Kenzo Belle De Jour White Lotus Serum

Belle De Jour White Lotus Serum

In my fight against aging, I have tried lots of products that claim to help wrinkles, skin tone and the youthful glow. Not many do everything that they claim. But, I have always loved Kenzo’s Belle de Jour line. I have previously reviewed Belle De Jour cream  ( and Belle de Jour Angel Eyes ( and have enjoyed both of them. The fragrance and texture of both products are fabulous, and I saw a difference in my skin with both. 

So I was very excited to try Kenzo’s Belle De Jour White Lotus Serum ($150.00 USD) which is a day and night serum for a radical effect on the beauty of the face. At the heart of this care is a highly concentrated and enriched White Lotus alchemy which reinforces actions on cellular regeneration. Leaves skin tightened and restored. Belle De Jour, an exceptional product line that enhances the skin’s natural beauty by protecting it from free radicals and the harmful stress hormone – Cortisol. The skin is restored to its natural balance and left luminous and soft.

The key ingredient in this is White Lotus which is one regarded as a sacred flower throughout Asia, white lotus has many soothing and anti-free radical properties. It is cultivated especially for Kenzo in East Asia, an ideal location for this plant to flourish.

To use, take a small amount of the serum and using the fingertips, slowly spread it with a gentle touch over cleansed face and neck. Following with Belle De Jour cream is a complete experience.

I love this smooth, light gel that glides over the skin and absorbs so quickly. It instantly smooths the skin and leaves it so soft. Over a few weeks, I have noticed a difference in the texture and luminosity of my skin.  This product is spendy, but it its worth it for the effectiveness. Also, its nice to splurge on a luxury product every once in a while!

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Kenzo Homme Woody EDT


Kenzo Homme Woody EDT

 Looking for a sexy Fall scent for your favorite man? One of my favorite fragrance companies, Kenzo, has released a perfect men’s cologne for the season, Kenzo Homme Woody ($72.00 USD 3.4 oz, $54.00 USD 1.7 oz).

The Kenzo website describes this scent as, ” An aromatic woody fragrance with an intense and vibrant trail. The energy of fresh, fusing leaves, mint and basil, mingles with the power of woody notes of vetiver and Atlas cedar. The fragrance of a free spirit who draws his strength from nature, between sky and earth.” The scent is:

-Woody, aromatic
-Recommended for both day and night wear
-Atlas cedar base blends with black pepper and mint

What I (and my husband) thought:  This is a very masculine scent, with a twist — it is not only woodsy, it has a refreshing kick to it. I also think that it is fresh enough to wear all year, not just in the Fall. 

Visit to purchase this scwent. Enjoy!

Heat Up Your Summer With SummerByKenzo Perfume!



The summer season may be winding down (hopefully, it is so HOT), but, you can smell like summer all year round with SummerByKenzo perfume.    Kenzo’s description of this sunny scent is:    

Emerging from a burst of sunshine, SUMMERBYKENZO blends an array of opposites: Sensual and Modern, Refreshing and Warm, Floral and Sweet to create a sultry and succulent fragrance that caresses the skin. The sun’s rays shine through the golden lines of its leaf-shaped bottle.     

What I think: Because of the combination of bergamot, citrus and musk, this sexy scent is perfect for all seasons, not only summer.  This is perfect for women who want a lighter scent, but not one that is too fruity or floral. It’s light without being too girly.   

 Visit to learn more and to purchase this fab scent!

Kenzo’s Eau De Fleur De Plum

Kenzo Eau De Fluer De Prunier Plum

The latest in Kenzo’s Eau De Fleur collection,  De Plum ($55.00 1.7 oz) is classified as a “powdery almond floral”. The website describes it as: 

Plum blossom emerges from the winter chill, scattering a myriad of dainty petals. The spring then hums its powdery floral note with almond verses. Kenzo flower waters are picked from Japanese trees. 

