Holiday Gift Guide 2019 — Thoughtful Gifts To Give This Year

Hi All! I hope you are having a great weekend! I’m back with another gift guide the focuses on a few items that you may not have thought about gifting — but that someone in your life may really love!

I was sent the following items for my honest review:


I have severe pollen and dog allergies (and we have a Great Dane), so I was excited to try these.  And they both work so well.  Our air is so much cleaner and we can tell when the quality is low and we need to use the air purifier or to open a window.

IQAir Atem 5 in 1 Personal Air Purifier ($399 USD).  It comes in white or black. It is perfect for a bedside, on a desk, in a nursery, in a car or in a hotel room.  Atem 5 in 1 is the most versatile air purifier on the market, and it has won two awards including the TWICE VIP award and the GIA Innovation award. Atem is perfect for those concerned about poor air quality because air quality affects everything from mental health to beauty.

IQAir AirVisual Pro ($269 USD) is also a great gift for anyone who is concerned about the health and well-being of themselves and their families.  The AirVisual Pro gives air quality readings and also actionable information about how to improve your air quality, whether it is a good idea to exercise outdoors, an air quality forecast, as well as temperature and humidity readings.  AirVisual Pro is accompanied by the AirVisual App, the most popular air quality App in the world, which allows the monitoring of outdoor air quality as well as indoor air quality regardless of where the user is.

These have really helped my families air quality!  They can be purchased at or Amazon.

A great idea for those who are into healthy skin, hair and joints are NeoCell products:

NeoCell Super Collagen ($16.95 for 7 oz) — Nourish your skin from within, with Super Collagen Powder. Benefits: Healthy Skin, Hair, Nails & Joint support. Supports healthy collagen formation.
Ingredients: Collagen Type 1 & 3. Advanced manufacturing process called hydrolysis breaks down large collagen molecules into small peptides.
How to Use: Collagen Drink. Dissolve one scoop daily in 8 oz. glass of water, orange juice or your favorite beverage. For best results, drink on an empty stomach.

NeoCell Joint Bursts ($19.95 for 30 Chews) —  Power up and boost your body on the go, with convenient Joint Bursts.
Benefits: Joint Health. Joint specific collagen that contains key components for joint cartilage support.
Ingredients: Collagen Type 2, Hyaluronic Acid, Turmeric. These three-powerhouse ingredients work together to provide joint support.
How to Use: Collagen Chews. Enjoy one chew daily for comprehensive joint support.

Purchase at


FACTORFIVE Eye/Lash Cream ($145 USD) — Putting on fake lashes can be a hassle at times and it’s something a lot of women will be doing for holiday parties and New Years in the next few months. Now you can put down the glue, tweezers and falsies because Stanford scientists have discovered how to stimulate thicker, longer lash growth. They’ve created FACTORFIVE, a patent-pending skincare lines that captures growth factors, polypeptide complexes and cytokines from adult stem cells harvested from fat tissues to create an eyelash cream that will generate a 15% increase in eyelash volume and a 23% increase in length in four weeks.

Growth factors help replenish a more youthful-looking eye area, where biotin and redensyl work together to quickly and safely enhance your lashes and brows. Plus, FACTORFIVE will NOT change the color of your eyes and is formulated to absorb quickly, leaving your eyes free of unnecessary irritation.

Available at

Are you planning on gifting any of these items?  What’s on your wish list this year?


Arbonne Essentials Vanilla Protein Shake Mix Review and Three Summer Detox Recipes

unnamed (23)

Hi all!  So, lately I’ve been trying to eat healthier and exercise more.  I haven’t been exercising as much as I should, but I have started to eat better. It’s hard for my to find something quick and nutritious in the morning, though.

Luckily, I received samples of the Arbonne Essentials® Vanilla Protein Shake Mix ($77, and have been making shakes in the morning. It provides 20g of  vegan  protein  to  help  support  muscles, plus  more  than 20  essential  vitamins  and  minerals  per  serving. Clinically tested and certified to have a low glycemic index, which has little effect on blood sugar levels and does not cause a spike in blood sugar.

I have been using the recipes below to add variety to my breakfasts.  I’ve tried the first two, but not the third one yet (I need to pick up some ingredients for it.  And I’ve made them without the Arbonne Daily Fiber Boost because I don’t have it.

Recovery Support Shake

Almond Butter Shake

Hearty Boosted Protein Shake

I really like the taste of the vanilla powder, which is the one I have. I made the first shake with fresh mango and love it.  I want to try it with banana next.

