Color Your Hair Your Perfect Shade With Madison Reed

Madison Reed

The Madison Reed Color Kit ($24.95 USD) — Long-lasting, luxurious, color that looks and feels healthy. 100% gray coverage. Free from: PPD, phthalates, ammonia, resorcinol, parabens & gluten. Nutrient-rich with keratin, argan oil, and ginseng root. Thick cream color that smells great, no drips, no mess. Expert colorists available for free consultations. You do a quiz on the website to find your best color match. The kit includes:

Customized Instructions -All the information you need in 10 steps or less. Our color crew is on call by phone, email, or chat if you have questions or need expert advice along the way.

Barrier Cream – Keeps your ears, forehead, and neck color-free.

Cleansing Wipe – An easy way to clean up any unwanted color.

Radiant Cream Color – Rich with nutrients like argan oil, keratin, and ginseng root to strengthen and protect hair while delivering radiant, multi-dimensional color. Free from ammonia, resorcinol, PPD, parabens, and gluten.

Conditioning Color Activator – Formulated for longer-lasting color and easy application. The bottle comes with a screw off cap and tip to make mixing and applying color simple and tidy.

Protective Cap – Keeps your color in place until you are ready to rinse.

Gloves – Two pairs of gloves. One pair to apply color and another fresh pair for when you are ready to rinse it out.

Color Enhancing Shampoo and Conditioner – Rich with nutrients and free from sulfates, parabens, and gluten, our shampoo and conditioner locks in your color and creates long-lasting shine

What I think:  This is such a luxurious kit!  You open it up and all of the products are nestled inside.  Purchasing a drugstore kit does not get you the barrier cream, wipe, cap and two pairs of gloves!  And I use all of those things.  After coloring, my skin has not been stained and I am good to go!

The color itself has a very light odor, which is good.  It is easy to mix and apply. The color I received for review was Bolzano Brown – 4NMG.  Dark mahogany brown with hints of gold.  It was pretty, but I didn’t really see mahogany or gold, just a deep, dark brown.  And it lasted a few weeks, but I can see the gray at my temples again.  I left it on for a little longer than it suggested, too because my gray are stubborn.

I think this is a very nice kit, if a little spendy.  Maybe it’s best for those who do not need to cover a lot of gray.

Purchase at Have you tried Madison Reed products?  Leave a comment and let me know!



Get Creative With Your Summer Hair and Nails!

How’s your summer going?  Mine is hot, hot, hot!  Do you have your summer look down yet?  I’m still experimenting with makeup, hair and nails (as always)!

You can use these fun hair and nail products below to put the finishing touches on your summer look.

Colour Bunz
Colour Bunz

Colour Bunz ($19.99 a box) — Introducing Colour Bunz, one-of-a-kind hair coloring product that reinvents the traditional process and offers a cost-effective, comfortable, effective and fun way to color hair. The videos also demonstrate color placement and application tips. Colour Bunz enables an at-home coloring process that is weightless and pain-free, and eliminates all possibility of color running or drying out. In addition to use at home with professional results, Colour Bunz can be used by professionals in salons as a fun, new technique to color hair other than using foils. Those looking to revamp their hair style can do so easily, save money, and in a comfortable manner. The product is environmentally friendly and puts a huge dent in the waste from the foils that take over landfills all over the world.

Available at

Mia Beauty’s Flashion Flowers
Mia Beauty’s Flashion Flowers

Mia Beauty’s Flashion Flowers ($19.99 USD) — This summer, dress up any outfit with a little light! Take the floral halo trend in a bright new direction with Mia Beauty’s new Flashion Flowers, now available at ULTA, Claire’s and Icing stores.  The Flashion Flowers are threaded with an LED light and small battery pack hidden in the leaf design. Simply remove the plastic pull tab and press the leaf to change the lighted flowers from fast flashing lights to slow flashing lights, to constant light.

Available at

Mia Beauty Tony Ties
Mia Beauty Tony Ties

Mia Beauty Tony Ties ($6 USD for a pack of solid color ties) — Sleek, functional, and great for a quick ponytail. These no-tug hair ties are comfortable and will not leave a crease in hair. Wear them as bracelets to ensure that you always have a hair tie when you need one. 6 fashionable hair ties in each pack.

Available online via

Salon Perfect Neon POP
Salon Perfect Neon POP

Salon Perfect Neon POP ($3.98 each) — Neon nails are the it manicure look for summer with eye-dazzling digits ruling from the catwalk to the boardwalk. Let your fingertips feel the energy of a high-voltage shade with Neon POP, a new collection of vibrant, neon lacquers from Salon Perfect®. Whether you’re just dabbling in a highlighter bright hue or living the full-on Technicolor dream, these 12 bright and bold neon shades will POP out from the rest.

