Seeing Wrinkles? Try La Roche-Posay’s Redermic [C] Eyes

La Roche-Posay Redermic [C] Eyes
La Roche-Posay Redermic [C] Eyes
I was recently chosen as La Roche-Posay’s Blogger of the Month For September.  How exciting!

La Roche-Posay asked me to chose an item to review and I chose Redermic [C] Eyes ($44.99).  As a lady in my forties, taking care of my eye area is so important.  Not only are the eyes the windows to your soul, they give people a peek into your age!

The claim for Redermic [C] Eyes is that it plumps, fills* and visibly reduces crow’s feet wrinkles. Suitable for sensitive skin.  The benefits are:

  • With 0.1% fragmented hyaluronic acid to visibly plump skin
  • Non-greasy, velvety texture
  • Use as a daily moisturizer to treat crow’s feet wrinkles and improve firmness
  • Immediate blurring effect on uneven skin tone
  • Suitable for sensitive skin

What I think:  This is a really special eye cream.  Right after applying around my eye area, the skin look smoother, glowing and much younger.  I pat it in under my eye, around the side and under the brow bone. As I have been using it for a few weeks, I really do notice an improvement of the texture of my skin.  No crows feet, yay!

I highly recommend this eye cream and the La Roche-Posay brand!  Check out their Facebook page and their website


Korres Quercetin and Oak Instant Lift Age-reversing Eye Cream


Korres Quercetin and Oak Instant Lift Age-reversing Eye Cream

Is eye cream an integral step in your skin care routine? It is for me. I use eye cream around my entire eye in the morning and night. It makes a huge difference in helping me look younger. When I skip this step, after a few days my eyes begin to look tired.     

So I am always looking for a new eye cream to perk up my peepers. Korres Quercetin and Oak Instant Lift Age-reversing Eye Cream ($42.00 USD) is a great one to try.  

The info: Based on Nobel Award-Winning research, Patent-Pending Quercetin&Oak Instant Lift Eye cream is clinically proven to reverse the signs of aging – where you need it most. Revolutionary technology stimulates cell growth and protein synthesis to dramatically reduce eye wrinkles, significantly increase skin elasticity and reduce puffiness and dark circles.  Skin is instantly lifted, rejuvenated and returned to its youthful state.  

Clinical Results show:
·        97% saw a reduction in wrinkles
·        97% saw visibly firmer skin
·        94% saw a reduction in eye puffiness
·        84% saw a reduction in dark circles
·        100% saw improved skin texture
What I think:  This is an exceptional cream that is priced well for what it does. This is creamy, but not greasy, and feels great!  I notice that the skin around my eyes looks tighter and smoother immediately after use, and after using for a few weeks my eyes looks much younger. So nice!  

Visit to learn more and to purchase this great eye cream!

Belle De Jour Angel Eyes by Kenzo

Belle De Jour Angel Eyes

Let’s face it: as we age our eyes are one of the first places to show it. Our lids get droopy, crepey and then there are those dreaded crows feet. Yuck! But luckily, there are many eye lotus and creams to help lessen the wrinkly eye burden that we all must eventually face. My favorite new eye creme is Belle De Jour Angel Eyes ($70.00 USD). It claims to repair and revive skin around the eye contour. The key ingredient, white lotus reduces the stress-inducing hormone cortisol and protects skin from free radicals. All in all, Angel Eyes claims to “enhance the natural beauty of the eyes by restoring natural balance to the skin. The eye contour is left smoothed and regenerated, erasing dark circles and bags beneath the eyes.” 

Wow, really? Wow indeed. I LOVE this eye cream. First, there’s the wonderful ritual of application. I place a pump of the eye cream on the tip of the included brush and dab it under on my eyes and on my upper lid. I then flip over the brush and gently sweep the cream outwards until it is blended in. Right away, I see a difference. My eyes look more awake and well rested. I don’t have many line, but my upper lids are getting a little crepey and my lids are drooping a bit. Sweeping the cream up and out opens my eyes right up. I have been using it morning and night and I really see a difference.   

You can learn more and purchase this fantastic cream at Enjoy!   


EnPointe Skin Solutions

I always enjoy bringing you, my discriminating readers, new ways to take care of your skin and maybe even help you look a little younger! I recently discovered EnPointe Skin Solutions, a line created by plastic surgeon, and former dancer, Dr. Cristine Rodgers. Dr. Rodgers has this to say on her website:

“As a plastic surgeon for over 20 years, I have had the pleasure of meeting inspirational women through my work and my love affair with dance. Many of these women have been my patients and colleagues. Others I befriended when I laced up my dancing shoes to help heal my body and spirit during my battle with breast cancer. These extraordinary women inspired me to develop EnPointe Skin Solutions, a luxurious skincare line that I formulated to address the skin concerns of women.”
~ Dr. Christine Rodgers

The website also states that the products “are formulated with natural botanicals, active extracts and a proprietary anti-aging complex to nurture and rejuvenate stressed skin. They help fight against environmental damage, hormonal effects and pre-mature aging of the skin. The result- beautiful balanced skin with a natural, healthy glow.”