I found out by trying the second shade that I’m not a fan of almond butter (but I love almonds)!  I am going to try this with a little bit of natural peanut butter next.  I think it will be good.

I will be trying the third shake this week. I think it sounds good and different from the other two.

I would recommend this protein shake mix because it tastes good and keeps me full all morning.  It is pretty pricey, but it’s great quality! I want to try the chocolate shake mix next.

Have you tried any Arbonne nutrition products?  Which are your favorites?

New (To Me) Anti-Aging Skincare

I have been testing new skin care products I was sent for my honest review.  I love trying skincare to add to my daily routine.  I think anti-aging skincare really helps my skin looks smoother and younger.

There are the current products I’m using:



I received anti-aging skincare from Robin McGraw’s new line, Robin McGraw Revelation.  Robin is Dr. Phil’s wife, and she has worked closely with chemists for years and each product has been custom-crafted to utilize the highest-quality, most potent active ingredients, along with cutting-edge technology. Products are void of harmful sulfates, mineral oil, parabens and chemicals. As with all Robin McGraw Revelation products, there is no animal testing. Many of the products are powered by their patent pending Dynamic Infusion Technology. The products I received are:

OMG! Is This Really Me?  Instant Face Shaper  ($34 USD) — Fast-acting formula of high performance ingredients. It claims to to visibly smooth, tighten, and lift the eyes, face, and neck. Packed with 5 unique peptides, each designed to target multiple skin concerns. When I use this, my skin does feel smoother and tighter instantly. I like using it under makeup for a smooth and youthful look during the day.

Dot Your Eyes ($40 USD) — This tightening eye cream takes a multi-action approach to refreshing tired eyes, combining cutting-edge skincare science with potent botanical ingredients to improve skin at the cellular level. Reduces the appearance of puffy eyes, dark circles and fine lines while assisting in natural collagen production to tighten puffy and sagging skin. I use this cream in the morning to ensure that my eye area is smooth before makeup.  It really helps my concealer and powder look flawless!

Live Life LIFTED ($42 USD) — This formula delivers a potent blend of five skin-smoothing, anti-wrinkle peptides and hyaluronic acid deep into to hydrate as well as visibly lift, firm and smooth skin’s appearance for a more sculpted silhouette.This lightweight cream also features jojoba esters with moisturizing vitamins A, D, and C, plus free radical blocking, anti-aging vitamin E-rich sunflower seed oil to provide intense healing and hydration without the sticky after feel.  I have been using this twice a day and have noticed a bit of a lift and tighter skin.  I will continue using it to sculpt my chin and neck!

Available at

DERMAdoctor Wrinkle Revenge Rescue & Protect Eye Balm
DERMAdoctor Wrinkle Revenge Rescue & Protect Eye Balm

DERMAdoctor Wrinkle Revenge Rescue & Protect Eye Balm ($50 USD) — Super hydrating eye balm enriched with peptides, caffeine, hyaluronic acid and antioxidants, approved for use on delicate upper eyelids, under eye area and crow’s feet region.

Helps improve the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and helps the eye area feel refreshed, alert and youthful. I apply this on my eyes at night as a hydrating sleeping treatment. Its moisturizing, but not greasy. I’ve noticed that my eyes have been looking smoother since I have been using this.

Available at, Ulta and other great stores.

NeoCell Hair, Skin & Nails Beauty Chews
NeoCell Hair, Skin & Nails Beauty Chews

Neocell, Hair, Skin, & Nails Beauty Chews, Berry Medley, 30 Soft Chews — Feeling beautiful and healthy has never been so easy as it is now with NeoCell Hair, Skin & Nails Beauty Chews. These potent chews deliver beauty nutrients in a delicious soft chew bursting with natural berry flavors and are perfect for those who have trouble swallowing pills. I like the taste of these, they are a bit tarte.  My nails and skin have been looking nice lately, so I will continue using these!

Research suggests that the right nutrients can have a major impact on hair, skin and nail health:

BioActive NeoCell Collagen – Lab tested for potency & purity

Hyaluronic Acid – Essential component for skin rehydration

Biotin – Supports healthy, luxurious hair & promotes natural energy

Vitamin C – Supports collagen formation in the skin, Antioxidant support against free radicals

What skincare products have you recently discovered?





My Current Summer Faves!

Summer is flying by this year!  It has been a long, hot one.  My youngest daughter starts high school in a couple of weeks and my middle daughter goes off to college.  It’s crazy!

