Try Kenzo’s Ryoko Portable Fragrances for Summer Travels

L'euaparKenzo Ryoko
L'eauparKenzo Ryoko
Kenzo has some of the freshest fragrances I have tried. So I was excited to find that they have created the perfect fragrance product for travel, Ryoko. Ryoko means travel in Japanese and Kenzo takes fragrance into uncharted territory with this airline-friendly, pocket sized nomad spray.
The Ryoko ($29.00 .7oz) comes in 5 of Kenzo’s most recognized perfumes; L’eauparKenzo, FlowerbyKenzo and KenzoAmour for women plus Kenzo Homme and L’euaparKenzo Homme. They are housed in a little pebble sized spray bottle that comes suspended in a cube. It is very cute and portable. Stash it in your purse and go! 
I was able to try the fresh, aquatic scent of L’eauparKenzo Ryoko. This Kenzo classic includes notes of lotus flower, frosted mint and pink pepper. It is soft, with a hint of spice.
If a floral is more your style, try the FlowerbyKenzo Ryoko which has notes of bulgarian rose, parma violet and white musk. Like a sultrier scent? Go for the KenzoAmour Ryoko with notes of gentle rice, musk and frangipani blossom.
Visit the Kenzo website at www.kenzousa.comor to purchase.  Have a great trip!