Take Care Of Your Hair This Summer!

In the summer, I always want easy care for my hair.  And I think that starts with great products, such as easy shampoo, conditioner and styling products.

I was sent the below products for my honest review.  They are all products that help clean and keep hair looking great, without a lot of fuss:

Wen Summer Honey Peach Cleansing Conditioner ($40 for 16 oz) – a rich fragrance with warm and indulgent honey that tempers fresh juicy peach. With one product, you replace your shampoo, conditioner, deep conditioner, leave-in, and detangler. All three formulas are designed to work with all hair types and textures.

Wen Mandarin Italian Fig Nourishing Mousse ($42 USD) – This formula has a bright citrus scent tempered with fig, earthy aromas, the scent of florals, woods, and amber. Nourishing Mousse should be applied to soaking wet hair, before or after WEN Styling Creme. Distribute evenly throughout your hair and style as desired.

What I think:  First of all, Wen products always smell amazing — really natural and fresh. I love that the cleansing conditioner can be used for the whole body.  It leaves hair and body soft and hydrated.  It’s easy use for the summer as it is cleansing and conditioning in one step.  The Mousse leaves hair soft and swingy, plus it helps keep the style in place.

Purchase at http://www.wen.com

Art Naturals Argan Shampoo & Conditioner Hair Growth Treatment Duo

Art Naturals Argan Shampoo & Conditioner Hair Growth Treatment Duo ($44 for both bottles) —Blends argan oil, aloe vera, white willow bark, burdock root, rosemary, thyme and other ingredients to stimulate hair growth. Revitalizes hair follicles and supports healthy scalp. Contains multiple DHT blockers, preventing damage and hair loss. Natural, botanical oils and extracts add volume, texture and shine to thinning hair.

What I think:  I can really tell that my hair it thinning in the summer.  That’s because I pull it back a lot.  This combo keeps my scalp healthy and helps prevent hair loss, which I need.  I do notice that I lose less hair when I wash it, as I have continued using this.  We’ll see if I grow hair, and that would be amazing!

Available at http://www.artnaturals.com

Pert Plus

PERT is the original 2-in-1 Shampoo and Conditioner, and it’s still one of the BEST. Here are some of the many varieties it comes in:

NEW Hydrating:   Enriched with Triple Vitamin Complex. Helps give hair long lasting hydration and improve the condition of damaged hair. For dry hair.

Classic Clean:  Delivers clean, conditioned and healthy looking hair. The “Hero” flavor or the “Lebron James” of Pert. For normal hair.

Anti-Dandruff:  100% Flake Free Guaranteed.* *Free of visible flakes with regular use. For flake free hair.

Strengthening:  Enriched with Bamboo Extract. Helps increase hair strength, prevent hair breakage and improve overall hair health with a clean and bold scent.For weak and damaged hair.

Thickening 2X:   Boosted with Caffeine. Helps hair feel fuller and look thicker with a fresh and clean scent. For thin hair.

What I think:  I haven’t used PERT in years, and I was pleased to note that it still has the same fresh scent.  There are so many great varieties for all types of hair.  My husband always loved this shampoo/conditioner and was so happy to receive some to try.  It is leaving his hair soft and smooth!  I use it too, but I also add a little extra conditioner.  I have been loving the Thickening one.  My hair does seem thicker and has lots of volume!

Available at mass market retailers near you!

What hair care are you enjoying now?


Fight The Frizzies With John Frieda Hair Care


With the heat and humidity comes the frizzies.  This is something that I have to deal with every year in Kansas City!  John Frieda’s Frizz-Ease collection, however, helps to both rejuvenate and tame my strands.  Below are a few of my favorite hair savers from the brand.

Frizz-Ease Smooth Start Hydrating Shampoo and Conditioner($6.49 each) — The Smooth Start Shampoos and Conditioners are the best way to start off the day; they immediately start to block frizz.  Containing a Frizz-Mending Complex as well as natural olive oil, they smooth strands, hydrate and replenish vital moisture that’s lost, and restores your hair’s natural defense against frizz.