This summer I have been loving the items below.  They include a cute quotation book on friendship, Biotin chews to help my skin, a fresh new summer perfume and fun holographic nail polish:


The Joy of Friendship: A Thoughtful and Inspiring Collection of 200 Quotations ($12.50 USD) — The greatest gift in life is friendship. The Joy of Friendship celebrates these all-important relationships by exploring the nature of friendship, how it forms, and how it endures. From childhood friendships to lifelong best buddies, it is the friendships we build along the way that defines who we are and what our lives are about. As Aristotle said, a friend is “a soul living in two bodies.” The Joy of Friendship collects this and other wisdoms to help you better appreciate those who make your world a better place.

NeoCell Biotin Burst Brazilian Acai Berry 30 Chews ($11.96 USD) — All natural formula bursting with delicious flavor. Acai Berry for protection from free radical damage. Having beautiful and radiant skin has never been so easy- or so delicious. NeoCell Biotin Bursts deliver high absorption beauty nutrients in delectable, gourmet soft chews.

I’ve been taking these for about a week.  I like the berry taste and the fact that they are chews instead of pills.  They are fun and easy to take.  My skin has been looking pretty clear lately.  I don’t know if it’s too early to see results, but I will continue to take them!

Philosophy Pure Grace Endless Summer ($49 for 2 fl. oz EDT) — summer is a state of mind—and a new limited-edition fragrance. This fragrance celebrates the sultriest of seasons with delicate layers of iced lychee, exotic pomelo and warm musk, conjuring calm and a carefree sensibility with a single spritz.

I have been loving this during the summer.  It’s citrusy and fresh at first, then the musk gives a sultry finish.  I received this in a set that includes a body lotion, but the set doesn’t seem to be on sale any more.  You can get the perfume still.  And I definitely recommend it!

image001 (3)

The gorgeous nail polishes shown above are The Morgan Taylor Lacquer Platinum Collection. 

The claim for this is that it embraces pure excess with rich textures, effects, and an extended-wear formula.

“With Platinum, we wanted to give the wearer an indulgent experience by creating shades, effects, and textures straight from their wildest dreams,” explain brand namesakesMorgan Haile and Taylor Daniel.

These are so gorgeous!  I love all of the shades, but especially Disco Days, a mint green and Glow all Out, a rosey coral shade.   They wear best with a top coat.

What new summer products have you been loving?



My Beauty Faves Week of April 6-12, 2015

Last week went by so fast!  I went to two weddings this weekend and it was so busy.  So, I am putting out my end of week review a day late!

This week, I have been loving a random mix of items — a blurring primer, a smoky eye shadow trio, a yummy weight loss drink and a cute hair band!

Lumene Bright Now Blur Line and Pore Minimizer
Lumene Bright Now Blur Line and Pore Minimizer

Lumene Bright Now Blur Line and Pore Minimizer ($19.99 USD) — The new Lumene Bright Now Blur Line & Pore Minimizer makes skin instantly more beautiful and even-looking. Helps to control shine and optically diminishes the appearance of fine lines and pores. Skin looks and feels instantly more soft and supple. The innovative texture of the product helps the skin look flawless even longer and keeps skin matte and shine free all day long while delivering a brighter and more radiant look. Oil-Free formulation.

What I think: This is my new favorite primer! Just a little goes a long way to smooth out pores and lines and to make a great base for makeup.  I wear it everyday underneath my foundation and my skin looks great all day!

Available at drugstores and mass market retailers near you.

Smashbox Photo Op Eye Shadow Trio in Cover Shoot
Smashbox Photo Op Eye Shadow Trio in Cover Shoot

Smashbox Photo Op Eye Shadow Trio in Cover Shoot ($28 USD) — Our fab trios are all playfulness and color! Get rich, bold hues in just one swipe. Each includes 3 coordinated shadows-base shade, contour color and highlighter-so you’ll never wonder which shades to wear together again. You’ll even find application tips on the peel-back label.

What I think:  Hello perfect brown smoky eye! These colors are so pretty and can make either a very dramatic eye or a soft every day look.  The top two shades are shimmer and the darkest shade is a matte — you can use it as an eyeliner as well!

Learn more and purchase at

Celsius Flo Fusion On-the-Go in Berry
Celsius Flo Fusion On-the-Go in Berry

Celsius Flo Fusion On-the-Go in Berry — a great tasting drink for your active, healthy lifestyle. Studies show that drinking Flo Fusion™ before moderate exercise helps you burn up to 100 calories and more per serving, boosts metabolism, burns up to 93% more body fat, increases endurance and provides lasting energy to accelerate your transformation no matter what diet or training routine you are on. The great tasting Flo Fusion™ Transformation Accelerator Powder has the same benefits as the “ready to drink” Celsius and is available in Berry or Orange flavor.

