Take Care Of Your Hair This Summer!

In the summer, I always want easy care for my hair.  And I think that starts with great products, such as easy shampoo, conditioner and styling products.

I was sent the below products for my honest review.  They are all products that help clean and keep hair looking great, without a lot of fuss:

Wen Summer Honey Peach Cleansing Conditioner ($40 for 16 oz) – a rich fragrance with warm and indulgent honey that tempers fresh juicy peach. With one product, you replace your shampoo, conditioner, deep conditioner, leave-in, and detangler. All three formulas are designed to work with all hair types and textures.

Wen Mandarin Italian Fig Nourishing Mousse ($42 USD) – This formula has a bright citrus scent tempered with fig, earthy aromas, the scent of florals, woods, and amber. Nourishing Mousse should be applied to soaking wet hair, before or after WEN Styling Creme. Distribute evenly throughout your hair and style as desired.

What I think:  First of all, Wen products always smell amazing — really natural and fresh. I love that the cleansing conditioner can be used for the whole body.  It leaves hair and body soft and hydrated.  It’s easy use for the summer as it is cleansing and conditioning in one step.  The Mousse leaves hair soft and swingy, plus it helps keep the style in place.

Purchase at http://www.wen.com

Art Naturals Argan Shampoo & Conditioner Hair Growth Treatment Duo

Art Naturals Argan Shampoo & Conditioner Hair Growth Treatment Duo ($44 for both bottles) —Blends argan oil, aloe vera, white willow bark, burdock root, rosemary, thyme and other ingredients to stimulate hair growth. Revitalizes hair follicles and supports healthy scalp. Contains multiple DHT blockers, preventing damage and hair loss. Natural, botanical oils and extracts add volume, texture and shine to thinning hair.

What I think:  I can really tell that my hair it thinning in the summer.  That’s because I pull it back a lot.  This combo keeps my scalp healthy and helps prevent hair loss, which I need.  I do notice that I lose less hair when I wash it, as I have continued using this.  We’ll see if I grow hair, and that would be amazing!

Available at http://www.artnaturals.com

Pert Plus

PERT is the original 2-in-1 Shampoo and Conditioner, and it’s still one of the BEST. Here are some of the many varieties it comes in:

NEW Hydrating:   Enriched with Triple Vitamin Complex. Helps give hair long lasting hydration and improve the condition of damaged hair. For dry hair.

Classic Clean:  Delivers clean, conditioned and healthy looking hair. The “Hero” flavor or the “Lebron James” of Pert. For normal hair.

Anti-Dandruff:  100% Flake Free Guaranteed.* *Free of visible flakes with regular use. For flake free hair.

Strengthening:  Enriched with Bamboo Extract. Helps increase hair strength, prevent hair breakage and improve overall hair health with a clean and bold scent.For weak and damaged hair.

Thickening 2X:   Boosted with Caffeine. Helps hair feel fuller and look thicker with a fresh and clean scent. For thin hair.

What I think:  I haven’t used PERT in years, and I was pleased to note that it still has the same fresh scent.  There are so many great varieties for all types of hair.  My husband always loved this shampoo/conditioner and was so happy to receive some to try.  It is leaving his hair soft and smooth!  I use it too, but I also add a little extra conditioner.  I have been loving the Thickening one.  My hair does seem thicker and has lots of volume!

Available at mass market retailers near you!

What hair care are you enjoying now?


Mix Up Your Fall Hairdo’s by Trying New Hair Products by Truhair, Molton Brown and Philip Kingsley

I think fall is always my favorite season.  It was when I lived in Oregon and it still is in Missouri.  Not only are the changing leaves beuatiful, the crisp air is always a welcome change.

Since it can also be a drastic change, it is good to mix it up the beuaty routine by trying new hair, skin and makeup product.

Below are some new products from brands that you may not have heard of or used yet.  I say try one or more to discover new life for your hair!

Truhair New-Do Dry Shampoo
Truhair New-Do Dry Shampoo

Truhair New-Do Dry Shampoo ($21.50 USD) Refreshes, revives, and rejuvenates the look of your hair in a matter of minutes with no water or blow dryer required. It helps to absorb oil in the hair that can make hair look dirty and limp while it boosts the appearance of volume. Hair looks, feels, and smells freshly shampooed with a clean, fresh scent.

