Kenzo Homme Woody EDT


Kenzo Homme Woody EDT

 Looking for a sexy Fall scent for your favorite man? One of my favorite fragrance companies, Kenzo, has released a perfect men’s cologne for the season, Kenzo Homme Woody ($72.00 USD 3.4 oz, $54.00 USD 1.7 oz).

The Kenzo website describes this scent as, ” An aromatic woody fragrance with an intense and vibrant trail. The energy of fresh, fusing leaves, mint and basil, mingles with the power of woody notes of vetiver and Atlas cedar. The fragrance of a free spirit who draws his strength from nature, between sky and earth.” The scent is:

-Woody, aromatic
-Recommended for both day and night wear
-Atlas cedar base blends with black pepper and mint

What I (and my husband) thought:  This is a very masculine scent, with a twist — it is not only woodsy, it has a refreshing kick to it. I also think that it is fresh enough to wear all year, not just in the Fall. 

Visit to purchase this scwent. Enjoy!

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