What I think:  I have tried both Berry and Orange a few times before a workout.  Both flavors are good, I think I like orange better, but that’s just personal preference.  I notice that I get good workout energy with these drinks.  I don’t know if it’s helped me lose weight, but I am going to continue using them and see.

Learn more at and purchase at Prices vary.

Dauphines of New York Front Row Darling
Dauphines of New York Front Row Darling

Dauphines of New York Front Row Darling Headband ($24 USD) — This glamorous, adjustable hair headband provides tailored fit, comfort, and ease of wear, allowing the creation of multiple hair looks. The timeless and design features an elegant leather centerpiece, miniature crystals on a silver base, a gunmetal link chain, and engraved hardware for the perfect accent piece to almost any outfit. The versatile design can be worn by anyone and the colors complement most hair shades. The included instruction card helps create easy-to-model hair looks.

What I think: This is so cute!  I received a sample and gave it to my daughter who is really into the boho look, and she wears it all of the time.  It is made very well and is so easy to adjust.  And she gets lots of compliments.  I also think it is perfect for women of all ages who want a fun look for a night out.

Purchase at

What have you been loving lately?  Leave a comment and let me know!  I would love to know what my readers have been trying.

Summer Skin Savers — Part 2

During summer, we show more skin so we have lots of preparing to do!  From shaving, to moisturizing, to using sunscreen our skin receives a lot of prep to look good!

Here are products I have received for my honest review.  They may get your skin looking it’s very best!

Schick Hydro Silk®
Schick Hydro Silk®

This spring/summer let Schick Hydro Silk help you prepare for any adventure.

This spring Schick Hydro Silk has launched a new line of disposable razors to ensure you receive the “highest performance” women’s disposable yet! The unique Schick Hydro Silk Disposables ($12.99 USD) razors deliver an experience far beyond just an incredibly close shave, and actually care for the skin by helping to replenish moisture shaving can take away.

If you are one of the 20% who prefer to only use a refillable razor, try the new Limited Edition Schick Hydro Silk Razor ($11.99 USD). In a vibrant Caribbean Green Handle, this razor features a new ventilated travel cover to protect the cartridge for when you’re on the go.

What I think:  I love these razors.  Most moisturizing shavers are bulky and don’t give a close shave.  These do.  And the shape of the razor head lets you get in close.

Available at mass market retailers near you.

Hawaiian Tropic Silk Hydration™ Sunscreen Clear Mist Spray
Hawaiian Tropic Silk Hydration™ Sunscreen Clear Mist Spray

Hawaiian Tropic Silk Hydration™ Sunscreen Clear Mist Spray ($9.99 USD) is truly indulgent sun protection in a convenient application format that provides the moisture needed to leave skin feeling hydrated and healthy. Available in SPF 15 and 30, Hawaiian Tropic Silk Hydration™ Clear Mist Spray Sunscreen provides safe and effective broad spectrum UVA and UVB protection, and is endorsed by the Skin Cancer Foundation

What I think:  I love spray sunscreen.  Fast and easy to use, plus this one has Hawaiian Tropics’ signature scent that smells so fantastic!

Available at mass market retailers near you.

Hawaiian Tropic Silk Hydration™ After Sun Lotion
Hawaiian Tropic Silk Hydration™ After Sun Lotion

Hawaiian Tropic Silk Hydration™ After Sun Lotion ($7.99 USD) – is the first and only after sun product combining indulgent ribbons of gel and lotion infused with silk protein and shea butter to provide luxurious moisturization for a full 24 hours. Ribbons of aloe soothe and refresh the skin from the effects of the sun, while silk protein shea butter ribbons of lotion provide incredible moisturization that leaves skin feeling hydrated, healthy and radiant.

What I think:  After the sun, be sure to moisturize. This one smells amazing and is made to take care of sun-ravaged skin. Also great for after sunless tanning.

Available at drugstores and mass market retailers.

