Summertime Hair Survival!

Summer sun and humidity really dries out my hair.  So I need to infuse my hair with moisture to make it look good in the heat!

The products below do just that, plus help me style it so it looks its best.

Klorane Shampoo with Mango Butter

Nourish that summer-dried hair with Klorane Shampoo With Mango Butter ($18 USD, 13.4 oz) Klorane Laboratories have selected mango butter for its high content in fatty acids endowed with nourishing properties.  The nourishing shampoo with mango butter from Klorane nourishes and restructures the hair shaft, closes up hair cuticles and fills in the cracks of the surface hydrolipidic film to protect it from dehydration.  A nourishing care for reinforced anti hair dryness action.   Hypoallergenic*.

I also have tried Klorane Conditioner With Mango Butter ($14 USD, 5.1 oz) — Mango butter has a high content in fatty acids which nourish the hair shaft and fill in the cracks of the surface hydrolipic film.  A specific nourishing agent has also been included in the formula to smooth down hair scales and coat the hair to facilitate untangling.  For manageable, easier-to-untangle hair in complete gentleness.  Nourished and smooth, you will once again flaunt all their shine and softness. Hypoallergenic.*

What I think:  First of all, this smells fantastic, like fresh mangoes.  Using both products result in moisturized hair that is super soft to the touch.  This system is great for every day if you have extremely dry hair — or once or twice a week for occasional deep moisturization.  Learn more at

White Sands Orchid Bliss Shampoo and Conditioner

White Sands is proud to announce the addition of Orchid Bliss Shampoo & Conditioner (9.5oz Shampoo, $19.50 & 9.5oz Conditioner, $20.50) to their current line of superior salon hair cleansing products. Encompassing a one of a kind concept, Orchid Bliss utilizes the anti-aging characteristics and mineral richness of the orchid flower to support color retention with a sulfate-free formula while providing strand revitalization and cuticle nutrition all in one.

Orchids, known for their moisturizing properties, fight free radicals, increase hair immunity and reduce the appearance of strand imperfections. Enhanced by the duo’s fresh citrus scent, the orchid extract contained in Orchid Bliss Shampoo & Conditioner in addition to natural ingredients like sunflower seed extract, grape seed oil, carrot seed, olive extract, apricot kernel & more restore back the moisture, shine, elasticity and softness to hair that has been damaged from chemical treatments, thermal stress and daily UV exposure. This orchid complex will instantly fill in the cracks and imperfections in each strand giving a high shine, making hair simply brilliant with UV protection in addition to effortlessly working in conjunction with other styling products to improve texture, repel moisture, while enhancing vibrant color.

What I think:  This lovely system is natural and gentle and can be used daily to restore hair from colorings and styling tools — and the harsh summer elements! It has a beautiful floral scent. Learn more at

Aveda Pure Abundance Collection

New aveda pure abundance style-prep infuses hair with all-day weightless volume that feels naturally yours.  Thickens strands with a 97% naturally-derived botanical blend, and boosts volume with a natural corn-derived polymer.  Give fine, limp strands the hold they need for body that lasts all day.

Build body and volume with aveda’s pure abundance system.  While naturally-derived thickeners help your hair reach its full potential, aromas of jasmine, certified organic peppermint, palmarosa and ylang ylang play to the senses.

Start with pure abundance volumizing shampoo ($16 USD) and volumizing clay conditioner ($16 USD).  Prep hair for weightless volumizing with style-prep ($24 USD).  Finish with hair potion™ ($24 USD) and volumizing hair spray™ ($17 USD) for texture and firm hold.

What  I think: I love this whole collection.  Used together, I have seen a noticeable increase in the volume of my hair. I use the style-prep by spraying on damp hair and also when my hair is dry and needs a bit of restyling.  The hair potion is also a cool product in that it is a moist powder that you rub in your hand to liquify it, then run it through your hair to immediately increase the volume.   Purchase at

Cricket Ultra Smooth Oil Combs

To tame frizzies, invest in double-duty Cricket Ultra Smooth Comb. Infused with a blend of Argan & Olive Oils and Keratin protein, this comb reduces frizz and makes hair soft and smooth sans styling sprays or serums.

Features of each comb are:

  • A blend of argan and olive oils, plus keratin protein infused plastic
  • Glides through hair easily
  • Ergonomically designed
  • Helps add shine and smoothness
  • Reduces frizz
  • Will not leave residue on hands

What I think:  These combs are like magic.  I have been wearing my hair in a ponytail, braid or bun all summer, and if it get messy, I take it out and comb it with one of these combs and it is instantly smoother!  My hair is shinier and sans frizz!  Awesome!  Purchase at ($6.49/comb)

Crush by One 1″ Ceramic Flat Iron

Crush by One 1 in Ceramic Flat Iron ($80 USD 1″, $30 USD mini ) — The Crush Flat Irons (available in 1” or as a Mini) have floating beveled plates that provide ultimate control during styling.  Wide temperature ranges make them ideal for any hair type, while the dual voltage make them travel must-haves.

