Spring Roses from The Body Shop Part 2 — The Moroccan Rose Bath & Body Collection

Happy Valentine’s Day! So he didn’t get you roses? Go get yourself some by indulging in the Body Shop’s Moroccan Rose Bath and Body Collection!


  • Top notes: Rose, floral, spice
  • Middle notes: Rose, mimosa, orange
  • Base notes:Rose, cedarwood, vanilla, musk

Moroccan Rose Eau de Toilette (25.00 USD) — “A fresh, sophisticated and feminine rose fragrance that captures the beauty and romance of Valentine’s Day. ” This fragrance is very interesting. It goes on very rosy smelling and dries sweet and spicy! It is quite an unusual rose fragrance that took a little bit of wearing to get used to, but I really like it. Maybe if I wear it today, my husband will get the hint!

Moroccan Rose Body Butter ($20.00 USD) – This creamy moisturizer is infused with Moroccan Rose extracts that smooth the skin. It also contains Community Trade shea butter and Community Trade babassu oil; both ingredients that leave the skin soft and supple. I find that this is great in the winter when I needs thick body cream to moisturize my very dry skin.     

Moroccan Rose Body Milk ($16.00 USD) – This is a lightweight “12-hour moisturizer” that comes in a pump. It is nice for a lighter moisturizer and will probably be fantastic when the weather turns warmer. This product is also imbued with Moroccan Rose and also includes Community Trade sesame, organic olive oil, and organic babassu oil.

Moroccan Rose Bath & Massage Oil ($18300 USD) – This lovely body oil is perfect for colder and warmer weather. It is very moisturizing and gives the skin a soft sheen after use (it will look great with skirts and shorts! Boy, I can’t wait for warmer weather) It contains Moroccan Rose extracts and Community Trade organically grown soya oil which is rich in essential fatty acids, helps to restore the skin’s natural moisture barrier.

Moroccan Rose Shower Gel ($13.00 USD) –  This shower gel is free of harsh soaps so it leaves the skin very soft after washing. It has Moroccan Rose extract and Community Trade organic honey which moisturizes and conditions skin.

The Body Shop’s website at www.thebodyshop-usa.com to purchase products, find a store and learn more about the Community Trade ingredients that are used to create these wonderful products.

Spring Roses from The Body Shop Part 1 — Roseflower Makeup Collection

The Body Shop has released a beautiful Spring Roses Collection that includes The Roseflower Spring Makeup Collection and the Morrocan Rose Bath and Body Collection. I am going to review these collections in two parts, since there are so many fun products included.

Roseflower eyes ($14.00 USD) comes in two colors Sunshine Gold and Mint Green. These colors go on as a wash of color leaving you with a lovely watercolor look. Don’t be afraid of the Mint Green, it is a very subtle color.  I have worn it to work and received compliments on my “pretty makeup”! The shadows also have an embossed shimmery rose in the middle of it, so not for the shimmer-shy, but also not too glittery.   

Roseflower Lips $(16.00 USD) are available in Soft Pink, True Pink and Deep Pink. I have the Soft Pink shade which looks very pretty with the eye shadows and Fuscia blush. It goes on shiny and soft, and looks almost like a lip gloss. It is VERY moisturizing and contains, “Community Trade organic beeswax and marula oil from Namibia helps to repair skin’s moisture barrier.” Very good for a spring-y day look! 

Roseflower Blush ($20.00 USD) in Fuscia and Pink is a very soft, blendable cheek color. I have the Fuchsia, which really brightens the face and gives you a little flush. As with the eye shadow, there is an embossed rose in the middle that adds a hint of shimmer.   

There is also a Roseflower Radiance Stick ($22.00 USD), which is a highlighter. I have not tried this product, but the claim is, “The soft, velvety texture instantly transforms from cream to powder formulation on contact and delivers a sensational luminescent effect.”

All of the products from this collection is imbued with a very slight rose scent. And, these colors are perfect to bewitch your Valentine! 

You can purchase these products or find a The Body Shop location at www.thebodyshop-usa.com.

Makeup Innovations from CARGO

CARGO cosmetics creates extremely innovative products. They are always coming out with high-tech but beautiful makeup. I was intrigued by their blu ray collection, PlantLove and the very cool The Reverse Lip Liner and was lucky enough to try these fun products! 

blu ray, is “a revolutionary collection developed for make-up artists filming in high-definition, as well as all women who want to achieve a flawless face. Ideal for filming, photography, weddings, special events and for everyday beauty because life happens in high-definition.” This collection includes a pressed powder, blush/highlighter, mascara, lip gloss palette, and a high definition mattifier.  I have the blu ray Blush/Highlighter ($28.00 USD). This peachy blush has a little sparkle and brings a warmth to my face. I brush it on my cheekbones, forehead, nose and chin and gives a healthy glow.  It contains, “photochromatic pigments that adjust with ambient lighting to provide a natural finish day or night. For perfectly glowing skin, the irregular particle size diffuses light and creates an optical blurring that gives the look of a softer, more refined complexion. This ultra-soft formula is oil-free and suitable for all skin types and complexions.”

