Quick and Simple Summer Grooming for Men

I know how it is ladies. In the summer months, your man just wants to go out and play, hygiene be screwed! So, get him out the door quick with an all in one shampoo, conditioner and body wash and a new deodorant that actually smells good! This way, you will both be happy.   

Pert Plus for Men 3-in-1 ($3.99 USD) is total shower simplicity for men, especially in the active summer months.  This cool combo of shampoo, conditioner and body wash creates a rich, foamy lather that will speed him quickly through his shower.  My husband’s eyes lit up when I explained it to him. So easy. Visit www.pertplus.com to learn more and you can purchase at your favorite drugstore. 

Sure For Men ($2.99 USD) — New Sure for Men claims to be heavy on protection and light on scent. What I like is that when I sniffed Crisp Breeze, I didn’t turn away in disgust from the old man smell. It’s a refreshing and light musk. So good when he plays sports, mows the lawn, chases the Great Dane puppy around the yard…

The website gave these benefits:

  • The maximum level of active ingredients without a prescription
  • Longer-lasting microencapsulated subtle fragrances that release over time
  • Backed by 30-years of trusted protection – Raise your hand if you’re Sure!
  • Plus these are the fun descriptions of the three scents:

    A manly musk with the power to protect, Sure Crisp Breeze is your ultimate weapon against odor and wetness. Apply once a day for a refreshing feeling that will keep you confident while holding underarm adversaries at bay.

    Mountain Frost combines the scent of cedar with the tropical intrigue of vetiver. Together, they create a masculine musk that’s bold without being overbearing. Goodbye sweat and odor. Hello clean and confident.

    Get all the animal magnetism of outdoor sports, sans the sweat and odor. Just pick up a stick, pop the top and introduce your underarms to that clean, open-air aroma. Strong enough to keep you fresh. Light enough to keep her interested.

    Visit www.suredeodorant.com for more info and they are for sale at drugstores near you. Enjoy your clean, good-smelling guy!

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