Try a New Scent With Thymes Moonflower Body Wash and Lotion

Thymes creates lovely home  and personal fragrances. Their Moonflower collection is a perfect Summer-to-Fall transition scent. Plus, both products have a little sparkle in them which is perfect for hot summer nights!

Thymes describes this fragrance as:

Aromas of gilded cinnamon, clove and sugared quince sparkle on fresh myrtle leaves, while rich mahogany dances with dark amber and smooth cognac.

Thymes Moonflower Body Wash($5.50 2 oz and $18.00 9.25 oz) bathes you in the glimmer of twilight. The shimmering lather of this body wash gently hydrates your skin leaving behind a lovely glow.

  • Gold Shimmer left behind on skin
  • Moisturizing Glycerin
  • Antioxidant Vitamin E
  • Paraben Free

Thymes Moonflower Body Lotion ($5.50 2 oz and $24.00 9.25 oz) lavishes your skin with rich moisturizers and fragrance, leaving you glowing and reflecting joyous moments throughout the night.

  • Hydrating Glycerin
  • Protective Vitamin E
  • Paraben Free

What I think: While shimmery scents are a little too young for me, the fragrance is very sexy. I love the amber base, and can really pick out the cinnamon and clove. This is a nice evening scent. I also like that you can purchase these in travel sizes, which is perfect for those last summer getaways.

Visit to learn more and to purchase thse products and more. Enjoy!

Apothia Hand and Body Wash

Apothia Hand and Body Wash

Sheer curtains dance in an open window.
Polished wood floors glow in a sunlit room.
Fresh cut flowers scent the air. Welcome home.   

This is the lovely description of the Casa scent from Apothia. I was lucky enough to try Apothia’s new Hand and Body Wash ($28.00 USD) in this beautiful, crisp scent.   

The modern formula in this wash is paraben and sulfate free. Using agents naturally derived from glucose, apricot kernel oil, oat and coconut oil, it leaves your skin clean yet feeling smooth and moisturized. It also includes sweet almond protein, aloe vera and vitamin E to moisturize, emolliate, and  soothe your skin.   

What I think: I think this is a great quality wash. It leaves hands clean and soft, not stripped of moisture. The Casa scent is so nice, too. It is green-smelling like cut grass and very crisp. The wash is also available in seven other fresh scents.    

Visit to learn more about Apothia and all of their fab-smelling products!    

Design Features:     

Paraben and Sulfate Free
Sweet Almond Protein and Coconut Oil
Band for gripping
Sleek and modern design     

Casa Notes:     

Casablanca lilies, newly cut grass, fresh air

Beauty Does Good: Anthony Logistics for Men Helps Gulf Coast Wildlife

Anthony Logistics for Men believes in giving back. Earlier this year the company gave a portion of proceeds to Haiti relief, and now they are giving 50 percent of all proceeds from their Anthony Logistics For Men Body Cleansing Gels and Shampoos to Tri-State Bird Rescue and Research and Brown Pelican bird adoption program (Louisiana’s state bird) to support the wildlife rescue efforts following the Deepwater Horizon incident in the Gulf of Mexico.
As we all know, this oil spill has been tragically harming and killing defenseless animals in the Gulf area. Anthony For Men chose Tri-State Bird Rescue because the organization is one of only two organizations in the country that can professionally manage a response to a major spill. Rehabilitation of oiled wildlife is a complex, crisis-oriented endeavor and Tri-State takes a teamwork approach to oil spill training and response, stressing the need for regulatory agencies, responsible parties, state and federal wildlife professionals, colleagues in wildlife care and concerned citizens to work together both in preparations for and response to oil spills.
Tri-State Bird Rescue’s oil spill response team has been on the Gulf Coast since the last week in April and ALFM is proud to help fund their efforts. 

For more information on this initiative, please visit or

Some of the products that you can purchase to help are:

Anthony Logistics For Men Everyday Shampoo in Normal to Dry Hair ($16.00 USD). Hair so rich it’ll pay for dinner. Coconut oil moisturizes and cleans, vitamin B5 repairs, chamomile freshens, wheat protein strengthens. Adds moisture and body, helps create luster and shine. Light coconut scent for normal to dry hair.

Anthony Logistics For Men Body Cleansing Gel in Citrus ($16.50 USD). Marinate self in glycerin, aloe vera, wheat protein and refreshing citrus extracts. Smell good, feel better. Work into a rich lather, apply and rinse.

These products and more are available at Nordstrom, Sephora, and

Mineral Fusion Body Care

It’s rare lately for me to find new types of beauty products that I haven’t sampled. I’ve tried mineral makeup before, but never mineral bath and body care. Adhering to their slogan, “Minerals on a Mission”, Mineral Fusion has created a new bath and body line, and I was lucky to try their Mineral Body Wash and Mineral Body Lotion.