The Reverse Lip Liner ($14.00 USD) is my favorite product of the three. This is a natural colored pencil that comes in two shades; light and medium dark. You line the outer edges of your lips, and blend. Then apply your favorite lip gloss or lipstick and the color stays in place! Really! Lipstick has always moved to underneath my lower lip as my day progressed, and this liner has helped tremendously. This can also be used in the inner lower eyelid to brighten the eye. Just line the inside of your lower lids and you don’t look as sleepy. Very nice!

The PlantLove Botanical Lipstick ($20.00 USD) is infused with Orchid Complex™ and meadowfoam seed oil as well as jojoba and shea butter. Not only that, but it’s environmentally friendly, containing no mineral oils or petroleums. It comes in wide variety of shades. I have Sagamaratha a sheer rosy-beige cream. The lipstick tube is “made entirely out of corn – a renewable and abundant resource. This environmentally-friendly innovation also emits less greenhouse gases, which many scientists believe to be the major cause of global warming. The outer carton is made of flower paper embedded with real flower seeds. Simply moisten, plant, and wait for a bouquet of wild flowers to grow!” That is very cool, but what also is cool is that the lipstick is moisturizing and fairly long-lasting, especially with the Reverse Lip Liner underneath.

Another great thing about the PlantLove Botanical Lipstick is that CARGO is donating two dollars from the sale of every shade to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. Visit  their website at www.cargocosmetics.com to find out more and to locate a retailer.

LUSH Fresh Handmade Cosmetics — Truly Unique Products

Looking for a way to spice up bath time? Try LUSH Fresh Handmade Cosmetics bath products. These aromatic products are made with organic fruits and vegetables as well as essential oils and safe synthetics.  These planet friendly items are made fresh with little or no preservatives or packaging. They even tell  you when they were made, so you know just how fresh they are!

Here are some fun and fragrant bath products that I recommend: 

Sex Bomb Bath Bomb ($6.25 USD), “is the perfect bath bomb for a romantic evening for two, or an indulgent evening for one. Romantic pink water and an incredibly sexy jasmine fragrance set the mood… and once the rice paper rose petals fill your tub, there’s no holding back” states the website.  Some of the ingredients are Jasmine Absolute, Clary Sage Oil, and Ylang Ylang. This fizzes up then gives you very pink and fragrant bath water. It’s so nice! But if this isn’t the scent for you LUSH makes lots of Bath Bombs in various scents.

Karma Bubble Bar ($7.85 USD), “has a spicy Far Eastern influence, with traditional European lavender and a splash of light orange dancing around in there somewhere. Once struck, you’ll want it in every form that exists. Here it is as a bubble bar.” This also contains Pine Oil, Lemongrass Oil and Gardenia Extract. To use, break off a piece of the bar and crumble it under running water. It then gives you lots of bubbles.  

Lemslip Buttercream ($8.75 USD for a 1/4 lb, sold by weight),  “This delightful conditioning body cleanser makes your skin feel clean and silky. Astringent and toning lemon and lime rouse you for a new day. Softening cocoa and coconut butters make you smooth and soft for a night in a cocoon of satin sheets. With Lemslip, your bath or shower becomes an extravagant pleasure. What a lovely way to start or end the day”! This is a jell-like soap that is very lemony and feels very nice while washing you up! I used it before I shaved my legs and it help the razor glide right across! 

To purchase these products as well as others for face cleansing and moisturizing, hair products and perfumes, check out their website at www.lushusa.com. Happy shopping!

Awaken Your Senses with the Philip B. Botanicals Collection

Philip B. Botanicals create hair and bath products that are made with natural ingredients and without harsh detergents to create a healthy and enjoyable bathing experience. What I really like about the two products I have, is that their exilerating fragrances really wake me up in the morning!

I really love the scent of the Thai Tea Mind & Body Wash (11.8 oz $35.00) because it reminds me of being in a Thai Food Restaurant. Its spicy and citrusy all at once! This product is enriched with a nurturing blend of 20% pure botanical plant extracts indigenous to Thailand.  The website explains, “Philip B® Thai Tea Mind & Body Wash is a base of Honey, Black Tea and Milk Proteins for cleansing toning, tightening and replenishing your skin.  This invigorating, active formula contains herbaceous extracts of Lemongrass, Lemon Verbena, Ginger, Citronella, Lime and cooling Peppermint.”  This wonderful fragrance makes you feel happy as soon as you breathe it in!

The Scent of Santa Fe Balancing Shampoo (7.4 oz $29.00, 11.8 oz $42.00), contains a blend of Shea Butter and Panthenol (Vitamin B5) infused with 10% pure plant extracts of Piñon, Sage and Juniper Berry. This pungent shampoo is good for helping all scalp types and makes the hair super-soft! This is definitely not for the faint-hearted. But if you like a strong scent, use it as a body wash, too. It is anti-bacterial and safe for color-treated hair.

