BoxyCharm Subscription Box Review — June 2018



My June BoxyCharm finally arrived! I have been waiting for it because this month’s box is so amazing!

Boxycharm is just $21 a month for 5-6 beauty items, most of them full-sized.  It’s an amazing way to try new makeup and beauty tools!

Here is what I received:



I was excited to try these Luxie Brushes.  I have some travel Luxie eye shadow brushes I’ve received in another BoxyCharm.  I haven’t use them yet, but they are pretty.  I think I’m going to try these tomorrow.

I don’t wear false lashes. I’ve tried them years ago, but I didn’t really know how to apply them.  I like how wispy these are.  I’m going to hold on to them and maybe play around with them.


This smells amazing! It’s such a cute little container.  It is a very hydrating, but not greasy cream.  Very nice for the summer.

This eye pencil is okay.  I’m not the biggest fan of pencils you have to sharpen, plus when I swatched it, it wasn’t very pigmented.  I put this in my giveaway pile.

I also put the Ofra lipstick in my giveaway pile.  It’s too brown for me.  But I really do love their lip formula.

This is the item I was most looking forward to this month!  These colors are so pretty.  The top 4 are shimmers that can be used wet or dry and the bottom 4 are mattes.

Here are swatches:


The shimmery shades swatch the best, they are so gorgeous!  The mattes (of course) don’t swatch as well on my arm, but they blended on my eye really nicely. I think this is gorgeous for some amazing eye-catching looks this summer.  I also think it will got into fall nicely, too.

So this month was a win because of the Alamar eye shadow palette.  I will also keep the lashes to try out, the brushes and the bum bum cream!  The eyeliner and lipstick will be given to a friend.  I think this is the most I’ve kept from a BoxyCharm!

Did you receive June’s BoxyCharm?  What did you think?

8 thoughts on “BoxyCharm Subscription Box Review — June 2018”

  1. I was so excited about this month! That palette was on my radar immediately and I couldn’t believe we were getting it in our box. I am thrilled that it lives up to the expectations I attached to it.

    I don’t wear false lashes either, so I Had a similar reaction to yours. The cream is so strong smelling that I will probably use it very sparingly, but I do love it. I am happy with my brown Ofra lip, and it looks terrible on my daughter so it is absolutely mine. And the brushes are nice too! I am happier this month than last, which was my very first box. Oh yeah-and I agree, the eye liner is sort of a throw away product. Not that I will toss it, it just doesn’t live up to the rest of the box.

  2. The eyeshadow palette looks amazing!!! I heard Kathleen lights on YouTube has been loving it as her friend produced it?? The swatches look amazing xxx

  3. I can’t get over the Alamar palette-what a great first release from a new makeup company-I read some complaints about the mattes having no pigment but that was not my experience at ALL. This is a fantastic palette, probably one of my faves from Boxy.

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