Product Round-Up — My Fave Beauty Things Week of July 21th

We have had a pretty hot week here in Kansas City, but it is finally cooling down a little, yay!  I am still trying out new summer products to help me with the heat.

This week, I have been enjoying a facial cleansing oil, a gorgeous makeup up palette inspired by a new film, a refillable brush for my favorite powders, natural dental hygiene products, crunchy dried fruit snacks, and a cooling face cream.

NUDE Skincare Perfect Cleansing Oil
NUDE Skincare Perfect Cleansing Oil

NUDE Skincare Perfect Cleansing Oil ($35 USD) — This omega-rich oil deeply cleans and removes all impurities, including eye makeup. All-natural plant oils, including meadowfoam and jojoba, support skin health and hydration. Skin is left radiantly clean, comfortable and soft.

What I think:  This is so healing on my parched summer skin.  I like to use this oil at night to remove makeup and restore my skin’s natural balance.  I feel that the heat, sweating and being in the sun makes my skin feel really uncomfortable.  This not only removes all dirt and makeup, it leaves skin soft and definitely not greasy!

Available at

Pur Minerals Jupiter Ascending Collection
Pur Minerals Jupiter Ascending Collection

Pur Minerals Jupiter Ascending Collection ($29 USD) — This has just landed at ULTA Beauty from Pür Minerals. They have created an exclusive, limited edition collection for the highly anticipated film, Jupiter Ascending starring Mila Kunis and Channing Tatum.

The collection is designed to help you achieve the flawless on-screen looks with:

  • Eye Shadows: Six stunning shades of shadow from subtle neutral to dramatic shimmer help you get Jupiter’s striking look. The talc-free eye shadows come in matte, satin, and metallic textures for a wide range of looks from day to night.
  • Galaxy Lip Gloss: Housed in futuristic light-up packaging, the iridescent pink gloss comes with a built-in touch-up mirror for beauty on the go.
  • Space Eyeliner: This liquid precision eyeliner in inky black features a user-friendly felt tip for easy application. Get sharp, clean definition for flawless eyes with this daily must-have.

What I think: This is a gorgeous makeup kit!  My daughter was going out for her 19th birthday with friends and used the eyeliner and shadows to create a dramatic look.  She loved the color payoff of the shadows and said that the liner was easy to use.  I kept the awesome lip gloss for myself. The pale, sheer pink is one of my favorite lip color looks. And it lights up as you use it.  Cool!

Exclusively found at ULTA and

Jane Iredale Refill-Me Refillable Loose Powder Brush
Jane Iredale Refill-Me Refillable Loose Powder Brush

Jane Iredale Refill-Me Refillable Loose Powder Brush ($35 USD) — A mess-free way to apply loose powder and get exceptional coverage on-the-go.

  • Self-contained, ready to be filled, with a locking mechanism that prevents spilling.
  • Ideal for travel.
  • Easy to refill.
  • Only one jar of Jane Iredale’s Amazing Base Loose Mineral Powder is needed to fill the brush two times!
  • Can be used with Jane Iredale’s Amazing Matte and Powder-Me SPF, as well as your fave powder, too.

What I think: I have been using this with the Jane Iredale Golden shade of Powder-Me SPF powder and I find it easy to use and it gives great coverage. You can easily lock it so it won’t get messy if you take it on trips. I thinks this is a really good investment for travel.

Available at

Hello Mouthwash Pink Grapefruit Mint
Hello Mouthwash Pink Grapefruit Mint

Hello Mouthwash Pink Grapefruit Mint ($4.99 USD ) — Helps clean and freshen the mouth.  This mouthwash is free of alcohol, artificial colors, artificial sweeteners, and doesn’t cause mouth pain.  It is never tested on animals.

What I think: I’m loving this cool line of dental hygiene products.  They currently have mouthwash, toothpaste and breath spray in Pink Grapefruit mint, Mojito Mint and Supermint.  I like all three flavors — they are like nothing I have tried before!  I love that they are natural, and not too strong.  LOVE!

Available at and other drugstores and drugstore websites.

