half way through the year?

I don’t have as many favorites as usual this month.¬† I’m still suffering through allergies and haven’t been wearing as much makeup. Plus, I think this is the first month I don’t have an eyeshadow palette in my favorites!

Here are my faves for May. If I have reviewed them before, I will include the link, if not, I will link to where you can purchase:


Being that my eyes were so irritated this month, skincare and face products were really important to make me feel human!

Two face palettes helped me with a flawless complexion.¬† The are the Smashbox Cali Contour palette and the Alamar Cosmetics Colorette Blush Trio in Light.¬† The Cali Contour palette was in my May Shop My Stash and I used it almost every day I wore makeup.¬† It’s so good! I received the Alamar blush palette in my May BoxyCharm and really love it!¬† So glowy and pretty!

For skincare, I was loving the Gulsha Ultimate Rosewater Spray and Pixi Beauty Glow Tonic Cleansing Gel.  Both products helped my skin glow (in a good way) during allergy season.  The Gulsha spray smells amazing and is so refreshing.  I use it after cleansing and toning in the morning and night.  The Pixi cleanser is so nice.  It smells amazing and cleans my skin without stripping it.  And it gives a healthy glow.

I tried a new foundation and cleanser that I am really enjoying.¬† The e.l.f. 10hr Camo Concealer in Light Beige and the Wet n Wild Photofocus Stick Foundation in Soft Ivory. The foundation is one of my new favorites.¬† It covers so well and blends in easily, and it doesn’t settle into my pores and fine lines!¬† I’m turning 51 (yikes) in June and need a foundation that does not enhance signs of aging.¬† I think I’m going to by a darker shade for the summer (if I decide to self tan).¬† The concealer is so nice too. It blends in so well. Plus both products are so affordable.

When I wore mascara, I’ve been enjoying the Urban Decay Troublemaker Mascara.¬† It’s very black and gives lots of volume.¬† ¬†I received the Laritzy Lip Gloss in Vibe in my May Allure Box.¬†I really love this gloss!¬† The shade is the perfect nude!

What were your favorite products in May!


BoxyCharm Subscription Box Review -September 2018


Hi all! I received my September¬† BoxyCharm this week.¬† I wasn’t as excited as I usually am.¬† I don’t know if you’ve heard that they have released a larger box called BoxyLuxe.¬† On the day it released, I got up early and tried for 5 hours to subscribe.¬† I didn’t get it and am on the waiting list for December’s BoxyLuxe (it’s quarterly).¬† So, I’m a bit salty towards BoxyCharm right now and am trying to decide if I want to keep the subscription.

Boxycharm is just $21 a month for 5-6 beauty items, most of them full-sized.  It is a nice  way to try new makeup and beauty tools.

This month I received:


I just want to say that I’m not going to swatch any of these because I will be giving most of it away to friends…

This Laura Geller baked blush is in the shade Tropic Hues.¬† It’s a pretty shimmery coral/pink.¬† I think this would be really pretty in the spring/summer seasons.¬† I have tried Laura Geller blushes before and they are very nice — light and shimmery.


I love LORAC lip glosses.¬† They are so comfortable and not sticky at all. I haven’t tried their liquid lips.¬† I wear nudes and pinks, so this isn’t for me, but I have a friend who will love it!

The eyeliner has a tiny pizza cutter like roller¬† on the applicator. This is to roll it on your eyelids.¬† I am not an eyeliner expert, but I tried this and it’s really hard to use!¬† I’ll see if my daughter can figure it out.


This is the Pretty Vulgar Nightingale palette.¬† It’s a cool toned, smoky palette.¬† I think this will be really nice for fall and winter!¬† I have these types of shades, so I will be passing it on, but it’s pretty and the packaging is fun!


This is the one item I’m keeping out of the September box. I LOVE theses brushes!¬† The green handles are fun and the brushes work really well.¬† I have already used these.¬† I really enjoy getting quality eye brushes!

So, I think this is a nice box.¬† The items will make great gifts.¬† I think I may be on product overload, though.¬† I think I’m going to keep BoxyCharm until December to see if I get the next BoxyLuxe.

Do you get BoxyCharm or did you get BoxyLuxe this month (lucky)? What did you think of the September box?

BoxyCharm Subscription Box Review — June 2018



My June BoxyCharm finally arrived! I have been waiting for it because this month’s box is so amazing!

Boxycharm is just $21 a month for 5-6 beauty items, most of them full-sized.¬† It’s an amazing way to try new makeup and beauty tools!

Here is what I received:



I was excited to try these Luxie Brushes.¬† I have some travel Luxie eye shadow brushes I’ve received in another BoxyCharm.¬† I haven’t use them yet, but they are pretty.¬† I think I’m going to try these tomorrow.

I don’t wear false lashes. I’ve tried them years ago, but I didn’t really know how to apply them.¬† I like how wispy these are.¬† I’m going to hold on to them and maybe play around with them.


This smells amazing! It’s such a cute little container.¬† It is a very hydrating, but not greasy cream.¬† Very nice for the summer.

This eye pencil is okay.¬† I’m not the biggest fan of pencils you have to sharpen, plus when I swatched it, it wasn’t very pigmented.¬† I put this in my giveaway pile.

I also put the Ofra lipstick in my giveaway pile.¬† It’s too brown for me.¬† But I really do love their lip formula.

This is the item I was most looking forward to this month!  These colors are so pretty.  The top 4 are shimmers that can be used wet or dry and the bottom 4 are mattes.

Here are swatches:


The shimmery shades swatch the best, they are so gorgeous!¬† The mattes (of course) don’t swatch as well on my arm, but they blended on my eye really nicely. I think this is gorgeous for some amazing eye-catching looks this summer.¬† I also think it will got into fall nicely, too.

So this month was a win because of the Alamar eye shadow palette.¬† I will also keep the lashes to try out, the brushes and the bum bum cream!¬† The eyeliner and lipstick will be given to a friend.¬† I think this is the most I’ve kept from a BoxyCharm!

Did you receive June’s BoxyCharm?¬† What did you think?