Sea Results Line Menders from H2O+

H2O+ Sea Results Line Mender
H2O+ Sea Results Line Mender

The Sea Results Collection from H2O+ claims to, “visibly rewind signs of aging with firming phospholipids and restorative sea nutrients.” The Sea Resulsts Line Mender cream and Sea Results Eye Mender Plus also claim to improve the quality of aging skin in 28 days.

The H2O+ website,, also touts these statistics concerning the Sea Results Line Mender cream ($54.00 USD),  “Over 28 days of continued daily use, 97% of those participating in a consumer panel test reported their skin to be more richly hydrated and 95% noticed smoother, more even skin texture. There was a 22% decrease in wrinkle depth and 19% increase in firmness over that same period of time. In addition to softening dermal creases and refining skin texture, this multi-tasking formula also provides antioxidant protection to help reduce the effects of free radical induced damage. ”

H2O+ Sea Results Eye Mender Plus
H2O+ Sea Results Eye Mender Plus

People who participated in a consumer panel test of the Sea Results Eye Mender Plus ($36.00 USD) reported that after a period of 28 days of continued daily use, a 47% decrease in wrinkle depth, a 24% reduction in puffiness and 19% increase in firmness was observed.

I have been using these products for approximately 28 days and I have to say that my skin looks clearer, it is softer and firmer and my eyes look less puffy. My lines on my forehead are a little less noticeable. I think that if I use it a month or two longer, they will be even smoother.

I really do love this cream. It absorbs quickly and can be worn under makeup. That is a big plus for me as I have little time in the morning to get ready for work. The eye cream is thicker, but also absorbs fairly fast. Also, they both smell really great. They have a lighter version of the H2O Spa scent.    

My verdict? The price is a bit high, but the quality is excellent. I definitely recommend this line!

Fresh Soy Face Cream

Fresh Soy Face Cream
Fresh Soy Face Cream

I’m always looking for a quality face cream that will make me look youthful and dewy. When I received a sample of Fresh Soy Face Cream ($42.00 USD at Sephora), I thought this sounded like just the thing.  

This moisturizer is “enriched with natural protective soy proteins, restorative rose water, soothing cucumber extract, nourishing meadowfoam, and jojoba seed oils that work together to provide moisture and promote collagen synthesis. It hydrates and renews the skin, creating supple, healthy, firm, radiant results.”

And guess what? It does all of that. My skin glows right after using and looks very smooth and young. The only thing is…the smell.

It has a very strong scent. Very strong. You can really smell the rose water and cucumber. With a natural product like this, you are going to smell the ingredients. It is not a bad fragrance at all, but if you are sensitive to scent, I wouldn’t invest in this product.

But, if you love all things natural and especially if you love rose; I would definitely recommend this cream. It is very a high quality product and will make your face look smooth and lovely almost immediately.    

What else you need to know (from the Sephora Website):
Soy Face Cream has been scientifically proven to have significant, long-term moisturizing and restorative effects on the skin. A healthy dose of antioxidant-rich tea complex and an infusion of vitamins A, C, and E make this skin-smoothing formula exceptionally fortifying and beneficial. For best results, use it as a complement to the Fresh Soy Face Cleanser.