This fragrance smells so fantastic. It is a bit sweet, and powdery, and very sexy. It is very light so I spray it all over, even in my hair. People have been telling me how great I smell since I have been wearing it! 

Kenzo’s Eau De Fleur collection includes the Plum as well as the other three that were introduced last year: Eau De Fleur De Silk, Eau De Fleur De Magnolia and Eau De Fleur De Tea — which is the other Eau De Fleur fragrance I own. The Tea is a sultry floral musk. 

Learn more about these fragrances at Enjoy!

Belle De Jour Angel Eyes by Kenzo

Belle De Jour Angel Eyes

Let’s face it: as we age our eyes are one of the first places to show it. Our lids get droopy, crepey and then there are those dreaded crows feet. Yuck! But luckily, there are many eye lotus and creams to help lessen the wrinkly eye burden that we all must eventually face. My favorite new eye creme is Belle De Jour Angel Eyes ($70.00 USD). It claims to repair and revive skin around the eye contour. The key ingredient, white lotus reduces the stress-inducing hormone cortisol and protects skin from free radicals. All in all, Angel Eyes claims to “enhance the natural beauty of the eyes by restoring natural balance to the skin. The eye contour is left smoothed and regenerated, erasing dark circles and bags beneath the eyes.” 

Wow, really? Wow indeed. I LOVE this eye cream. First, there’s the wonderful ritual of application. I place a pump of the eye cream on the tip of the included brush and dab it under on my eyes and on my upper lid. I then flip over the brush and gently sweep the cream outwards until it is blended in. Right away, I see a difference. My eyes look more awake and well rested. I don’t have many line, but my upper lids are getting a little crepey and my lids are drooping a bit. Sweeping the cream up and out opens my eyes right up. I have been using it morning and night and I really see a difference.   

You can learn more and purchase this fantastic cream at Enjoy!   


Kenzo Power Cologne

Kenzo Power Cologne

Looking for a sultry fragrance to give to the man (or men) in your life this holiday season? Kenzo has released Kenzo Power Cologne ($50.00 2 oz and $68.00 4.2 oz), a woody citrus that smells fantastic. The notes are:
Top: Verbena, Cardamom, Bergamot
Middle: Geranium, Black Pepper, Coriander
Base: Tolu Balm, Vetiver, Cedar.
I think this is an understated, yet sexy fragrance. When I first spray it on my husband, I experience the fresh bergamot and verbena notes. Then the spicy black pepper and coriander kick in, with a final hint of the cedar and vetiver. So nice, and it smells a bit like the holidays with the orangey bergamot and the cedar.
Also, purchase this scent or other great Kenzo products through November 9th at, and receive 25% off your purchase with the code 09FAMILY. Enjoy your holiday shopping!

FlowerbyKenzo Essentielle

FlowerbyKenzo Essentielle
FlowerbyKenzo Essentielle


Kenzo’s newest take on its classic FLOWERBYKENZO is the sensual and powdery FLOWERBYKENZO ESSENTIELLE (.8 oz $58.00, 1.5 oz $75.00, 2.5 oz 92.00).

This sexy scent is classified as a sensual floral and is perfect for the colder weather of the fall. The scent is described as:

“A tribute to FLOWERBYKENZO, streamlined and presented through its most emblematic notes. Beginning with a floral accord, essence and absolute of rosa damascena and absolute of jasmine unfold into a powdery accord made up of a unique combination of sensual musks and absolute of vanilla. Finally, incense of the purest distinction, black pepper and pink berries complete FLOWERBYKENZO ESSENTIELLE with a vibrant finish.”

I enjoy the bright rose and jasmine top notes and the sultry musk, incense and black pepper that give the powdery finish a kick. This is an unusual fragrance that would be nice for a night out, or in with the right person!

Visit www.kenzousa.comto learn more about this and other Kenzo scents. Enjoy!

Kenzo’s Unidentified Fragrance Object

Unidentified Fragrance Object
Unidentified Fragrance Object

KENZO, one of my favorite perfume companies, has come out with a warm and sensuous new fragrance that is great for the cooler temperatures of the fall.