I tried samples of the following three products:

Encore Renewal Serum ($85.00 USD 1 oz) — This products includes natural brighteners, powerful anti-inflammatories and anti-oxidants to help decrease melanin production, reduce pigmentation and minimize the appearance of age spots. Formulated with Dr. Rodgers’ proprietary Bio-Energy Complex to smooth, hydrate, and promote radiant skin.  This serum is safe for all skin types and ethnicities and is paraben-free.

Fouette Firming Moisturizer ($85.00 USD 1 oz) — This fragrant moisturizer delivers intense moisture, helps stimulate collagen production and helps create a barrier against cellular damage from environmental and free-radical damage. Formulated with Dr. Rodgers’ proprietary Bio-Energy Complex to rejuvenate, tone and diminish the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. Paraben-free. 

Pas de Trois Age Delay Eye Solution ($75.00 USD .5 oz) — This powerful blend of moisturizers, anti-inflammatories and antioxidants is a triple threat against the signs of aging. Shea Butter and Almond, Coconut and Olive oils provide maximum moisture. A combination of the latest peptides and botanicals helps deliver instant lift and diminish the appearance of fine lines. A trio of specialized ingredients works together to reduce puffiness, dark circles and wrinkles.

I used these products for a couple of days and have to say that the serum and moisturizer are very thick and concentrated and should only be used at night or on very dry skin. When I applied them it felt like I was coating my skin with product, and some was still on my face in the morning.

The product that I really like is the eye solution. It is creamy, not greasy and can be used day or night. It smoothed the skin under my eye and feels wonderful on.

Visit the website at to learn more about and to purchase these products.

Avon liiv botanicals

Avon has been around a very long time and is continuously coming out with fun new products that are accessible to almost everyone.
Recently, Avon has launched a new line of skincare products called liiv botanicals. This line boasts “Plant Essence Technology  which captures active plant extracts to deliver rejuvenating benefits directly to the skin.” These products are fragrance-free, preservative-free and dye-free. This makes them ideal for sensitive skin (like mine). 
liiv botanicals Vital Day Cream with SPF 20 ($15.00 1.7 fl. oz).  The claim is that this, “nourishing formula with natural plant extracts protects skin from harmful UV rays, stress and the environment. After 1 day of use, skin is noticeably fresher and smoother. In just 3 days, skin reveals a healthier clarity and improved texture and tone.”
In the morning and night, I slather this cream all over my face and it absorbs quickly, leaving my skin very soft. I have noticed that since I have been using it, my skin does look more even and has a nice glow to it. Another plus is that since it does absorb so quickly, you can apply makeup just a few minutes after rubbing in the cream. And, I can’t say enough about the importance of SPF in your day cream!
liiv botanicals Vitalizing Eye Cream with SPF 15 ($12.00 5 fl. oz). Claims that in just 2 weeks the appearance of fine lines & wrinkles will diminish, and it will minimize bags and tighten the under eye area. In 4 weeks it claims to reduce under eye circles and firm up skin. 
I have been using these products for about 3 weeks now and my under eye area does look smoother. My dark circles are a bit lighter and my bags are gone! This also has an SPF. I don’t know if it is as vital to have SPF with your eye cream, but it is nice.
All in all, I think this is a very nice line for the price. It is affordable for almost all budgets and the natural ingredients are great for the skin. Check out this line and others at or talk to that awesome Avon Lady that you know…   

Sea Results Line Menders from H2O+

H2O+ Sea Results Line Mender
H2O+ Sea Results Line Mender

The Sea Results Collection from H2O+ claims to, “visibly rewind signs of aging with firming phospholipids and restorative sea nutrients.” The Sea Resulsts Line Mender cream and Sea Results Eye Mender Plus also claim to improve the quality of aging skin in 28 days.

The H2O+ website,, also touts these statistics concerning the Sea Results Line Mender cream ($54.00 USD),  “Over 28 days of continued daily use, 97% of those participating in a consumer panel test reported their skin to be more richly hydrated and 95% noticed smoother, more even skin texture. There was a 22% decrease in wrinkle depth and 19% increase in firmness over that same period of time. In addition to softening dermal creases and refining skin texture, this multi-tasking formula also provides antioxidant protection to help reduce the effects of free radical induced damage. ”

H2O+ Sea Results Eye Mender Plus
H2O+ Sea Results Eye Mender Plus

People who participated in a consumer panel test of the Sea Results Eye Mender Plus ($36.00 USD) reported that after a period of 28 days of continued daily use, a 47% decrease in wrinkle depth, a 24% reduction in puffiness and 19% increase in firmness was observed.

I have been using these products for approximately 28 days and I have to say that my skin looks clearer, it is softer and firmer and my eyes look less puffy. My lines on my forehead are a little less noticeable. I think that if I use it a month or two longer, they will be even smoother.

I really do love this cream. It absorbs quickly and can be worn under makeup. That is a big plus for me as I have little time in the morning to get ready for work. The eye cream is thicker, but also absorbs fairly fast. Also, they both smell really great. They have a lighter version of the H2O Spa scent.    

My verdict? The price is a bit high, but the quality is excellent. I definitely recommend this line!