  • Gives your hair the appearance of a temporary lift & helps absorb excess oils and other impurities in seconds without water.
  • Comes in one easy to use portable brush-on applicator.
  • Revives and rejuvenates your hair’s appearance in a matter of minutes without water or blow dryer.
  • Helps your hair to look thicker and fuller.
  • Quick and easy to apply.
  • Unique powder brush applicator allows you to simply brush in where you need it.
  • Leaves your hair feeling voluminous and smelling fresh.

Available at http://www.truhair.com.

XStatic 6oz Static Reducer and Frizz Fighter Spray
XStatic 6oz Static Reducer and Frizz Fighter Spray

XStatic 6oz Static Reducer and Frizz Fighter Spray ($26 USD) – When hair picks up positive charges from the air, the result is frizzy, unmanageable, flyaway strands that repel from the rest of the hair and stand on end. TRUHAIR’s X-Static helps eliminate static, fly aways and frizz with this weightless finishing spray. It seals and soothes the hair cuticle to remove cling so hair stays perfectly in place.

Available at http://www.truhair.com.

Molton Brown Indian Cress Shampoo and Conditioner
Molton Brown Indian Cress Shampoo and Conditioner

Molton Brown Indian Cress Shampoo and Conditioner ($60 a set or $30 each) –Out with daily grime. In with a shampoo and conditioner for cared for, healthy-looking hair.
Best for: all hair types
The way they blend it
– Indian cress, known to encourage healthy hair growth
– Conditioners to help smooth, detangle and reduce risk of breakage
– Amino acid to help improve shine
– Aromas of jasmine, honeysuckle and sandalwood
These items come in their own gift box.

Philip Kingsley Scalp Toner
Philip Kingsley Scalp Toner

Philip Kingsley Scalp Toner ($29 USD) — Rehydrating toner and scalp energizer for optimum hair and scalp health. Scalp Toner’s unique ingredient combination performs three key functions; stimulating blood supply to the scalp, mildly astringent qualities to absorb excess oil and protecting against bacterial attack (flaking). Water based, leave-in formula. Fragrance free.

These products are available online at http://www.philipkingsley.com and at the salon in New York at 16 East 52nd Street.



Fight The Frizzies With John Frieda Hair Care


With the heat and humidity comes the frizzies.  This is something that I have to deal with every year in Kansas City!  John Frieda’s Frizz-Ease collection, however, helps to both rejuvenate and tame my strands.  Below are a few of my favorite hair savers from the brand.

Frizz-Ease Smooth Start Hydrating Shampoo and Conditioner($6.49 each) — The Smooth Start Shampoos and Conditioners are the best way to start off the day; they immediately start to block frizz.  Containing a Frizz-Mending Complex as well as natural olive oil, they smooth strands, hydrate and replenish vital moisture that’s lost, and restores your hair’s natural defense against frizz.

Frizz-Ease Daily Nourishment Leave-In Conditioning Spray($5.99) — This conditioning spray has a high-potency infusion of vitamins, proteins and supplemental moisture to strengthen and help repair hair.  Simply spray onto wet hair after shampooing and conditioning, concentrating on the ends where your hair is driest.

Frizz-Ease Thermal Protection Serum($9.99) — Not only does this serum eliminate frizz, but it also protects your hair from damage caused by UV exposure and styling tools.  Employing a Thermal Shield Complex (a blend of silk protein, phythantriol and Vitamin E), it buffers hair against styling stress and leaves it silky with a vibrant, enviable shine.  Apply to either soaking wet hair or dry hair.

These fab products are available at mass market retailers near you.  And learn more at www.johnfrieda.com.


Summertime Hair Survival!

Summer sun and humidity really dries out my hair.  So I need to infuse my hair with moisture to make it look good in the heat!

The products below do just that, plus help me style it so it looks its best.

Klorane Shampoo with Mango Butter

Nourish that summer-dried hair with Klorane Shampoo With Mango Butter ($18 USD, 13.4 oz) Klorane Laboratories have selected mango butter for its high content in fatty acids endowed with nourishing properties.  The nourishing shampoo with mango butter from Klorane nourishes and restructures the hair shaft, closes up hair cuticles and fills in the cracks of the surface hydrolipidic film to protect it from dehydration.  A nourishing care for reinforced anti hair dryness action.   Hypoallergenic*.