But Unidentified Fragrance Object ($188.00 1.4 oz)  is not your usual perfume. Kenzo has teamed with designer Ron Arad, having Arad design a unique bottle for the fragrance that is currently on display at the Museum of Modern Art in New York City.  Since each individual bottle is hand-polished, only 1000 units will be produced for the United States. It is only available at Bergdorf Goodman and starting in August 2009. 

The fragrance breaks with industry codes; rejecting the traditional olfactory pyramid and instead balancing between a powerful heart, “the marble accord” and four natural raw ingredients.  The ingredients are Bulgarian Rose, Vanilla, Orange Blossom and Frankincense.

This is a very strong scent that would work well for going out. When I spray it on, all of the ingredients meld together to make a spicy and sweet scent. The Frankincense over-powers the other scents, but I can still pick out the Vanilla, Orange Blossom and even a bit of the Rose.

If you would like to purchase this unique scent in this work-of -art bottle, visit Enjoy!

Try Kenzo’s Ryoko Portable Fragrances for Summer Travels

L'euaparKenzo Ryoko
L'eauparKenzo Ryoko
Kenzo has some of the freshest fragrances I have tried. So I was excited to find that they have created the perfect fragrance product for travel, Ryoko. Ryoko means travel in Japanese and Kenzo takes fragrance into uncharted territory with this airline-friendly, pocket sized nomad spray.
The Ryoko ($29.00 .7oz) comes in 5 of Kenzo’s most recognized perfumes; L’eauparKenzo, FlowerbyKenzo and KenzoAmour for women plus Kenzo Homme and L’euaparKenzo Homme. They are housed in a little pebble sized spray bottle that comes suspended in a cube. It is very cute and portable. Stash it in your purse and go! 
I was able to try the fresh, aquatic scent of L’eauparKenzo Ryoko. This Kenzo classic includes notes of lotus flower, frosted mint and pink pepper. It is soft, with a hint of spice.
If a floral is more your style, try the FlowerbyKenzo Ryoko which has notes of bulgarian rose, parma violet and white musk. Like a sultrier scent? Go for the KenzoAmour Ryoko with notes of gentle rice, musk and frangipani blossom.
Visit the Kenzo website at www.kenzousa.comor to purchase.  Have a great trip!       

L’eauparkenzo eau indigo

Kenzo has recently released a summer version of their popular L’eauparkenzo fragrances for men and women. The website describes these, “As night falls, L’eau par Kenzo becomes Eau Indigo, a pair of sensual fragrances for him and her inspired by the seductive dance of color and scent as dusk sets on water. Fresh, zesty notes unfold into a sensual base built around an amber note. L’eau par Kenzo eau Indigo captures the moment when twilight skims over water’s surface and the heat of the day tangos with chilly whispers of the night, releasing a unique scent suggestive of the possibility and adventure yet to come.”

These are very seductive, evening scents. The bottles are curved like waves and fit together. The man’s bottle is a dark blue and the women’s a deep purple.

L’eauparkenzo Eau Indigo ($55.00 USD) — The women’s scent is very warm and spicy. It is a great summer evening scent because it is glamorous and sultry. The notes are:

Top notes — bergamot essence and mandarin essence, Heart notes — sambac jasmine absolut, orange blossom absolut, and ylang ylang essence, Base notes — tonka bean absolut, amber note

L’eauparkenzo Eau Homme Indigo ($55.00 USD) — It’s interesting to me that the man’s fragrance seems lighter and fruitier than the women’s. It has a sultry base note of amber and tonka bean, but is fresher than the ultra-spicy woman’s scent.

An explosive zesty facet — ginger notes with gourmand and lemony hints, fresh spicy notes of coriander and elemi. A sensual woody facet — vibrant woody notes of vetiver and cedar,  sensual amber notes of labdanum and tonka bean

You can learn more about this fab pair of fragrances at and find a retailer near you.