Palmer's Cocoa Butter Formula Skin Therapy Oil Rosehip
Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Formula Skin Therapy Oil Rosehip

Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Formula Skin Therapy Oil Rosehip ($9.99 USD) – NEW! Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Formula Skin Therapy Oil, Rosehip, is an advanced multi-purpose skin perfection product that can be used all over the body and face.  This preservative-free, phthalate free, lightweight formula contains an exclusive blend of key ingredients formulated to help improve the appearance of scars, stretch marks, dry, damaged skin, uneven skin tone, aging skin and fine lines and wrinkles.  Skin looks and feels instantly soft and smooth with this unique, non-greasy, non-staining formula.

What I think:  Sometimes a lotion doesn’t give the kind of moisture your skin may crave.  This oil is perfect for very dry skin, or skin with stretchmarks or scars.  It is also great for after sun or self tanning.  Remember, moisturizing the skin will make your tan (real or fake) last longer.

Available at drugstores and mass-market retailers near you.

Burt’s Bees is launching NEW Revitalizing Lip Balm with Blueberry & Dark Chocolate
Burt’s Bees is launching NEW Revitalizing Lip Balm with Blueberry & Dark Chocolate

Give lips an antioxidant boost with the free radical-fighting effects of new Revitalizing Lip Balm with Blueberry & Dark Chocolate. Burt’s Bees’ latest balm is packed with natural antioxidant powerhouses and natural butters and oils to renew and restore. Infused with replenishing Blueberry Seed Oil, sweet Cocoa Powder and rich Cocoa Seed Butter, the balm is an instant revitalizing lift and a decadent treat for lips. Like a superfood in a tube, the balm is a new go-to for natural nourishment and antioxidant perks.

What I think:  This is not an SPF balm, it is for after sun and helping restore lips after sun damage.  Plus, it smells so yummy!

Available at drugstores and mass-market retailers near you.

Cortizone 10 Poison Ivy Relief Pads
Cortizone 10 Poison Ivy Relief Pads

Cortizone 10 Poison Ivy Relief Pads ($8.99 for 10 SnapplicatorsTM), are formulated to provide fast relief from exposure to poison ivy, oak and sumac with a combination of aloe, botanicals and oat extract. The pads cool and soothe irritated skin on contact. Cortizone 10 Poison Ivy Relief Pads offer convenience, portability, simplicity and fast relief to intense itching, rashes and inflammation.

Cortizone 10 Poison Ivy Relief Pads Fast Facts:

●      Product benefits: The strongest itch medicine without a prescription available; new single-dose SnapplicatorTM provides no-mess, no touch application that easily applies onto skin.

●      How to Use: Grasp SnapplicatorTM between the thumbs and forefingers. Snap to release product through pad top. Dab medicine onto affected area and rub onto skin. Discard.

●      Uses: Adults and children 2 years of age and older who have skin with symptoms associated with minor skin irritations, inflammation and rashes due to poison ivy, poison oak and poison sumac.

●      Product ingredients: 1% hydrocortisone (active ingredient), aloe, botanicals and oat extract (inactive ingredients).

What I think: These are so nice to have in a summer first aid kit.  Especially if you are going into forests and you don’t know what type of plants are there.  And they work!  My daughter had some type of bites or rash on her leg the other day.  This was very easy to use and helped the itch go away.  And the rash cleared up in a day or two.

Available at drugstores and mass-market retailers near you.


Jillian Michaels’ New DVD Hard Body

Jillian Michaels Hard Body

Are you ready to take your body to the next level? Jillian Michaels Hard Body is the most effective total body workout for torching calories and transforming your entire physique. Hard Body is comprised of two 45-minute body-blasting workouts that progress in difficulty. These quick paced routines have fun, fresh new moves to deliver an incredible workout and turn your body into a lean and sexy high performance machine. Jillian also shows modifications for both beginners and advanced athletes in each workout. Get the Hard Body you ve always wanted!
What I think — this is a very high energy workout perfect for people who have been working out on a fairly regular basis.  It says it progresses in difficulty, but I only did the first work out and it was plenty difficult for me!  As always, Jillian is a great trainer that keeps her class motivated.  I recommend this to a fit person who wants to take it to the next level!
You can learn more and purchase at, or at stores where you would find fitness DVD’s.