Frizz-Ease Daily Nourishment Leave-In Conditioning Spray($5.99) — This conditioning spray has a high-potency infusion of vitamins, proteins and supplemental moisture to strengthen and help repair hair.  Simply spray onto wet hair after shampooing and conditioning, concentrating on the ends where your hair is driest.

Frizz-Ease Thermal Protection Serum($9.99) — Not only does this serum eliminate frizz, but it also protects your hair from damage caused by UV exposure and styling tools.  Employing a Thermal Shield Complex (a blend of silk protein, phythantriol and Vitamin E), it buffers hair against styling stress and leaves it silky with a vibrant, enviable shine.  Apply to either soaking wet hair or dry hair.

These fab products are available at mass market retailers near you.  And learn more at www.johnfrieda.com.


Summertime Hair Survival!

Summer sun and humidity really dries out my hair.  So I need to infuse my hair with moisture to make it look good in the heat!

The products below do just that, plus help me style it so it looks its best.

Klorane Shampoo with Mango Butter

Nourish that summer-dried hair with Klorane Shampoo With Mango Butter ($18 USD, 13.4 oz) Klorane Laboratories have selected mango butter for its high content in fatty acids endowed with nourishing properties.  The nourishing shampoo with mango butter from Klorane nourishes and restructures the hair shaft, closes up hair cuticles and fills in the cracks of the surface hydrolipidic film to protect it from dehydration.  A nourishing care for reinforced anti hair dryness action.   Hypoallergenic*.

I also have tried Klorane Conditioner With Mango Butter ($14 USD, 5.1 oz) — Mango butter has a high content in fatty acids which nourish the hair shaft and fill in the cracks of the surface hydrolipic film.  A specific nourishing agent has also been included in the formula to smooth down hair scales and coat the hair to facilitate untangling.  For manageable, easier-to-untangle hair in complete gentleness.  Nourished and smooth, you will once again flaunt all their shine and softness. Hypoallergenic.*

What I think:  First of all, this smells fantastic, like fresh mangoes.  Using both products result in moisturized hair that is super soft to the touch.  This system is great for every day if you have extremely dry hair — or once or twice a week for occasional deep moisturization.  Learn more at www.kloraneusa.com.

White Sands Orchid Bliss Shampoo and Conditioner

White Sands is proud to announce the addition of Orchid Bliss Shampoo & Conditioner (9.5oz Shampoo, $19.50 & 9.5oz Conditioner, $20.50) to their current line of superior salon hair cleansing products. Encompassing a one of a kind concept, Orchid Bliss utilizes the anti-aging characteristics and mineral richness of the orchid flower to support color retention with a sulfate-free formula while providing strand revitalization and cuticle nutrition all in one.

Orchids, known for their moisturizing properties, fight free radicals, increase hair immunity and reduce the appearance of strand imperfections. Enhanced by the duo’s fresh citrus scent, the orchid extract contained in Orchid Bliss Shampoo & Conditioner in addition to natural ingredients like sunflower seed extract, grape seed oil, carrot seed, olive extract, apricot kernel & more restore back the moisture, shine, elasticity and softness to hair that has been damaged from chemical treatments, thermal stress and daily UV exposure. This orchid complex will instantly fill in the cracks and imperfections in each strand giving a high shine, making hair simply brilliant with UV protection in addition to effortlessly working in conjunction with other styling products to improve texture, repel moisture, while enhancing vibrant color.

What I think:  This lovely system is natural and gentle and can be used daily to restore hair from colorings and styling tools — and the harsh summer elements! It has a beautiful floral scent. Learn more at www.whitesandsproducts.com.

Aveda Pure Abundance Collection

New aveda pure abundance style-prep infuses hair with all-day weightless volume that feels naturally yours.  Thickens strands with a 97% naturally-derived botanical blend, and boosts volume with a natural corn-derived polymer.  Give fine, limp strands the hold they need for body that lasts all day.

