Burt’s Bees New Sensitive Skin Collection

Introducing the latest in natural skincare from Burt’s Bees® –Natural Skin Solutions: SENSITIVE. Why treat sensitive skin with anything but gentle, natural ingredients? Burt’s Bees’ new Sensitive range of products is clinically proven to gently moisturize and cleanse without causing redness or irritation—the main symptoms associated with sensitive skin. The line is distinctly formulated with Cotton Extract to soften, Rice Extract to moisturize, and Aloe to soothe skin, so your skin is left looking and feeling healthy.

The products are:

Burt’s Bees® Sensitive Facial Cleanser ($9.99 USD) —  This soap-free cream cleanser is clinically proven to moisturize sensitive skin while gently cleansing away dirt, oil and make-up without over drying or causing redness. Distinctly formulated with softening Cotton Extract to help skin replenish its outer layer and minimize the effects of potential irritants such as harsh soaps or cleansers, it also moisturizes with Rice Extract and soothes with Aloe. Naturally gentle and skin-friendly for daily use, it’s what every sensitive product should be.

What I think:  This unscented face wash is so creamy and gentle that my face feels moisturized and not dry after cleansing.  It truly does not irritate my skin.  Great for morning and night use.

Burt’s Bees® Sensitive Daily Moisturizing Cream ($14.99 USD) — Clinically proven to moisturize sensitive skin all day without causing redness or irritation, this nourishing day cream is formulated with softening Cotton Extract to help skin replenish its outer layer and minimize the effects of potential irritants such as harsh soaps or cleansers. All while Rice Extract moisturizes and Aloe soothes your skin. Naturally gentle for daily use, it’s what your sensitive skin has been waiting for.

What I think:  The texture of this day cream is silky and not at all greasy.  It is so moisturizing.  I only wish it had an SPF element to it, but that may irritate sensitive skin.  Great everyday cream, though!

Burt’s Bees®Sensitive Eye Cream ($14.99 USD) — Clinically proven to moisturize the delicate eye area without causing redness or irritation, this lightweight eye cream helps reduce the appearance of under-eye puffiness. Formulated with softening Cotton Extract, it helps skin replenish its outer layer and minimize the effects of potential irritants such as harsh soaps or cleansers while Rice Extract moisturizes and Aloe soothes. Infused with White Genepi Extract, an ingredient known for its anti-inflammatory properties and Eyebright, which contains tannins that are thought to decrease inflammation. Best of all, it’s naturally gentle and skin-friendly, so you can use it every day. Giving your sensitive skin the daily care it deserves.

What I think:  Really lovely eye cream!  Super soothing and perfect for day and night.  I have extremely sensitive eyes, and this does not irritate at all.

Burt’s Bees®Sensitive Night Cream ($14.99 USD) — This rejuvenating night cream is clinically proven to moisturize sensitive skin overnight without causing redness or irritation. Specifically formulated with softening Cotton Extract to help skin replenish its outer layer and minimize the effects of potential irritants such as harsh soaps or cleansers, it also has Rice Extract to moisturize and Aloe to soothe. Naturally kind and gentle, you can use it daily. What could be more sensitive?

What I think:  This is thicker than the day cream, but is not greasy.  Very good for sensitive skin and is extremely hydrating.

To learn more, visit www.burtsbees.com.  You can purchase these products at mass market retailers.  Enjoy!

Depth Natural Hair Care Products

Depth Hair Products

Looking for natural hair care? There are lots of different high-end formulas out there, but an affordable choice is Depth Hair Care ($9.99 USD each for shampoo and conditioner).   

This all natural hair care (they also make all natural body care) contains organic and hydrating sea minerals. They also utilize three different types of algae – red, brown and green – that enhance the hair’s ability to look healthy and dynamic. The combinations of all three botanicals delivers nourishing ingredients to the scalp to ensure ultimate hydration.   

Depth Hair Care includes:
·         Refresh Daily Shampoo – For all hair types. Keeps hair soft, healthy and nourished with a nutrient-rich blend of vitamins and sea botanicals
·         Drench Hydrating Shampoo – For dry and damaged hair: Gentle cleansers work to nourish and restore essential moisture; ideal for color treated hair
·         Immerse Daily Conditioner – For all hair types. Nutrient-rich to maintain healthy, beautiful hair without weighing it down
·         Submerse Deep Conditioner – For dry and damaged hair. This creamy conditioner provides deep nourishment and ultra-hydration for extra healthy hair   

What I thought: I have been using the Drench Hydrating Shampoo and the Immerse Daily Conditioner for a couple of weeks. The shampoo is thick and lathers very richly. The conditioner is nice, but not quite thick enough for my dry hair. They both smell fantastic and leave hair clean and soft. I think they are a good buy for being organic and natural.     