I also have tried Klorane Conditioner With Mango Butter ($14 USD, 5.1 oz) — Mango butter has a high content in fatty acids which nourish the hair shaft and fill in the cracks of the surface hydrolipic film.  A specific nourishing agent has also been included in the formula to smooth down hair scales and coat the hair to facilitate untangling.  For manageable, easier-to-untangle hair in complete gentleness.  Nourished and smooth, you will once again flaunt all their shine and softness. Hypoallergenic.*

What I think:  First of all, this smells fantastic, like fresh mangoes.  Using both products result in moisturized hair that is super soft to the touch.  This system is great for every day if you have extremely dry hair — or once or twice a week for occasional deep moisturization.  Learn more at www.kloraneusa.com.

White Sands Orchid Bliss Shampoo and Conditioner

White Sands is proud to announce the addition of Orchid Bliss Shampoo & Conditioner (9.5oz Shampoo, $19.50 & 9.5oz Conditioner, $20.50) to their current line of superior salon hair cleansing products. Encompassing a one of a kind concept, Orchid Bliss utilizes the anti-aging characteristics and mineral richness of the orchid flower to support color retention with a sulfate-free formula while providing strand revitalization and cuticle nutrition all in one.

Orchids, known for their moisturizing properties, fight free radicals, increase hair immunity and reduce the appearance of strand imperfections. Enhanced by the duo’s fresh citrus scent, the orchid extract contained in Orchid Bliss Shampoo & Conditioner in addition to natural ingredients like sunflower seed extract, grape seed oil, carrot seed, olive extract, apricot kernel & more restore back the moisture, shine, elasticity and softness to hair that has been damaged from chemical treatments, thermal stress and daily UV exposure. This orchid complex will instantly fill in the cracks and imperfections in each strand giving a high shine, making hair simply brilliant with UV protection in addition to effortlessly working in conjunction with other styling products to improve texture, repel moisture, while enhancing vibrant color.

What I think:  This lovely system is natural and gentle and can be used daily to restore hair from colorings and styling tools — and the harsh summer elements! It has a beautiful floral scent. Learn more at www.whitesandsproducts.com.

Aveda Pure Abundance Collection

New aveda pure abundance style-prep infuses hair with all-day weightless volume that feels naturally yours.  Thickens strands with a 97% naturally-derived botanical blend, and boosts volume with a natural corn-derived polymer.  Give fine, limp strands the hold they need for body that lasts all day.

Build body and volume with aveda’s pure abundance system.  While naturally-derived thickeners help your hair reach its full potential, aromas of jasmine, certified organic peppermint, palmarosa and ylang ylang play to the senses.

Start with pure abundance volumizing shampoo ($16 USD) and volumizing clay conditioner ($16 USD).  Prep hair for weightless volumizing with style-prep ($24 USD).  Finish with hair potion™ ($24 USD) and volumizing hair spray™ ($17 USD) for texture and firm hold.

What  I think: I love this whole collection.  Used together, I have seen a noticeable increase in the volume of my hair. I use the style-prep by spraying on damp hair and also when my hair is dry and needs a bit of restyling.  The hair potion is also a cool product in that it is a moist powder that you rub in your hand to liquify it, then run it through your hair to immediately increase the volume.   Purchase at www.aveda.com

Cricket Ultra Smooth Oil Combs

To tame frizzies, invest in double-duty Cricket Ultra Smooth Comb. Infused with a blend of Argan & Olive Oils and Keratin protein, this comb reduces frizz and makes hair soft and smooth sans styling sprays or serums.

Features of each comb are:

  • A blend of argan and olive oils, plus keratin protein infused plastic
  • Glides through hair easily
  • Ergonomically designed
  • Helps add shine and smoothness
  • Reduces frizz
  • Will not leave residue on hands

What I think:  These combs are like magic.  I have been wearing my hair in a ponytail, braid or bun all summer, and if it get messy, I take it out and comb it with one of these combs and it is instantly smoother!  My hair is shinier and sans frizz!  Awesome!  Purchase at www.cricketco.com ($6.49/comb)

Crush by One 1″ Ceramic Flat Iron

Crush by One 1 in Ceramic Flat Iron ($80 USD 1″, $30 USD mini ) — The Crush Flat Irons (available in 1” or as a Mini) have floating beveled plates that provide ultimate control during styling.  Wide temperature ranges make them ideal for any hair type, while the dual voltage make them travel must-haves.

