Feel Good About Your Beauty Routine With Natural Products

There are so many wonderful natural beauty products on the market these days include natural skincare and hair care. I find that not only are these products better for you, they are very effective.

Below are some of my current favorite natural hair care and skin care.  Leave a comment letting me know some of your favorites — I would love ideas for what to try next!

L'Occitane Peony Collection
L’Occitane Peony Collection

The peony, known as the “king of flowers” is valued for its unparalleled beauty and rarity. Embracing the absolute perfection of this elegant bloom, L’OCCITANE’s newest skincare collection helps to achieve a natural-looking complexion with their proprietary, Perfecting Peony Complex. Peony extract and mineral-based optical correctors help to visibly correct skin texture irregularities and minimize the appearance of pores and fine lines for stunningly beautiful, luminous skin.

What I think: I have been testing (and loving) this collection. The products left to right are the Peony Perfecting Essence, the Peony CC Skin Tone Perfecting Cream, the Peony Perfecting Cream and the Peony Perfecting Mist.  They all have a lovely light floral scent.  Used together, the skin care leaves my skin soft and glowing.  The CC cream starts out white and blends to my skin tone.  It gives a nice light coverage and my skin is smooth and even with use.

Learn more and purchase at usa.loccitane.com.

Eye Cream
Eye Cream

Mad Hippie Eye Cream ($24.99 USD) — From the dreaded crows feet to those tiring bags under the eyes, uniting the power of peptides & antioxidants, this product packs a punch. Contains a peptide formula that reduces dark circles under the eyes.  Works to strengthen capillaries & veins, while increasing lymphatic drainage & circulation.  Effectively increases firmness and elasticity of skin, while reducing swelling.

What I think: This is such a light cream that instantly absorbs into my skin.  It hydrates the skin under my eyes and helps make the fine lines less noticeable. I use it day and night (I’m never without an eye cream).  This one is affordable and works really well (and it’s natural)!



Oil Essentials
Oil Essentials

Oil Essentials  ($12.99 USD): A collection of natural beauty oils that nourish and heal to deliver healthy, shiny hair and youthful hands and nails. Packed with powerful yet gentle extracts from Mother Nature’s most nourishing plants and fruits, these luxurious oils inspire the senses with essential oils while providing glowing beauty benefits. These oils are free from parabens, sulfates, phthalates, synthetic colors and are safe for sensitive skin. Oil Essentials is complete with six different oils to deliver outstanding results:

  • Argan & Wheat Germ – Aqua
  • Omega 3,6,9 & Evening Primrose
  • Neroli & Avocado
  • Seabuckthorn Berry & Borage
  • Sweet Almond & Macadamia
  • Lavender & Rose Hip

What I think:  I always like to have natural oils around for my hair, cuticles and elbows.  All of the above oils will moisturize and heal, but my favorite is the Sweet Almond & Macadamia because it prevents loss of moisture in hair and skin.  It smells amazing.  I love how it sinks into my skin and leaves it so soft!

Available at Walmart, HEB and Riteaid stores, as well as Riteaid.com. The company website is www.oilessentialsbeauty.com.

Salon Grafix Healthy Hair Nutrition Cleansing Conditioner
Salon Grafix Healthy Hair Nutrition  Conditioning Cleanser

Salon Grafix Healthy Hair Nutrition Collection ($7.99 USD): An alternative to harsh shampoos and conditioners. The multi-purpose sulfate and paraben-free cleansers are formulated to rebalance natural oils with pure ingredients, leaving hair clean, soft and full of body. The single step hair care regimen replaces shampoo, conditioner, deep conditioner, detangler, and leave-in conditioner with these amazing sulfate-free Conditioning Cleansers.

What I think:  I have been testing the Conditioning Cleanser for Dry or Damaged Hair. It smell creamy and a little spicy — the scent is Moroccan Macadamia.  I use it in place of shampoo and conditioner, I just work it in my wet hair, leave it in for a few minutes and rinse.  My hair is soft and manageable afterwards and is not left dry by shampoo.

Available at http://www.walgreens.com, Walgreens and Duane Reade stores.


Korres Natural Hair Collection on HSN Today


Today, a new natural hair care collection from KORRES, is launching HSN and http://www.hsn.com.

KORRES formulated this new line of all-natural shampoos, conditioners and masks with organic ingredients and plant extracts like dittany, marjoram and mountain tea, which are only found on the Greek island of Crete.

The hair care collection is 100% free of silicones, parabens, alcohol and propylene glycol.