Depth Hair Care is available at Whole Foods Markets nationwide, as well as Drugstore.com, and other fine health food stores or www.depthbody.com. Enjoy!

Twist Organic Water

Twist Organic Water

I get sometimes get tired of drinking plain water all day long while I’m trying to get healthier. Twist Organic Water ($1.49 USD a bottle) is a refreshing drink that has only 9 calories and is not overly sweet.  

Twist comes in 4 organic flavors: Mandarin White Tea, Pomegranate Blueberry, West Indies Lime, and Mango Acai and 4 natural flavors: Marionberry, Mandarin, Peach and Lemon.   

 Visit www.drinktwist.com to find out where to find these delicious drinks!

Nvey Eco

NVEY ECO Organic Eye Shadow
NVEY ECO Organic Eye Shadow

There are many organic hair, face and body care products on the market today. I have reviewed some here, but have found it is difficult to find organic color cosmetics.

The Australian cosmetic house NVEY Le Maquillage has recently debuted their organic collection of make-up in the United States in 2006. The brand is named NVEY ECO, and it is one of the few organic makeup collections to hit the U.S market.  The NVEY ECO website states, “A pioneer in the industry, NVEY ECO is a luxurious and comprehensive collection of makeup colors suited for all skin types and ages and the only cosmetic brand to be certified organic by the Organic Food Chain.”

The cosmetics contain a blend of natural botanics and powerful antioxidants such as safflower oil, Vitamins C, A, B5 and E, chamomile and jojoba oil. These ingredients are gentle on the skin and make for a healthy and glowing complexion.  

My favorite product that I have tried is the Organic Eye Shadow — ($24.00)  The website states the shadow is , “finely milled with an extra soft base of Corn Silk and Jojoba Oil, NVEY ECO, Organic Eye Shadows can be used in combination to enhance and contour the eye or individually for a flush of color. Chamomile and Vitamins A, C, and E make for a smooth and soft formula excellent for dry and sensitive skin. “

The shadows are very soft and easily blendable. They also have very nice pigments and stay on all day. I really like #268, which is a pearl taupe shimmer. I sweep it all over myeye lid for a neutral color base and then add a little highlighter under the brow and a darker color in the crease. Very pretty.

NVEY ECO has a full range of products on their website www.econveybeauty.com. Check it out if you are looking for quality organic color! 

Intelligent Nutrients Creates Fab Natural and Organic Products

Looking for a natural and organic way to groom? These days there are many brands and lines to choose from. Intelligent Nutrients is a health and beauty product company, utilizing 100% food-based and organic certified ingredients. They have a wide range of products including skin care, hair care, aromatics and supplements.

Trying some of the companies products I fell in love with two cleansers; the Certified Organic Anti-Aging Cleanser for the face and the 70% Organic Hair Cleanser. Both of theses cleansers moisturize as they clean and feel and smell great! The descriptions on the website are: 

Certified Organic Anti-Aging Cleanser ($45.00 USD) — Gently remove dirt, makeup and impurities while nurturing skin with this non-foaming cleanser. The USDA Certified Organic formula restores and protects with antioxidants, plant sterols, fatty acids and essential oils to help prevent aging and inflammation. A pure combination of the brand’s signature Intellimune Seed Oil Complex along with Argan and Acai help maintain a harmonious balance of moisture for radiant, healthy skin. Suitable for all skin types including mature, dry, sensitive and oily skin.     

70% Organic Hair Cleanser ($29.00 USD) — Safe enough for the whole family, this delicate shampoo nourishes with a pure, plant-based formula. Certified organic by the UK’s Soil Association, the light suds rinse clean and leave a soft scent. Formulated with Apple water, Coffee Seed oil and 100% non-toxic plant-based cleansers the gentle blend also nourishes with the antioxidant-rich Intellimune Seed Oil Complex. Safe for color-treated hair. 

Like many organic and natural products on the market today, these cleansers have a strong, earthy scent. If you do not like fragrance in your products these are not for you. I really enjoy them and recommend them as well as trying their other products.

Visit the website at www.intelligentnutrients.com to learn more about and purchase these great-for-you products.