Build body and volume with aveda’s pure abundance system.  While naturally-derived thickeners help your hair reach its full potential, aromas of jasmine, certified organic peppermint, palmarosa and ylang ylang play to the senses.

Start with pure abundance volumizing shampoo ($16 USD) and volumizing clay conditioner ($16 USD).  Prep hair for weightless volumizing with style-prep ($24 USD).  Finish with hair potion™ ($24 USD) and volumizing hair spray™ ($17 USD) for texture and firm hold.

What  I think: I love this whole collection.  Used together, I have seen a noticeable increase in the volume of my hair. I use the style-prep by spraying on damp hair and also when my hair is dry and needs a bit of restyling.  The hair potion is also a cool product in that it is a moist powder that you rub in your hand to liquify it, then run it through your hair to immediately increase the volume.   Purchase at www.aveda.com

Cricket Ultra Smooth Oil Combs

To tame frizzies, invest in double-duty Cricket Ultra Smooth Comb. Infused with a blend of Argan & Olive Oils and Keratin protein, this comb reduces frizz and makes hair soft and smooth sans styling sprays or serums.

Features of each comb are:

  • A blend of argan and olive oils, plus keratin protein infused plastic
  • Glides through hair easily
  • Ergonomically designed
  • Helps add shine and smoothness
  • Reduces frizz
  • Will not leave residue on hands

What I think:  These combs are like magic.  I have been wearing my hair in a ponytail, braid or bun all summer, and if it get messy, I take it out and comb it with one of these combs and it is instantly smoother!  My hair is shinier and sans frizz!  Awesome!  Purchase at www.cricketco.com ($6.49/comb)

Crush by One 1″ Ceramic Flat Iron

Crush by One 1 in Ceramic Flat Iron ($80 USD 1″, $30 USD mini ) — The Crush Flat Irons (available in 1” or as a Mini) have floating beveled plates that provide ultimate control during styling.  Wide temperature ranges make them ideal for any hair type, while the dual voltage make them travel must-haves.

What I think: I really like the temperature range on this.  My hair is fairly thin and I don’t need it too hot, but my daughter has insanely thick hair that needs a lot of heat.  It is great that we can both use the same straightener.  It also helps with summer frizzies — just use a nice heat styling product with it to prevent damage.  Learn more at www.onestyiling.com







Burt’s Bees new line — güd

Who doesn’t want hair care and bath products that smells good and are natural, too? Awaken your senses with Burt’s Bees new line that focuses on fragrances while continuing to use all natural ingredients (without parabens, petrochemicals, phthalates, and animal testing).

The products in the range are Nourishing Shampoo, Softening Conditioner, Body Wash, Body Butter, Body Lotion, Body Mist, Foaming Hand Wash and Hand Cream.  The lovely scents are Floral Cherrynova, Orange Petalooza, Vanilla Flame and Pearanormal Activity.

Natural Nourishing Shampoo ($6.99, 12oz) This gentle shampoo cleanses hair naturally, for hair that says “touch me.”

Natural Softening Conditioner – ($6.99, 12oz) When you want your hair to behave, reach for this luscious conditioner to whip unruly strands into shape.

I tried these in the Floral Cherrynova. It’s a very bright scent, and very strong.  The combo of shampoo and conditioner left my hair soft and manageable.  I love that they are natural and affordable.  I would try them in different fragrances.

Available at mass market retailers and learn more at www.burtsbees.com.

Give The Gift Of Beautiful Hair This Holiday Season

Probably one of the nicest gifts that you can give to someone is the gift of great hair.  Try one of these fab kits or hair care collections and they will thank you for their shiny, bouncy hair!

