Spring Roses from The Body Shop Part 2 — The Moroccan Rose Bath & Body Collection

Happy Valentine’s Day! So he didn’t get you roses? Go get yourself some by indulging in the Body Shop’s Moroccan Rose Bath and Body Collection!


  • Top notes: Rose, floral, spice
  • Middle notes: Rose, mimosa, orange
  • Base notes:Rose, cedarwood, vanilla, musk

Moroccan Rose Eau de Toilette (25.00 USD) — “A fresh, sophisticated and feminine rose fragrance that captures the beauty and romance of Valentine’s Day. ” This fragrance is very interesting. It goes on very rosy smelling and dries sweet and spicy! It is quite an unusual rose fragrance that took a little bit of wearing to get used to, but I really like it. Maybe if I wear it today, my husband will get the hint!

Moroccan Rose Body Butter ($20.00 USD) – This creamy moisturizer is infused with Moroccan Rose extracts that smooth the skin. It also contains Community Trade shea butter and Community Trade babassu oil; both ingredients that leave the skin soft and supple. I find that this is great in the winter when I needs thick body cream to moisturize my very dry skin.     

Moroccan Rose Body Milk ($16.00 USD) – This is a lightweight “12-hour moisturizer” that comes in a pump. It is nice for a lighter moisturizer and will probably be fantastic when the weather turns warmer. This product is also imbued with Moroccan Rose and also includes Community Trade sesame, organic olive oil, and organic babassu oil.

Moroccan Rose Bath & Massage Oil ($18300 USD) – This lovely body oil is perfect for colder and warmer weather. It is very moisturizing and gives the skin a soft sheen after use (it will look great with skirts and shorts! Boy, I can’t wait for warmer weather) It contains Moroccan Rose extracts and Community Trade organically grown soya oil which is rich in essential fatty acids, helps to restore the skin’s natural moisture barrier.

Moroccan Rose Shower Gel ($13.00 USD) –  This shower gel is free of harsh soaps so it leaves the skin very soft after washing. It has Moroccan Rose extract and Community Trade organic honey which moisturizes and conditions skin.

The Body Shop’s website at www.thebodyshop-usa.com to purchase products, find a store and learn more about the Community Trade ingredients that are used to create these wonderful products.

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