Each shampoo and conditioner duo shown in the above photos is on sale at HSN for $29.95 today, or three payments of $9.98.  The regular price of these duos are $34.95.  The choices are:

KORRES Shampoo & Conditioner Duo – Aloe & Dittany —  Love your locks with this duo that provides gentle, mild cleansing and lightweight moisture to hair. Naturally-derived extracts from the isle of Crete and B vitamins make this the perfect pair for daily use and a look that’s lustrous. Included is the 8.45 fl. oz. Aloe & Dittany Shampoo and the 6.76 fl. oz. Aloe & Dittany Conditioner.

KORRES Shampoo & Conditioner Duo – Sunflower & Mountain Tea —  Give your hair the love it deserves with this ultra-moisturizing combo. Naturally-derived ingredients from the isle of Crete cleanse and condition color and chemically treated hair, helping prevent fading and breakage for a healthier, more luscious look. Included is the 8.45 fl. oz. Sunflower & Mountain Tea Shampoo and the 6.76 fl. oz. Sunflower & Mountain Tea Conditioner.

KORRES Shampoo & Conditioner Duo – Almond & Linseed —  Love your locks with this duo that helps moisturize and rejuvenate the look of dry and damaged hair. Naturally-derived extracts from the isle of Crete and B vitamins help make this the perfect pair for daily use and a look that’s shiny, healthier and more lustrous. Included is the 8.45 fl. oz. Almond & Linseed Shampoo and the 6.76 fl. oz. Almond & Linseed Conditioner.

I haven’t tried these yet, but I do love Korres’ products.  They are all natural and work so well.  Their greek yoghurt skincare and lip butters are some of my all time favorite products.

Have you tried KORRES hair products? Please leave a comment if you have or if you are going to purchase the great deal on HSN today.


Depth Natural Hair Care Products

Depth Hair Products

Looking for natural hair care? There are lots of different high-end formulas out there, but an affordable choice is Depth Hair Care ($9.99 USD each for shampoo and conditioner).   

This all natural hair care (they also make all natural body care) contains organic and hydrating sea minerals. They also utilize three different types of algae – red, brown and green – that enhance the hair’s ability to look healthy and dynamic. The combinations of all three botanicals delivers nourishing ingredients to the scalp to ensure ultimate hydration.   

Depth Hair Care includes:
·         Refresh Daily Shampoo – For all hair types. Keeps hair soft, healthy and nourished with a nutrient-rich blend of vitamins and sea botanicals
·         Drench Hydrating Shampoo – For dry and damaged hair: Gentle cleansers work to nourish and restore essential moisture; ideal for color treated hair
·         Immerse Daily Conditioner – For all hair types. Nutrient-rich to maintain healthy, beautiful hair without weighing it down
·         Submerse Deep Conditioner – For dry and damaged hair. This creamy conditioner provides deep nourishment and ultra-hydration for extra healthy hair   

What I thought: I have been using the Drench Hydrating Shampoo and the Immerse Daily Conditioner for a couple of weeks. The shampoo is thick and lathers very richly. The conditioner is nice, but not quite thick enough for my dry hair. They both smell fantastic and leave hair clean and soft. I think they are a good buy for being organic and natural.     

Depth Hair Care is available at Whole Foods Markets nationwide, as well as Drugstore.com, and other fine health food stores or www.depthbody.com. Enjoy!

Jonathan Product Green Rootine Dry Shampoo

Green Rootine Dry Shampoo Brush On Hair Powder

“All natural and easy to use – Green Rootine Dry Shampoo absorbs excess oil and product build-up.” –Jonathan    

Renowned hairstylist Jonathan Antin has been seen on television in many shows such as ABC’s Extreme Makeover, the E! Channel’s Fashion Emergency, Bravo’s hit series Blow Out and is currently starring on Bravo’s hit reality series Shear Genius.  He has a full line of hair care products, including a natural collection called Green Rootine.    

I have tried the Green Rootine Dry Shampoo Brush On Hair Powder ($19.00 USD .3 oz). There are tons of brands with dry shampoo on the market these days. The idea is that it will soak up oil and make your hair seem fresh, even when it hasn’t been washed for a day or two. Most  dry shampoos have squirt on nozzles or spray. The Green Rooting Dry Shampoo has a brush that is built in the bottle that dispenses the product into your hair.  The brush is very easy to use. it has open/close dial that allows you to control the amount of powder that is released.    

The website describes the products as, “a hair powder that cleanses and refreshes the hair and scalp without the use of water. Talc and aluminum hydroxide absorb oil, dirt pollutants and product build-up. Rids the scalp of impurities and will create volume at the root. The portable brush makes applying powder simple and convenient. What better way to extend the life of a blowout!”    

Another unusual feature is that is available in two shades: Light is recommended for blonde, white or gray hair and Dark for black, brown or red hair. I use the Dark for my dark brown hair and it blends in really well so you don’t notice that there’s powder in the hair.    

Visit www.jonathanproduct.com to learn more and to purchase their great products.