What I think: I really like the temperature range on this.  My hair is fairly thin and I don’t need it too hot, but my daughter has insanely thick hair that needs a lot of heat.  It is great that we can both use the same straightener.  It also helps with summer frizzies — just use a nice heat styling product with it to prevent damage.  Learn more at www.onestyiling.com







Treat Your Dry, Processed Hair To Rusk’s Deep Shine Oil Volume Shampoo and Conditioner

Summer is a hair killer.  Adding to damage from hair color and heat stylers, you get sun exposure, chlorine and/or salt in the hair and the frizz from humidity.  Yuck.

But my hair is looking pretty good now.  Why, you ask?  I am using Rusk Deepshine Oil Volume Shampoo and Conditioner ($15.00 USD Each).  These products contain the following ingredients for healthy hair:

  • Certified-Organic Moroccan Argan Oil — enhances the shine and condition of the hair.  Adds back natural moisture and softness.
  • Natural Algae Extracts — provide moisture, nourishment and deliver vitamins that help replenish hair’s natural balance.
  • Vitamin E — Protects the scalp and minimizes UV damage to the hair, promoting strength and luster.

I think that these products are wonderful for dry, damaged hair.  They really do revive super-dry hair.  My hair has been dry and frizzy and now it is soft and smooth.   The only thing is that this is probably not for people with fine or oily hair as it can weigh it down.  I really don’t see the shampoo and conditioner as volumizing hair care.  I make sure that I apply volumizing styling products after I use these for lift as well as shine.

Available September 2011 at www.stylesource.com.  Enjoy!

Shu Uemura Art Of Hair Shusu Sleek Collection

Shu Uemura Shusu Sleek

Inspired by the lustrous shine and fluidity of Japanese Satin Shusu, SHU UEMURA ART OF HAIR created SHUSU SLEEK, a revolutionary hair care
collection designed to discipline coarse, unruly hair while creating a light, silky smooth style with the resplendent finish of Japanese satin. Enriched with Black Cumin Oil combined with essential lipids and minerals, Shusu Sleek is formulated to meet the essential needs of unmanageable hair.

Over 500 years ago, a silk weaver from the imperial town of Kyoto introduced a new technique for weaving silk. The fabric he created was the smoothest, most delicate ever seen, with resplendence, shine and fluidity. The new art of weaving was called Japanese Shusu. Traditionally Shusu silk was used exclusively for ceremonial kimonos for noble patrons. The new hair care collection for Shu Uemura Art of Hair pays homage to the tradition of Shusu silk – the hair is left smooth with lustrous shine and natural fluidity.

Key Ingredient:
Black Cumin Oil intensely nourishes and smoothes the cuticle, taming the hair fiber and calming volume for glide-through detangling and flawless elegance. Known as “the oil of the pharaohs,” it is harvested from the black cumin’s dark, fragrant seeds and has been revered for millennia as one of the most potent medicinal ingredients. Today, modern research has uncovered the complex structure of this exceptional ingredient: composed of over 100 elements, it contains a high concentration of powerful antioxidants, and offers an
optimal balance of essential fatty acids, omegas 3, 6 and 9.

New In-Salon Ritual:
Coinciding with the launch of the Shusu Sleek Collection, Shu Uemura Art of Hair is proud to introduce The Shiatsu Shampoo – a complimentary in-salon shampoo massage that provides a glimpse of the Shu Uemura Art of Hair Ceremony through slow shiatsu gestures (circular movements while applying pressure). Clients feel their whole head has been thoroughly cleansed with a fresh tingling scalp, ultimately feeling rejuvenated yet calm. Meanwhile the hair has the healthy, natural signature Art of Hair touch.


