L’eauparkenzo eau indigo

Kenzo has recently released a summer version of their popular L’eauparkenzo fragrances for men and women. The website describes these, “As night falls, L’eau par Kenzo becomes Eau Indigo, a pair of sensual fragrances for him and her inspired by the seductive dance of color and scent as dusk sets on water. Fresh, zesty notes unfold into a sensual base built around an amber note. L’eau par Kenzo eau Indigo captures the moment when twilight skims over water’s surface and the heat of the day tangos with chilly whispers of the night, releasing a unique scent suggestive of the possibility and adventure yet to come.”

These are very seductive, evening scents. The bottles are curved like waves and fit together. The man’s bottle is a dark blue and the women’s a deep purple.

L’eauparkenzo Eau Indigo ($55.00 USD) — The women’s scent is very warm and spicy. It is a great summer evening scent because it is glamorous and sultry. The notes are:

Top notes — bergamot essence and mandarin essence, Heart notes — sambac jasmine absolut, orange blossom absolut, and ylang ylang essence, Base notes — tonka bean absolut, amber note

L’eauparkenzo Eau Homme Indigo ($55.00 USD) — It’s interesting to me that the man’s fragrance seems lighter and fruitier than the women’s. It has a sultry base note of amber and tonka bean, but is fresher than the ultra-spicy woman’s scent.

An explosive zesty facet — ginger notes with gourmand and lemony hints, fresh spicy notes of coriander and elemi. A sensual woody facet — vibrant woody notes of vetiver and cedar,  sensual amber notes of labdanum and tonka bean

You can learn more about this fab pair of fragrances at www.kenzousa.com and find a retailer near you.

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