Philip B. The Calming Collection ($50.00 USD) — Treat your loved one to an ultra relaxing indulgence with this delightful duo that delivers a soothing deep clean from head to toe. The Lavender Hair & Body Shampoo preserves hair color while the Light-Weight Deep Conditioning Crème Rinse does impeccable tangle control. This gift comes in the signature Philip B. black gift box tied with a red satin ribbon.  Purchase at  www.philipb.com.

PureOlogy HolidayHydrate Holiday Gift Set ($51.00 USD) — Gift this beautiful box featuring Pureology’s bestselling Hydrate system complete with a stylish headband to complete any holiday hairstyle. The gift includes:

Hydrate     Shampoo (10.1 oz. retail)
Hydrate     HairCondition (8.5 oz. retail)
ColourStylist     StrengtheningControl Zero Dulling Hairspray (11 oz. retail)

Visit www.Pureology.com for a Pureology salon in your area

Matrix Biolage and Total Results Gift Sets ($20.00 USD) — Play it up, tone it down, go au natural or va-va voom. No matter your style, one of these limited-edition holiday gift sets will be sure to please. With 10 varieties, ranging from Biolage staples like Smootherapie, to the new Total Results offerings, it’s easy to create your favorite holiday look. As an added bonus, all Total Results gift sets come with travel-sized versions (an $18 value) – perfect for that much-needed holiday vacation.  Available in fine salons only – for a salon locator please log onto www.matrix.com.

Research has shown that dry hair is a very common problem. In fact, 31% of women in the U.S. admit to having dry to very dry hair. With Redken’s new IPN technology and Keratin Enrich Complex, the All Soft regimen specifically targets these hair types and provides intense softness and deep conditioning with incredible suppleness and improved manageability. In fact, after just one application of All Soft Shampoo, Conditioner and Argan-6 Oil, hair is instantly softer with 15x more conditioning.

All Soft Shampoo and Conditioner gently cleanse the hair and provide fast detangling for intense softness, manageability and shine.

All Soft Heavy Cream softening rinse-out mask is a rich moisturizing cream that intensely softens the driest of hair, and leaves it feeling extremely soft, conditioned, and very touchable, with radiant shine.

All Soft Supple Touch softening cream-spray is a leave-in treatment that delivers the benefits of a cream in a lightweight spray; drastically improving manageability with lasting conditioning and amazing shine.

All Soft Argan-6 Oil is a multitasking oil treatment comprised of fair trade argan oil that intensely nourishes and protects all types of hair and especially dry, brittle hair.  It can be used in a multitude of ways to moisturize, protect, smooth, illuminate, soften or recondition and is enriched with omega-6 to provide concentrated softness, deep conditioning and lasting suppleness.

Visit www.redken.com to learn more.  Enjoy!

John Frieda’s Full Repair Collection

John Freida Full Repair Collection

John Frieda’s Full Repair Collection is all about reversing what’s been done and protecting your hair from further damage.

“So many women who come into the salon have absolutely destroyed their hair by over-styling, over-coloring, and generally overdoing it,” explains Harry Josh, John Frieda® International Creative Consultant. “They traumatize their hair trying to get a certain look, but then they can’t maximize it because their hair is so fried. Full Repair™ offers them damage control that won’t weigh their hair down, letting them style to the limit while actually reversing the damage they’ve done to date.”

The Full Repair collection includes:

Full Body Shampoo($6.99):Formulated with Inca Inchi oil, this bodifying shampoo repairs the look and feel of overworked hair as it weightlessly restores bounce for full, flowing styles.

Full Body Conditioner($6.99 USD):Omega-rich Inca Inchi oil repairs hair as the formula smoothes and detangles, reducing the risk of breakage and snagging when combing or brushing.

Protecting Root Lift Foam($6.99 USD): This lightweight foam protects hair from heat damage with Inca Inchi oil while creating instant body. Work into wet or towel dried hair at the roots for weightless lift and high-volume hair when styled.

Perfect Ends Deep Infusion($9.99 USD):This breakthrough product for Medium-Textured Hair instantly absorbs into damaged strands instead of coating the surface, penetrating hair with Inca Inchi oil to weightlessly reverse the look and feel of damage while protecting hair from heat.