Visit Philip B.’s website at www.philipb.com to learn more about and to purchase these products.

The Wonders of Nude Skincare

In my quest for healthy, youthful skin, I have recently found Nude Skincare. Nude formulas are biocompatible, meaning that they work with the body’s own biology to naturally moisturize and balance the skin.

Nude’s products contain peptides, phytoactives and bioactives to target aging by firming and smoothing the skin.  They keep out parabens, sulphates, silicones and many more ingredients that could be harmful to the skin. For more information, check out the website at www.nudeskincare.com.

The Cleansing Facial Oil ($52.00 USD) has won an Allure Editor’s Award and it is very easy to see why. This effective cleanser is blended with Omega-3 and Vitamin E-rich oils and easily removes makeup and dirt. Just massage the oil on your face and add water, rub and rinse. The face is left feeling soft, not greasy.

The Replenishing Night Oil ($78.00 USD) is a pure blend of omegas 3, 6, 7 and 9 and nourishes and protects for silky, soft skin. It contains the antioxidants cranberry and avellana that defend against free radicals and is fragranced with Tahitian vanilla oil and  rose absolute. I recommend this oil only for night since it is a bit greasy. But by morning the oil is gone and you are left with incredibly soft skin.

I have been using these products for a couple of weeks now and my skin looks clearer and much smoother. You can find these products at their website or Sephora, and probably other department stores. I think that with Nude skincare you definitely get what you pay for, high-quality skincare!

Moisturize Your Winter Skin With H2O Plus

Being that it is so dry in Missouri in the Winter, I am always looking for good moisturizer to quench my parched skin.
H2O Plus has a wide range of spa-quality products that have natural ingredients and are great for your skin.  One of my favorites is the Spa Hand and Nail Cream (6oz $15.00 USD). The H2O Plus website, www.h2oplus.com,  states these benefits of the cream, “Specially formulated for hands and cuticles. Vitamins, marine extracts, aloe vera and panthenol help restore moisture leaving hands soft, smooth and conditioned”. 
This product more than delivers. It instantly smooths my hand and cuticles and has the most addictive scent. The ingredients include sea fennel, wakame, sea lettuce, spirulina, nori, aloe vera gel, apricot kernel oil, seaweed extract,  allantoin, provitamin B and vitamin E.  I don’t know what half of those ingredients are, but together they smell fantastic!
Another great H2O Plus moisturizer is the Hydrating Body Butter ($19.50 USD).  This thick and creamy moisturizer is very effective on flaky, dry winter skin.  H2O Plus touts, “Natural coconut and vegetable oils penetrate deeply while green tea and Paraguay Tea combine with vitamin C and E for nourishing protection. Leaves skin conditioned and restored.”
The scent in the body butter is good, but not the same as the Hand and Nail cream. It has a very soft, creamy scent.
I have been using both products for a couple of weeks and my skin is much  smoother and softer.  H2O Plus is definately a line worth checking out!   

Need a Boost for Color-Treated Hair? Try PureOlogy

Yes I am 40. And yes I have gray hairs. And OMG yes, I color said grays! So I was more than thrilled to receive these three fantastic product from PureOlogy. All three that I’m about to describe are from the HydrateSystem. The PureOlogy website (www.pureology.com) states that they are, “Daily haircare products for color-treated hair in need of essential hydration, nourishment, enhanced color brilliance and color protection”.

PureOlogy HydrateShampoo (10.1 oz $27.00 USD) — Includes rose, sandalwood and green tea  for concentrated natural conditioning. The signature aroma blend is Ylang Ylang, Bergamot, Anise and a touch of Patchouli. This smells wonderful! I can really pick out the Anise from the blend. My hair feels squeaky clean after washing.

PureOlogy HydrateCondition (10.1 oz  $27.00 USD) — Includes peppermint, sage and rosemary for concentrated natural conditioning. The signature aroma blend is three different essential peppermint oils.  This smells even better than the shampoo and tingles as it works. It leaves my hair soft and even adds some body.

PureOlogy HydraCure Intense Moisture Hair Masque — (5.2 oz $45.00 USD). This includes shiitake, mannetake and mucor miehei mushrooms  and shea, jojoba, mango and avocado butters to penetrate deeply and smooth out the hair. This one I used about twice a week in place of the HydraCondition and leave on for about 5 minutes. This really makes the hair soft and smooth. The signature aroma blend is rose, plumeria, sandalwood, amber and vanilla which is touted to promote a positive sense of well-being.

Some other fun facts about PureOlogy products are that they are 100% vegan, never tested on animals, they include organic botanicals, boost color radiance and most of them reduce drying time.

I really love these products, especially because the color of my dark brown hair now glistens with golds and reds and is so pretty. I realize that the price is high, but these salon hair products are so worth the cost. So check them out!