Fab Hair Products For New Fall Looks!

Changing up your hair style this fall?  Don’t forget to try new hair products, too!  I like to change my hair products at least once a season for fresh new styles, and  to see what works best in my hair. I have also been trying products that will help my hair look thicker and promote growth.

Below are some of my current faves:

Nature’s Gate Jojoba + Sacred Lotus Revitalizing Shampoo ($8.39 USD) — Nature’s Gate, a trusted alternative to healthy hair. Your cleansing routine just got more responsible.TheJojoba + Sacred Lotus Revitalizing Shampoo gently cleanses hair with a unique blend of Jojoba, Sacred Lotus, and Horsetail Extract.

Nature’s Gate Jojoba + Sacred Lotus Revitalizing Conditioner ($8.39 USD) —  The Jojoba + Sacred Lotus Revitalizing Conditioner nourishes hair with a mindful blend of conditioning botanicals. 

What I think: I love natural hair care.  I don’t use a lot of products, but I do wash and condition my hair often and I like to know that the products I am using are safe for it. These smell amazing (the scent reminds me of Jergens Original Cherry Almond lotion) and are very creamy and moisturizing.  This is a really great gentle everyday shampoo and conditioner.

Purchase at Whole Foods Stores

Alterna Caviar Daily Densifying Foam
Alterna Caviar Daily Densifying Foam

Alterna Caviar Daily Densifying Foam ($36 USD) — This mousse is formulated with non-sticky polymers to make hair look instantly fuller and denser with long-lasting body. The formula reduces hair fallout due to breakage and helps maintain existing strands while adding thickness to strands so that hair instantly looks and feels more volumized.

What  I think:  If you have thinning hair like I do, this is extremely helpful.  It gives the illusion of thicker hair.  Plus it makes hair feel thicker and more healthy.  I will continue using it to see if it reduces hair fallout.  That would be amazing!

Available at high-end beauty stores including http://www.sephora.com

Phyto Phytovolume Actif Volumizing Spray ($29 4.22 oz) — Reach new heights with this weightless spray that lifts hair at the roots and holds voluminous styles throughout the day. The addition of wheat proteins and amino acids plumps the diameter of each hair to impart body. Creates fullness and bounce that’s never stiff. Heat-activated.

Phyto Phytolaque Soie Hairspray ($19 3.3 oz) — Phytolaque Soie fixes hair gently and leaves hair beautifully shiny (silk proteins, natural resin, beetroot alcohol). Leaves no traces. Easy to brush out. Maybe used at any moment of the day. Small size: fits in most handbags and no gas propellant

What I think: For volume, the Actif spray is essential. Just spray at the roots and hair will lift!  I really love the Soie hairspray.  It has a gentle scent and gives hair instant shine.

Purchase at http://www.beauty.com

Nutrafol for Women
Nutrafol for Women

Nutrafol for Women ($88 for 120 capsules, one month supply) — Discover the clinically formulated, drug free answer to thicker and fuller hair! Clinically proven ingredients to combat the underlying causes of hair loss, thinning hair and poor hair health. One ingredient alone is clinically proven to reduce stress related hormones by 32% after 60 days of use. This next generation nutricosmetic promotes thicker, healthier hair from within.

What I think:  This is a really cool product!  There are so many topical products to apply for hair growth, but this will help from the inside out!

Learn more and purchase at http://www.nutrafol.com

Mia Beauty Thick Braidie
Mia Beauty Thick Braidie

Mia Beauty Thick Braidie ($9 USD) — Achieve a classic look instantly with our Braidie® collection. Braidies® are made from high quality Kanekalon® wig hair that acts like a mirror, picking up and reflecting your own hair color. Comfortable no-slip feature. One size fits all.

What I think: This is such a fun way to switch up your look for fall!  It is easy to use, and really stays on.  And it comes in lots of shades to match your hair.

Available at http://www.miabeauty.com

Phyto Hair Care for Ultra-Dry Hair

Phyto Ultra-Dry Collection


My hair gets so dry and frizzy in the summer. The humidity and the fact that I’m pulling my hair back or using a straightening iron to tame it, means that my hair looks more fried than usual.  

PHYTO is a masterful salon hair brand that knows how to treat even the driest hair. Their website states, “Ultra-dry hair is brittle, dull and prone to split ends. It is naturally dry hair whose condition has worsened due to exposure to chemical or environmental stress. In addition to losing moisture, ultra-dry hair is drained of its vital substances such as amino acids and keratin compounds. This makes the hair fiber porous and harsh. The PHYTO Solution: Provide hair with nourishment, shine and softness. Repair damaged polypeptide chains using hydrolized plant and silk proteins and keratin.”  

Products in the line include:   

Phytonectar ultra nourishing oil treatment with egg yolk oil ($30.00 USD) — This unique oil easily penetrates deeply into each strand bringing damaged, dehydrated hair back to life. The formula, rich in proteins, lipids, and vitamins from egg yolk, restructures ultra-dry hair while preventing oxidation with sunflower extract. Hair feels immediately replenished and its original softness and shine are restored.

Phytonectar ultra nourishing shampoo with orange blossom ($24.00 USD) — This super-thick emulsion, enriched with orange blossom wax and St. John’s Wort (20%), gently cleanses, nourishes, and revives even the most dehydrated, brittle hair. 

Phytokarité ultra nourishing conditioner with shea butter ($38.00 USD) — Deeply nourish, strengthen, and rejuvenate strands from within. This rich complex, full of shea butter, pastel oil, and essential fatty acids works to minimize breakage while maximizing shine, silkiness, and manageability. 

Phyto 9 daily ultra nourishing cream with 9 plant extracts ($26.00 USD) — Infused with eight plant extracts and macadamia oil, this weightless cream instantly nourishes, smoothes, and protects tresses while preventing frizz and split ends. Hair is left shiny and manageable. 

What I think: I found that it took a few applications of this system, then my hair looked and felt softer and more manageable. The kind of crunchiness that my hair had was gone. I would definitely recommend this to anyone whose hair needs some serious deep conditioning!
Visit www.phyto-usa.com to learn more, plus you can purchase all of these products at www.sephora.com.