Perfect Ends Sheer Mist($9.99 USD):This softening mist for Fine-Textured Hair protects heat-damaged hair with omega-rich Inca Inchi oil. Spray evenly through clean, wet hair, concentrating on ends and damaged areas to weightlessly repair and promote smooth, healthy strands.

Touch-up Flyaway Tamer($9.99 USD): This portable wand polishes broken strands, smoothing flyaways and frayed ends with Inca Inchi oil to keep hair sleek and smooth. Brush the wand over dry, styled hair for on-the-go touch-ups and a boost of shine.

What I think — This collection helps a multitude of hair problems.  I have tried the shampoo, conditioner and root lift foam and have noticed my hair is soft, shiny and fuller.  I like the fact that it is an affordable alternative to salon hair care — and gives just as fantastic results.

Visit www.johnfreida.com to learn more.  Enjoy

Treat Your Dry, Processed Hair To Rusk’s Deep Shine Oil Volume Shampoo and Conditioner

Summer is a hair killer.  Adding to damage from hair color and heat stylers, you get sun exposure, chlorine and/or salt in the hair and the frizz from humidity.  Yuck.

But my hair is looking pretty good now.  Why, you ask?  I am using Rusk Deepshine Oil Volume Shampoo and Conditioner ($15.00 USD Each).  These products contain the following ingredients for healthy hair:

  • Certified-Organic Moroccan Argan Oil — enhances the shine and condition of the hair.  Adds back natural moisture and softness.
  • Natural Algae Extracts — provide moisture, nourishment and deliver vitamins that help replenish hair’s natural balance.
  • Vitamin E — Protects the scalp and minimizes UV damage to the hair, promoting strength and luster.

I think that these products are wonderful for dry, damaged hair.  They really do revive super-dry hair.  My hair has been dry and frizzy and now it is soft and smooth.   The only thing is that this is probably not for people with fine or oily hair as it can weigh it down.  I really don’t see the shampoo and conditioner as volumizing hair care.  I make sure that I apply volumizing styling products after I use these for lift as well as shine.

Available September 2011 at www.stylesource.com.  Enjoy!

TIGI Catwalk Curlesque Curl Collection

TIGI Catwalk Curlesque Curl Collection

Are your curls frying in the sun or wilting in the humidity?  Try products that are made especially for curly hair like the new TIGI Catwalk Curlesque Curl Collection.

Enhance natural curls and waves to bring out the very best in your hair. The exclusive Catwalk® Aquacomplex features a fusion of Cucumber Water, Kelp, Algae, Seaweed and Sea Fennel to sooth and moisturize curls and deliver extraordinary hydration while creating perfectly formed curls with movement, separation and shine. Each of the collection’s seven products features a crisp, cool, marine-inspired scent that will leave you feeling refreshed, energized and revitalized. The collection is complete with a Defining Shampoo, Hydrating Conditioner, Leave-In Conditioner, Lightweight and Strong Mousses, Curls Rock Curl Amplifier and a Defining Serum.

What I think:  It’s fantastic that TIGI Catwalk has made a line especially for curly hair.  My hair is more wavy than curly, but I really enjoyed the moisturizing elements of the shampoo and conditioner and the fact that it guarded my hair from the Kansas City humidity.  I didn’t try the styling products, but I’m sure they would provide additional conditioning and protection for curls.

Price: $14.95 – 19.95, available in fine salons nationwide; visit www.tigihaircare.com for more information.

TIGI Bed Head Style Shots Epic Volume Shampoo and Conditioner

Big hair is a hot trend this Spring. How to achieve the look? Start with adding volume with TIGI Bed Head Style Shots Epic Volume Shampoo & Conditioner.