Crispy Green Crispy Fruit
Crispy Green Crispy Fruit

Crispy Green Crispy Fruit ($1.59 USD for 1 .36 oz. bag, you can also buy in larger bags) — Crispy Fruit snacks are 100% freeze-dried fruit slices that are made of real fruit and nothing else. The taste in Crispy Fruit comes from the fresh fruit itself. There is no sugar, sweeteners or other additives used to enhance the taste or appearance! Crispy Fruit is truly guilt-free snacking.

What I think:  Yum!  I tried all six flavors: Apple, Asian Pear, Tangerine, Banana, Mango and Pineapple and like them all.  My favorites were the banana and pineapple.  I would definitely purchase these again for myself and my family for healthy snacks!

Available at

Korres Greek Yoghurt Advanced Nourishing Sleeping Facial
Korres Greek Yoghurt Advanced Nourishing Sleeping Facial

Korres Greek Yoghurt Advanced Nourishing Sleeping Facial ($45 USD) –A centuries-old Greek remedy for skin soothing, moisturizing Greek Yoghurt provides a natural source of proteins, minerals, and vitamins to instantly nourish stressed, dry skin. This ultrahydrating facial-in-a-jar contains a Greek Yoghurt concentrate with two and a half times the protein content of regular yogurt, and works overnight to provide skin with intense, long-term moisturization and nourishment to create a smooth, even complexion. You will wake up to noticeable improvements in skin texture and more moisturized, refreshed skin.

What I think:  This is such a great evening skin treatment!  I apply at night after my serum, and when I wake up my skin feels fresh and so soft!  I use it about every other night, but it is so gentle it can be used more often if you wish.  Summer skin becomes so stressed and tired and this evens the skin tone and texture by morning.

Available at


What products are you loving this week?  Any new favorites?

My Current Favorite Summer Skin Care Products

Summer is a funny time for my skin.  I live in a humid climate so my skin becomes oilier in the heat, but since I wear less makeup my pores aren’t as clogged as they could be.  Still, I believe if you take care of your skin in the summer with quality skin care, it will look fantastic!

L’Oreal Skin Expertise Go 360 Clean Anti-Breakout Facial Cleanser ($6.99 USD) — A salicylic acid acne treatment with a daily pore by pore cleansing with “the  scrublet” soft cleansing disk. The cleanser claims to control breakouts and clears blackheads and is oil free.

What I Think:  I like to use a little anti-breakout skin care in the summer to control the oil. I have tried this with the scrubber that is included, but it is a little rough for my sensitive skin.  I use it with my Clarisonic cleansing brush and my skin feels super clean afterwards. My skin has also been clearer this summer.

You can find the cleanser at drug stores or ma

NUDE Hydrating Water ($20.00 USD) — NUDE Skincare’s refreshing rose and vanilla floral water removes final traces of cleanser and locks in moisture, leaving skin calm and beautifully soft.

Mist natural toner onto clean skin and wipe gently with a cotton pad. A skincare essential, Hydrating Water is perfect for setting make up and instant refreshment. Revives normal, dry and sensitive skins.

What I think:  I love this gentle face mist.  It smell fantastic.  I like to spray it before I moisturize and throughout the day for a refresher.  A good tip is to keep it in the fridge in the summer for a cool spritz to refresh in the hot weather. is the website and the products are also available at Sephora.

Paula’s Choice RESIST Daily Smoothing Treatment with 5% Alpha Hydroxy Acid ($21.21 USD)

  • 5% glycolic acid plus 0.5% salicylic acid exfoliates sun-damaged skin
  • pH range of 3.5–3.8 for guaranteed efficacy
  • Reduces signs of aging, including wrinkles, sun damage, and discolorations
  • Corrects uneven skin tone
  • Restores a healthy, radiant, firmer look to your skin
  • Calms your skin with potent anti-irritants
  • Contains ingredients your skin needs to look and act younger
  • 100% fragrance-free and contains no dyes or coloring agents

What I think: I apply this after the face mist and my skin tone instantly looks more even.  It dries almost instantly so that you can apply moisturizer.  After a few weeks of use, my skin is softer and so smooth.  Serums are incredibly important in keeping wrinkles at bay and skin really glowing, and this one is a good choice!