What I think: I really like the temperature range on this.  My hair is fairly thin and I don’t need it too hot, but my daughter has insanely thick hair that needs a lot of heat.  It is great that we can both use the same straightener.  It also helps with summer frizzies — just use a nice heat styling product with it to prevent damage.  Learn more at







Define Your Curls With White Sands Curl Up in Silk Firm Hold Mousse

White Sands Curl Up in Silk

My hair is naturally slightly wavy, so I usually like to straighten it.  But in the summer, I don’t like to do a lot to it and try to find ways to accentuate my waves.

So the last few weeks I have been using White Sands Curl Up in Silk Firm Hold Mousse.  It is formulated to softly hold curls, creating texture, dimension, waves, and volume: the perfect styling product for curl definition and hold. Yet, despite its firm hold, Curl Up in Silk provides a light, flexible feel free of unwanted flaking and product build up, leaving hair silky, shiny and soft.

The claim of this product is that due to the unique chemical molecular structure of the ingredients, Curl Up in Silk Firm Hold Mousse will provide a new type of curl pattern. Once applied to wet or dry locks, the wave created will take on a rope-like effect, causing the hair to group together and turn over each other. Curl up in Silk also resists moisture for long-lasting styles even in the highest levels of humidity. With the additional benefit of thermal protection, it is the perfect complement to your favorite heat styling tools such as curling irons, hot rollers, and flat irons.

As my hair is not curly, just a little wavy, I get soft, slightly ropey waves.  But it is a  beachy look — like I just came out of the ocean! It also smells fantastic and leaves my hair soft.

Suggested Retail Price: 7oz, $19.50 via fine salons &


The Award-Winning White Sands Curling Iron

White Sands Curling Iron


White Sands, a professional hair care manufacturer rated as one of Hollywood’s most requested product lines, is proud to announce their Spring Marcel Curling Iron ($110.00 USD) as the recipient of Best Curling Iron for Essence Magazine’s 2011 Beauty Awards!
These innovative and now award-winning curling irons are one of the first in the beauty industry to fuse the Marcel and Spring Load curling iron methods into ONE tool. Utilize the professionalism of a Marcel curling iron to create beautiful waves or switch to the direct control of a Spring Load without the need for multiple irons.
Available in 3 sizes (1″, 1.25″, & 1.33″), this light weight Professional Titanium Iron is the secret to achieve beautifully designed and polished curls.  Maintain total styling control with a smart tool providing an instant and even heat with a Digital LED Temperature Setting ranging from 122 – 410°F. As the smoothest surface available for tools, tresses will effortlessly glide over the Titanium barrel for styling free of unwanted tugging, snags, or breakage. This cutting edge material produces the iron’s even heat distribution, emitting negative ions to create soft, silky hair.          

What I think: This is a great curling iron! I tried the 1.25″ size and it gave me big curls that I brushed out into soft waves — very pretty. I used it on my 6-year-old daughter and created fun barrel curls. She looked so cute! And it was so easy to use. I love that the barrel can rotate, which made it easy when I switched hands and directions of curl, the rotating barrel made the transition easy. It also heated extremely quickly, which is important for curling children’s hair — they do not want to wait a long time!

This curling iron is available at fine salons &

Concealer for Hair? Try White Sands Porosity the Fix

White Sands Porosity the Fix

 Need to fix your tired, damaged hair instantly? Try what has been named  “makeup for hair”, White Sands Porosity The Fix.      

Product Information: For hair that has become delicate from coloring, perming, and heat styling, White Sands presents the re-launch of its revolutionary treatment Porosity The Fix ($19.00 USD). Featuring a brand new packaging design and enhanced formulation, this leave in protects tresses from future damage caused by hot tools and environmental elements by correcting the appearance of extreme dryness and damaged texture patterns.
Fashioned as “makeup for hair”, this product acts as a coveted concealer, filling in the blemishes found in each strand. This revitalizing feature instantly creates illuminating, flawless strands. The Fix will transform damaged, dry locks, revealing youthful, shiny hair.  

Based after the hair’s ability to absorb and retain moisture, unnaturally high and low levels of porosity are the main causes of fragile and brittle locks. The Fix instantly reverses this unbalanced state, creating healthy, flawless hair through its restorative properties and unique ingredients including gentle silicones and natural oils. The formula’s light weight silicone membrane instantly “locks in” this moisture, while providing a revolutionary “Timed” Drying Process: the ratio of Cyclomethicones adjusts for drying time to provide maximum shine.
What I think: Fantastic! I apply this two ways: on damp hair as a leave in and on dry hair to instantly add shine and stop the frizzies. Plus this does not make my hair look greasy.  It also smells really pretty, like a soft perfume.  