For thick, voluptuous hair, start your styling in the shower. With volume boosting shots for gravity-defying root lift and incredible body, use Epic Volume Shampoo ($15.95 USD) and Conditioner ($16.95 USD), a new volume-enhancing product combination that primes your style while you wash. The super-charged, sulfate-free shampoo provides light to moderate cleansing and improves hair’s strength while preventing colour from fading, while the nourishing conditioner provides style memory while using a volume boosting shot to explode your style from root to tip.

I find that this delicious raspberry scented shampoo and conditioner not only volumize, but seem to thicken the hair all the way down to the roots.  As with all TIGI products, this is a luxurious experience and makes hair big, healthy and shiny! Add a little root volume spray and hair will be huge!

Available at www.tigihaircare.com and fine salons nationwide. Enjoy!

Protect Your Hair With JOICO K-PAK Color Therapy

JOICO’s K-PAK Color Therapy collection is a dual-benefit system that strengthens strands while doubling the life of color’s vibrancy.  The newest member of JOICO’s K-PAK “family,” well-known for deep-conditioning and hair reconstruction, K-PAK Color Therapy contains the revolutionary QuadraBond Peptide Complex.  This complex resurfaces and reconstructs hair to ensure that damaged strands maintain color intensity twice as long when compared to ordinary shampoo and conditioner.  At the same time, even the weakest, most fragile or structurally impaired hair feels softer, silkier and more manageable, and looks shinier and healthier.
The K-PAK Color Therapy Science
The QuadraBond Peptide Complex features four key elements that work together to help repair the outer surface and inner core of each strand.  As a result, hair is stronger, more “fit” and better able to repel the water that diminishes the intensity and vibrancy of haircolor.  These four elements provide essential protection to hair’s “B-Layer”—the hair’s first line of defense against damage—which is disrupted and compromised by environmental aggressors, styling and chemical services:

Quadramine PEP, the next generation of JOICO’s signature Quadramine conditioning complex, which contains peptides that attach themselves to damaged sites of hair to provide targeted, long-term repair.  Arginine, a consequential amino acid found naturally in the hair, which restores silkiness and shine.  Arginine works to strengthen the hair surface, equipping it to repel water, which in turn minimizes color loss/fading. AUnique Polymer System bonds to torn, lifted cuticles, thereby locking in color molecules and producing significant moisture and shine.
Ultra-hydratingAfrican Manketti Oil moisturizes and replenishes damaged hair, and provides lasting shine, vitality and softness to hair.
Thanks to this unique complex, K-PAK Color Therapy is poised to become the first choice for clients in search of a premium professional regimen that will protect and prolong their color “investments” and significantly improve the overall look and condition of their hair.
The unique, three-part K-PAK Color Therapy regimen is a complete color preservation and hair repair system:

K-PAK Color Therapy Shampoo ($13.95):  Gently cleanses while enhancing elasticity, strength, color vibrancy and shine.  The rich lather won’t disrupt the surface B-Layer, so color molecules are discouraged from escaping.
K-PAK Color Therapy Conditioner ($15.95):  This daily formula fortifies, reconstructs and strengthens as it protects color integrity.  It calms surface disruptions, and helps smooth, detangle and eliminate frizz.
K-PAK Color Restorative Styling Oil ($19.95):  This weightless formula is equally effective as a treatment and as a styling product.  Rich in an exotic blend of Manketti, Argan and Evening Primrose Oils, itseals and nourishes the hair cuticle, which discourages premature color fading.  As it helps regenerate hair, it also conditions hair for incredible softness and smoothness.  As a styling aid, it reduces styling and drying time and provides vibrant shine without weight or build-up.

What I think:  This is a pretty fantastic system. Using the shampoo and conditioner is a fab experience because they both make hair soft and easy to detangle when wet. I add a little of the styling oil when hair is damp, and once I dry it my hair is soft and sleek. The oil can also be used on dry hair to smooth. I have noticed that while using this my color is lasting and is very rich (my hair is dark).   
JOICO K-PAK Color Therapy is suitable for all hair types and is available at professional salons. Enjoy!