Talking Rain’s New PINK For The Cure

Talking Rain's New PINK

What’s pink, delicious, refreshing and kicks cancer in the butt? TalkingRain’s NEW PINK™!  
TalkingRain, brewers of fresh, fruity, all-natural alternatives to plain old water and sugar saturated sodas, invite you to sip “PINK” for the cure and help the fight against breast cancer. In the spirit of TalkingRain’s never ending mission to develop functional, healthy, innovative beverages, .25 cents per case of PINK™ sales will go to support various national and local breast cancer research, screening, education and awareness programs.
The new PINK™ spring water comes from TalkingRain’s protected artesian spring water source and never sees the light of day until bottled.
By purchasing PINK™, consumers will help thousands of women detect breast cancer early while contributing to research for a cure. This was last year, we could still weave it into the content Susan G. Komen Puget Sound Affiliate named Talking Rain one of the “Promise Partners” and will be the first recipient of sales of proceeds of the new PINK™. “We thank Talking Rain for an incredible partnership”, says the Susan G. Komen Puget Sound Affiliate.  “They have joined us in this fight against breast cancer for more than 16 years.  Together, we will win the battle.”
Talking Rain sponsored the first Seattle Race for the Cure and has supported the Susan G. Komen for the Cure programs by donating water and flavored beverages to various Race for the Cure events throughout the Northwest. The company has also made financial contributions to support several Susan G. Komen Puget Sound Affiliate community outreach programs. “We’ve always envisioned a long-term relationship with Komen”, says Nina Morrison, Talking Rain Director of Marketing, “To be able to increase our support through an opportunity on this scale is deeply gratifying and something we’re very proud of”.
PINK is sold at select retailers nationwide and online at
Price:  $.69 or 2 for a $1.00.  Proceeds – $.25 per case will go to Susan G. Komen affiliate and the Donna Foundation

Intelligent Nutrients Creates Fab Natural and Organic Products

Looking for a natural and organic way to groom? These days there are many brands and lines to choose from. Intelligent Nutrients is a health and beauty product company, utilizing 100% food-based and organic certified ingredients. They have a wide range of products including skin care, hair care, aromatics and supplements.

Trying some of the companies products I fell in love with two cleansers; the Certified Organic Anti-Aging Cleanser for the face and the 70% Organic Hair Cleanser. Both of theses cleansers moisturize as they clean and feel and smell great! The descriptions on the website are: 

Certified Organic Anti-Aging Cleanser ($45.00 USD) — Gently remove dirt, makeup and impurities while nurturing skin with this non-foaming cleanser. The USDA Certified Organic formula restores and protects with antioxidants, plant sterols, fatty acids and essential oils to help prevent aging and inflammation. A pure combination of the brand’s signature Intellimune Seed Oil Complex along with Argan and Acai help maintain a harmonious balance of moisture for radiant, healthy skin. Suitable for all skin types including mature, dry, sensitive and oily skin.     

70% Organic Hair Cleanser ($29.00 USD) — Safe enough for the whole family, this delicate shampoo nourishes with a pure, plant-based formula. Certified organic by the UK’s Soil Association, the light suds rinse clean and leave a soft scent. Formulated with Apple water, Coffee Seed oil and 100% non-toxic plant-based cleansers the gentle blend also nourishes with the antioxidant-rich Intellimune Seed Oil Complex. Safe for color-treated hair. 

Like many organic and natural products on the market today, these cleansers have a strong, earthy scent. If you do not like fragrance in your products these are not for you. I really enjoy them and recommend them as well as trying their other products.

Visit the website at to learn more about and purchase these great-for-you products. 

Try Coppertone for a Wide Variety of Sunscreens


A reliable household name, Coppertone has a very large variety of sunscreen to meet your every need this summer. Their wide range of products include sunscreen for babies and children, anti-aging sunscreen, sports protection and more.

Here are a few of my favorites, which all are an SPF of 70, the highest Coppertone SPF ever:

Coppertone NutraShield Faces SPF 70+ with Dual Defense ($10.99 USD) — is moisturizing with a non-greasy formula that won’t clog your pores.  This sunscreen was formulated for women and helps prevent premature skin aging caused by the sun. It is enriched with antioxidants to promote natural skin repair. And for us ladies who like to swim, it is  waterproof. This also comes in a version for the rest of the body. I recommend this for women of any age!

Coppertone KIDS Continuous Spray SPF 70+ ($9.99 USD) — This waterproof and hypoallergenic sunscreen is dermatologist tested and is great for the kids. It has a twist-and-lock cap which means no cap to lose and it sprays at any angle.

Coppertone ultraGUARD Sunscreen SPF 70+ ($10.99 USD) — With a moisturizing formula that contains Viamin E, this sunscreen is also hypoallergenic and dermatologist tested. It goes on non-greasy and is waterproof. This is a great one for the whole family.  

Check out Coppertone’s website for their full line of products at Stay safe this Memorial Day and all summer long!