The Mineral Body  Wash contains mineral extracts plus mineral-rich clay to help absorb excess oil and remove impurities. It is infused with Vitamins A, B, C and E for added nourishment. It is available in the following three varieties as described by the Mineral Fusion website:

Earthstone: This herbaceous blend comprises rosemary and geranium with hints of patchouli and cedarwood for a clean impression. Woodsy and clean.

Sunstone: Crisp white cassis berries make this blend surprisingly fresh with a sprinkle of pink ginger and vanilla. Completely refreshing with a tiny hint of sweetness.

Waterstone: Bergamot zest and grapefruit top this clean, crisp blend with a floral body dominated by a floral accord. Bright and citrusy.

I sampled the Earthstone scent and found it very fresh. I also used it as a bubble bath and it foamed nicely!

The Body Lotion also has a blend of unique minerals that helps strengthen the skin’s natural defenses and provide natural antioxidant protection. It contains:
Vitamins, Sunflower Seed Oil, Cocoa Butter, Myrtle Extract and Hyaluronic Acid promote cellular renewal.
Four varieties: Earthstone, Sunstone, Waterstone and Unscented.

I tried the Unscented which is great for men or ladies who do not like fragrance in their lotion. The lotion itself is very creamy and quenches my dry skin without leaving it greasy. Very nice!

Visit to learn more and you can purchase at Whole Foods.

Bodycology Rich and Creamy Body Wash

Bodycology Skin Softening Body Wash


 “bodycology® seeks to empower women to look and feel their best by enhancing their lives through both knowledge and high quality, personalized products that are attainable by all.”      

Bodycology is an affordable way to try some fab bath and body products this spring. I tried the new Rich & Creamy Skin-Softening Body Wash ($4.99 USD) in the Silk and Avocado Oil formula. This is a very moisturizing wash that leaves skin extra soft. And it smells refreshing, almost a little like raspberry.   

I also use it to shave my legs, because it is so creamy. I like non-foaming creams for shaving because I get a smoother shave with fewer cuts.     

The Rich and Creamy Body Wash is also available in Ultra Rich, Hydrating, Deep Cleansing, Refreshing and Nourishing.   

You can purchase these products at a drugstore near you.

Pacifica’s Bright Fragrances are Great for Summer

Pacifica is a fragrance and bath company that believes that indulgent beauty can be eco-friendly. Their products are vegan and free of sulfates, mineral oil, parabens, phthalates, and propylene glycol.

I recently tried the products below, which all smell and feel fabulous. They are: 

Pacifica Tuscan Blood Orange Body Wash ($18.00 16 oz) This Sephora-exclusive pampers the skin with an infusion of natural ingredients and essential oils. Its refreshing fragrance is a blend of blood orange, strawberry, raspberry, and juicy mandarin. The delectable complexity of the scent emerges layer by layer, creating a bright, sophisticated impression.

Pacifica Bali Lime Papaya Soy Candle ($16.00 5.5 oz) is made with natural and essential oils, soy wax, vibrant color, and a lead-free cotton wick. The fragrance is a blend of papaya, Kaffir lime, and sweet lime blossom. This is a very long lasting candle  will burn for approximately 100 hours.

Pacifica Malibu Lemon Blossom Solid Perfume ($9.00 .33 oz) is long lasting and affordable. The fragrance is a blend of lemony Litsea Cubeba, flowering Angel’s Trumpet, and fresh herbs. It smells like summer and the beach! Formulated with natural essential oils, and organic soy and coconut waxes, these cute little tins of perfume are portable and at their great prices, you can buy more than one!

To learn more and to purchase the products, visit the Sephora website at

Awaken Your Senses with the Philip B. Botanicals Collection

Philip B. Botanicals create hair and bath products that are made with natural ingredients and without harsh detergents to create a healthy and enjoyable bathing experience. What I really like about the two products I have, is that their exilerating fragrances really wake me up in the morning!

I really love the scent of the Thai Tea Mind & Body Wash (11.8 oz $35.00) because it reminds me of being in a Thai Food Restaurant. Its spicy and citrusy all at once! This product is enriched with a nurturing blend of 20% pure botanical plant extracts indigenous to Thailand.  The website explains, “Philip B® Thai Tea Mind & Body Wash is a base of Honey, Black Tea and Milk Proteins for cleansing toning, tightening and replenishing your skin.  This invigorating, active formula contains herbaceous extracts of Lemongrass, Lemon Verbena, Ginger, Citronella, Lime and cooling Peppermint.”  This wonderful fragrance makes you feel happy as soon as you breathe it in!

The Scent of Santa Fe Balancing Shampoo (7.4 oz $29.00, 11.8 oz $42.00), contains a blend of Shea Butter and Panthenol (Vitamin B5) infused with 10% pure plant extracts of Piñon, Sage and Juniper Berry. This pungent shampoo is good for helping all scalp types and makes the hair super-soft! This is definitely not for the faint-hearted. But if you like a strong scent, use it as a body wash, too. It is anti-bacterial and safe for color-treated hair.

Visit Philip B.’s website at to learn more about and to purchase these products.