Skyn Iceland the ANTIDOTE Quenching Daily Lotion ($45.00 USD) — Is your skin oily, congested and prone to redness or premature aging? Stress may be increasing breakouts and oiliness, while depriving your skin of essential nutrients, moisture and oxygen.

The ANTIDOTE Quenching Daily Lotion is a lightweight hydrating lotion for chronically stressed skin. It goes on with a cooling burst to decongest, detoxify and stabilize skin, returning it to its natural fresh and healthy state. With daily use, skin is fortified and protected from the ravages of stress. You can purchase this at or at a Sephora store near you.


  • Omega 3, 6 and 9 fatty acids help preserve skin’s natural moisture
  • Aloe vera, jojoba and shea butter help soothe, moisturize and heal dry skin
  • A mint derivative provides a cooling sensation and helps improve microcirculation to reduce redness in skin
  • White willow bark, a naturally occurring form of salicylic acid, soothes irritation and helps prevent breakouts and congestion in the skin
  • Icelandic kelp helps revitalize skin and fight inflammation
  • Meadow sweet extract helps control oiliness, tighten pores and clear skin
  • Yeast extract revitalizes and helps calm inflamed skin

What I think:  This is a refreshing, soothing lotion that is helpful in keeping skin clear during the summer.  I use this after the Paula’s Choice smoothing lotion. I notice that after use, my skin is less red and my pores look smaller. It doesn’t make my skin greasy so that I can apply makeup almost instantly.  Visit for more info or to purchase.

I recommend one or all of these fab skincare products to clear and smooth your skin this summer, no matter what your age. Enjoy!

Nude Skincare Detox Supplement

I have been curious about detox programs for a while. Would it really work, cleaning out the system to make one look and feel better. As I am not ready to try a liquid detox, I have been trying a pill, Nude Skincare Detox Food Supplement ($29.00 USD for 2 courses of treatment included in one tub). The website describes the supplements as:

“This definitive treatment delivers a targeted probiotic detox with complete nutritional support. Liquorice and ginger support digestive function to reduce water retention and increase energy. Chlorella, holy basil and turmeric defend against free radicals and support the liver for clear, radiant skin.”

This treatment has a patented probiotic fermentation that delivers easily absorbed, full spectrum nutrition. It is also biocompatible whicm means that the food base ingredients are easily assimilated by the body.

I have taken 2 capsules morning and night on an empty stomach with a glass of water for ten days.  I have also made sure that I drink a lot to water each day. I have noticed that after one course of treatment, my skin looks clearer and healthier and I did lose a couple of pounds. I did feel more engergetic.

Visit to learn more and to purchase these fantastic supplements!

The Wonders of Nude Skincare

In my quest for healthy, youthful skin, I have recently found Nude Skincare. Nude formulas are biocompatible, meaning that they work with the body’s own biology to naturally moisturize and balance the skin.

Nude’s products contain peptides, phytoactives and bioactives to target aging by firming and smoothing the skin.  They keep out parabens, sulphates, silicones and many more ingredients that could be harmful to the skin. For more information, check out the website at

The Cleansing Facial Oil ($52.00 USD) has won an Allure Editor’s Award and it is very easy to see why. This effective cleanser is blended with Omega-3 and Vitamin E-rich oils and easily removes makeup and dirt. Just massage the oil on your face and add water, rub and rinse. The face is left feeling soft, not greasy.

The Replenishing Night Oil ($78.00 USD) is a pure blend of omegas 3, 6, 7 and 9 and nourishes and protects for silky, soft skin. It contains the antioxidants cranberry and avellana that defend against free radicals and is fragranced with Tahitian vanilla oil and  rose absolute. I recommend this oil only for night since it is a bit greasy. But by morning the oil is gone and you are left with incredibly soft skin.

I have been using these products for a couple of weeks now and my skin looks clearer and much smoother. You can find these products at their website or Sephora, and probably other department stores. I think that with Nude skincare you definitely get what you pay for, high-quality skincare!