White Sands ER Fusion

ER Fusion

White Sands, a professional hair care manufacturer infusing cutting edge science with natural botanicals, has created a hair reconstructive treatment called ER Fusion ($26.00 USD). This product’s goal is to revitalize lifeless, dull hair restoring it back to a youthful appearance.  

The claim for this is: 

ER Fusion is the perfect complement to your favorite shampoo. Effortlessly repair hair from roots to ends by applying the product through wet locks. The crème’s unique ingredients create a clear micro-shield to seal in hair color and enhance each strand’s integrity. Utilizing a skin care delivery system, this shield serves as a second breathable skin for hair, delivering moisture from the inside out to eliminate frizz. As nature’s most sophisticated moisturizers, ER Fusion’s weightless quaternaries balance and adjust color. A complex set of amino cystines, the smallest proteins available with strengthening properties, repair damage by absorbing directly into the inside of each strand, while lemon grass further enhances color with a high gloss.      

The ideal use of this product is to apply to clean, wet hair and leave on under heat for 20 minutes. Instead I kept it in my hair for 20 minutes (without the heat). I then applied my normal styling products and blew my hair dry. I don’t think it sealed my hair cuticle, but I do like how soft and manageable my hair is after use. Also, my hair color does seem brighter and my hair is fairly shiny. For me this is a great treatment for dry, winter hair. I think if I did have a hair dryer that I could stick my head under, it would have worked even better.      

To purchase this product, visit www.whitesandproducts.com. Enjoy!

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