You can purchase this at fine salons in the U.S. and Canada or visit Enjoy!

White Sands Velcro Strips and Texture Spray

Looking for an easy way to curl your straight hair? Try the easy combination of White Sands Liquid Texture Spray ($19.00 USD) and White Sands Velcro Strips ($40.00 for 6 large strips and 3 straight sticks)  for a quick and curly set!

I have tried 3 different looks with the large strips. they are: 

Volume at the crown — I spray the Liquid Texture at the roots, roll up a velcro strip into a curler, then place the hair at the roots over it. I either let it air dry or use a dryer. When it’s dry, I gently take the hair off of the rollers and my hair is lifted at the roots.

Soft Curls– I spray the hair, place the velcro side of the strips down the length of a piece of hair and roll up, securing with a bobby pin. Once dry I unroll the hair and I have soft, curly hair. 

Waves — This is the coolest set, but takes the longest to achieve. You spray both side of the hair with the spray and lay it on the velcro side of a strip. Next, place a second strip, velcro side up, on top of the hair. You then take one of the straight pins and weave it through the holes in the strips, creating a wave. Once it dries, gently take out the pin and take of the velcro. The result is some cool waves in your hair! 

This spray is perfect for sets. The website puts it best, “because Liquid Texture Firm Hold is the “ultimate design tool” because it allows you to create and recreate any hair design imaginable. Liquid Texture has raised the bar for hair spray because it can be combed through and has incredible memory to provide long-lasting designs without regard to humidity. It is thermal intelligent, so the more heat used, the shinier the hair becomes. Liquid Texture leaves hair soft and silky without flaking or leaving residue on hot tools.” This is a great spray that leaves hair a shiny and gives great hold!

Visit to learn more about these products and to purchase them. Enjoy!

White Sands ER Fusion

ER Fusion

White Sands, a professional hair care manufacturer infusing cutting edge science with natural botanicals, has created a hair reconstructive treatment called ER Fusion ($26.00 USD). This product’s goal is to revitalize lifeless, dull hair restoring it back to a youthful appearance.  

The claim for this is: 

ER Fusion is the perfect complement to your favorite shampoo. Effortlessly repair hair from roots to ends by applying the product through wet locks. The crème’s unique ingredients create a clear micro-shield to seal in hair color and enhance each strand’s integrity. Utilizing a skin care delivery system, this shield serves as a second breathable skin for hair, delivering moisture from the inside out to eliminate frizz. As nature’s most sophisticated moisturizers, ER Fusion’s weightless quaternaries balance and adjust color. A complex set of amino cystines, the smallest proteins available with strengthening properties, repair damage by absorbing directly into the inside of each strand, while lemon grass further enhances color with a high gloss.      

The ideal use of this product is to apply to clean, wet hair and leave on under heat for 20 minutes. Instead I kept it in my hair for 20 minutes (without the heat). I then applied my normal styling products and blew my hair dry. I don’t think it sealed my hair cuticle, but I do like how soft and manageable my hair is after use. Also, my hair color does seem brighter and my hair is fairly shiny. For me this is a great treatment for dry, winter hair. I think if I did have a hair dryer that I could stick my head under, it would have worked even better.      

To purchase this product, visit Enjoy!

White Sands Hydrating Shampoo and Conditioner

As we become more eco-conscious, more companies are releasing natural, organic and even vegan products. Not only are these types of products great for the environment, they are healthy and nourishing for our bodies!

White Sands has recently created 100% vegan products, their Hydrating Shampoo ($12.00 7.6 oz) and Conditioner ($15.00 7.6 oz). These products are all natural, sulfate, silicone, and cruelty free. Both products contain wheat and silk amino acids to moisturize dry and damaged hair, while providing hair color protection.

The claim is, “by correcting the hair’s internal moisture balance, White Sands Hydrating Shampoo and Conditioner create a guard against humidity, creating the foundation for the perfect frizz free style. To further the pairs’ amazing results, Wheat Amino Acids promote moisture when applying hot tools, while Silk Amino Acids’ cationic and anionic properties create a positive charge to damaged hair fibers in order to polish tresses for high shine.”

I like this hair care duo. The scent is sultry with a hint of musk– but its not too strong, which is good. It will be very nice for the fall and winter. The conditioner is my favorite because it is very rich. My hair needs a thick conditioner because it gets very dry and frizzy. And although it is a thick moisturizer, the conditioner doesn’t weigh my hair down. I have found my hair is less frizzy after use.  

Visit the website at to learn more about these vegan products and the other products in their lines. Enjoy!