•Smoothes even the most unruly hair
•Provides amazing shine
•Fluid natural touch from roots to ends
•Intensely moisturizes the hair fiber
•Cleanses and supplements the hair fiber while respecting the essential balance of the scalp

Fragrance: Floral Oriental
• A unique scent, inspired by the richness of spices and oil

Shusu Sleek Collection:

Shusu Sleek Smoothing Shampoo ($45.00 10 fl. oz.)  – Delivered in a paraben- and silicon-free formula with an unusually high concentration of cationic polymers to deeply smooth the hair fiber

Shusu Sleek Smoothing Conditioner ($55.00 8.5 fl. oz.) – This exceptionally moisturizing paraben-free conditioner immediately and intensely tames the most rebellious manes with its unique combination of active ingredients

Shusu Sleek Smoothing Treatment ($65.00 10 fl. oz.) – This paraben-free masque intensely nourishes and tames unruly hair, helping attain long-lasting sleekness, while preserving the lightweight, vivid and fluid hair touch

What I think:  The shampoo and conditioner alone work to make my hair very smooth and shiny. I get a lot of frizz and flyaways, but my hair was in much better shape after using this collection. I only need the treatment once every week or every other week because it is very conditioning and can weigh my hair down if I use it too often. I also really love the spicy scent — great collection!

Visit www.shuuemuraartofhair-usa.com to learn more or to purchase these fab products!

The Body Shop Rainforest Hair Care Line

I love green skincare and makeup, so green hair care? It’s awesome, too! The Body Shop has recently  introduced their eco-concious Rainforest Hair Care Line. It contains no sulphates,  silicones, parabens or colorants. The products are biodegradable and recycled materials are used whenever possible.

The products I tried from the line include: 

Rainforest Balance Shampoo ($3.50 2.0 oz, $10.00 8.4 oz, $14.00 13.5 oz) is meant to reduce excess oil for fresh hair all day long. This shampoo contains pracaxi oil, white nettle, seaweed and Community Trade sugar and aloe vera. Community Trade seaweed helps balance, purify and clarify skin and Community Trade aloe vera moisturizes and protects hair.

Rainforest Shine Conditioner  ($3.50 2.0 oz, $10.00 8.4 oz, $14.00 13.5 oz) claims to smooth hair’s surface for incredible shine and prolonged radiance using a shine-enhancing conditioner. Contains pracaxi oil, caméline seed oil and Community Trade olive oil, sugar, and aloe vera. Community Trade organic olive oil helps to condition hair.

Rainforest Moisture Hair Butter ($8.00 1.76 oz, $14.00  6.7 oz) helps create soft, glossy and tangle-free hair using a luxuriously rich and intensive deep-conditioning treatment. With pracaxi oil, manketti nut oil and Community Trade honey and olive oil. Organic Community Trade honey moisturizes and conditions skin.

I really loved how each product smells fresh and clean. My favorite of the three is the hair butter. It is thick and creamy and really makes my hair soft.

To learn more about all of these good for your hair products, visit www.thebodyshop-usa.com. Enjoy!    

Phyto Hair Care for Ultra-Dry Hair

Phyto Ultra-Dry Collection


My hair gets so dry and frizzy in the summer. The humidity and the fact that I’m pulling my hair back or using a straightening iron to tame it, means that my hair looks more fried than usual.  

PHYTO is a masterful salon hair brand that knows how to treat even the driest hair. Their website states, “Ultra-dry hair is brittle, dull and prone to split ends. It is naturally dry hair whose condition has worsened due to exposure to chemical or environmental stress. In addition to losing moisture, ultra-dry hair is drained of its vital substances such as amino acids and keratin compounds. This makes the hair fiber porous and harsh. The PHYTO Solution: Provide hair with nourishment, shine and softness. Repair damaged polypeptide chains using hydrolized plant and silk proteins and keratin.”  

Products in the line include:   

Phytonectar ultra nourishing oil treatment with egg yolk oil ($30.00 USD) — This unique oil easily penetrates deeply into each strand bringing damaged, dehydrated hair back to life. The formula, rich in proteins, lipids, and vitamins from egg yolk, restructures ultra-dry hair while preventing oxidation with sunflower extract. Hair feels immediately replenished and its original softness and shine are restored.

Phytonectar ultra nourishing shampoo with orange blossom ($24.00 USD) — This super-thick emulsion, enriched with orange blossom wax and St. John’s Wort (20%), gently cleanses, nourishes, and revives even the most dehydrated, brittle hair. 

Phytokarité ultra nourishing conditioner with shea butter ($38.00 USD) — Deeply nourish, strengthen, and rejuvenate strands from within. This rich complex, full of shea butter, pastel oil, and essential fatty acids works to minimize breakage while maximizing shine, silkiness, and manageability. 

Phyto 9 daily ultra nourishing cream with 9 plant extracts ($26.00 USD) — Infused with eight plant extracts and macadamia oil, this weightless cream instantly nourishes, smoothes, and protects tresses while preventing frizz and split ends. Hair is left shiny and manageable. 

What I think: I found that it took a few applications of this system, then my hair looked and felt softer and more manageable. The kind of crunchiness that my hair had was gone. I would definitely recommend this to anyone whose hair needs some serious deep conditioning!
Visit www.phyto-usa.com to learn more, plus you can purchase all of these products at www.sephora.com.

Quick and Simple Summer Grooming for Men

I know how it is ladies. In the summer months, your man just wants to go out and play, hygiene be screwed! So, get him out the door quick with an all in one shampoo, conditioner and body wash and a new deodorant that actually smells good! This way, you will both be happy.   

Pert Plus for Men 3-in-1 ($3.99 USD) is total shower simplicity for men, especially in the active summer months.  This cool combo of shampoo, conditioner and body wash creates a rich, foamy lather that will speed him quickly through his shower.  My husband’s eyes lit up when I explained it to him. So easy. Visit www.pertplus.com to learn more and you can purchase at your favorite drugstore. 

Sure For Men ($2.99 USD) — New Sure for Men claims to be heavy on protection and light on scent. What I like is that when I sniffed Crisp Breeze, I didn’t turn away in disgust from the old man smell. It’s a refreshing and light musk. So good when he plays sports, mows the lawn, chases the Great Dane puppy around the yard…

The website gave these benefits:

  • The maximum level of active ingredients without a prescription
  • Longer-lasting microencapsulated subtle fragrances that release over time
  • Backed by 30-years of trusted protection – Raise your hand if you’re Sure!
  • Plus these are the fun descriptions of the three scents:

    A manly musk with the power to protect, Sure Crisp Breeze is your ultimate weapon against odor and wetness. Apply once a day for a refreshing feeling that will keep you confident while holding underarm adversaries at bay.

    Mountain Frost combines the scent of cedar with the tropical intrigue of vetiver. Together, they create a masculine musk that’s bold without being overbearing. Goodbye sweat and odor. Hello clean and confident.

    Get all the animal magnetism of outdoor sports, sans the sweat and odor. Just pick up a stick, pop the top and introduce your underarms to that clean, open-air aroma. Strong enough to keep you fresh. Light enough to keep her interested.

    Visit www.suredeodorant.com for more info and they are for sale at drugstores near you. Enjoy your clean, good-smelling guy!

    Condition Your Hair with New Products From Pureology HydrateSystem

    In my opinion, Pureology Serious Colour Care is one of the best lines of color hair care around. The Hydrate Collection is perfect for thirsty hair. But it is very conditioning, which could weigh fine hair down.

    Enter two new additions to the Hydrate System: Hydrate LightCondition ($27.00 USD) and Hydrate HydraWhip ($45.00 USD). The new creamy conditioner and soft soufflé provide lightweight moisture for finer hair types and people who are sensitive to menthol.

    The claim is:
    “Many moisturizing products tend to be heavy on fine hair, making it limp and appear thinner and greasy. To address this need, Hydrate LightCondition and Hydrate HydraWhip provide moisture that will not weigh down hair, but provides nourishment to soften and protect using organic botanicals of peppermint, rosemary, sage, and green tea to provide condition and shine for light, naturally radiant and healthy hair.  The exclusive AntiFadeComplex® neutralizes free radicals to maximize colour retention.

    The new Hydrate LightCondition contains Hydrating Micro-Emulsion Technology formulas to deliver moisture from within, improving hair condition.  Natural jojoba and shea butters, with strengthening multi-weight proteins of soy, oat and wheat moisturize and restore suppleness without weighing down fine hair.  Hydrate HydraWhip contains an emollient-rich soufflé with avocado, jojoba and shea butters to restore moisture and softness to fine colour-treated hair from root to tip.”

    What I think: Both products are creamy, but light. I liked both of them, but the HydraWhip is perfect for my dry hair. It is a nice treatment to use a couple of times a week, while the LightCondition is perfect for every day. Both left my hair soft and not at all weighed down.   
    The complete Hydrate system includes the following products:
    –          NEW Hydrate LightCondition
    –          NEW Hydrate HydraWhip
    –          HydrateShampoo®
    –          HydrateCondition®
    –          Hydrate HydraCure®
    –          Hydrate ShineMax®
    For more information visit Pureology.com and are available for purchase at fine salons