The Salon Perfect® Neon POP collection features:

• Flamingo Flair – Neon flamingo pink

• Electric Grape – Glitter-charged electric purple

• Perky Pink – Bubbly bright pink

• Tickled Pink – Neon bubblegum pink

• Traffic Cone – Neon orange

• Yowza Yellow – Highlighter yellow

• Summer Escape – Blazing sunny orange

• Oceanic – Bright blue with a jolt of glitter

• Haute Pink – Scorching hot pink

• Gone Sailing – Energizing sea green shimmer

• Loopy Lime – Luminous lime green

• Fired Up Fuchsia – Flashy fuchsia shimmer

• Sugar Cube – bright white crème (Insider Tip: Use as a base color to make neon shades really POP.)

• Crystal Clear – Clear top coat for a glossy finish

Available this July exclusively at Walmart


Color Your Hair Safely With Surya Brasil Henna Cream

Surya Brasil Henna Cream ($11.99 USD) is renowned as the #1 selling semi-permanent hair coloring system in Brazil.  It comes in 15 exciting shades that will last up to seven to ten washes!

Henna Cream is touted as the safest way to color your hair and can be used on chemically treated and color treated hair. Packed with essential oils, this Henna Cream will keep your hair structure intact as it locks in moisture and leaves your hair smelling deliciously fresh!

What I think:  The first thing I noticed when I colored my hair was the scent.  It is light and herbal, but not chemical smelling AT ALL.  Seriously.  I also liked how easy it was to use.  There was no combining products — this is just one liquid that you apply with gloves that are included.  It took a little bit to get used to because it dripped a bit, but once you rub it in, it stays put.  The product also includes a plastic hair cap to use while you are waiting for the color to work.  Nice!

My results were pretty good.  The color is great.  I use dark brown which matched my natural color.  It covered well, but a few of my grays are still showing.  But, for a natural hair color, it works very well.

Availability: Whole Foods Market nationwide.  Enjoy!

The John Frieda Hare Care At Home Hair Colour Challenge

Myself, friends and readers have recently taken part in a John Frieda Hare Care At Home Hair Colour Challenge by using the new John Frieda Precision Foam Color ($12.99 USD).

Easy to apply, the non-aerosol foam formula spreads evenly through hair, saturating every strand completely—even the back of the head, roots and hairline. The 20-shade palette collection was developed in conjunction with the John Frieda® Creative Colour Director, and sought-after U.K. colourist, Nicola Clarke, who is responsible for some of the most iconic hair colours in Hollywood. With an array of options for blondes, brunettes and redheads, the collection brings a salon shade spectrum home.No mess, no drips,no stains—just gorgeous hair from every angle. The revolutionary colour even provides 100% grey coverage and vibrant shine with long-lasting results, offering salon precision at home.

HOW TO USE:Squeeze the center of the bottle to dispense foam into a gloved hand and apply directly to hair. Simply massage foam into hair with fingertips to thoroughly cover each strand from root to tip. The foam easily coats even the most hard-to-reach areas, including the back of the head. Let stand for 20 minutes (30 minute for grey coverage) and rinse with lukewarm water until water runs clear. Apply conditioner and leave in for 2-5 minutes before rinsing.

WHAT’S THE VERDICT?:  I like this color because it is easy to use and doesn’t have a strong chemical smell.  I tried Dark Red Brown and it covered my grays well, but I didn’t get much red in my dark brown, but it was shiny and pretty.  I don’t have a photo up because I didn’t get a chance to take my after photo, my grays popped up after a few weeks (I procrastinated).

My daughter Hannah had reddish blonde hair before coloring and wanted to go more blonde so she chose Dark Golden Blonde.  It turned out almost exactly like her hair was before — not much change.  Marissa went from a golden blonde to Dark Natural Brown and it looked fab, quite a difference!

Bridget tried Medium Chocolate Brown and it covered her gray well.  She loved how soft her hair was afterwards and how great it made her feel to get her color back.

We all had different experiences with this color, but I think it is a quality home hair color and worth a try!

WHERE TO FIND IT: Food, drug and mass retailers nationwide.

Brighten Your Hair With Clairol Natural Instincts Vibrant

Clairol Natural Instincts Vibrant

Do you know that besides the physical benefits of coloring hair, freshly colored hair can do a lot to a womans self-esteem? Clairol has recently held a survey regarding the emotional benefits of coloring hair. The survey reveals 93% of women who color their hair agree their day instantly improves directly after coloring. Women feel confident and on top of the world with freshly colored hair, but as color starts to fade, their confidence and mood drop. This cycle of emotional ups and downs can be described as a “hair color rollercoaster.”

Now Natural Instincts with new Week 2 Color Refresher has a solution to love. The Week 2 Color Refresher replenishes the tones your hair color loses first and can simply be applied two weeks after coloring to give hair a color boost.

The color boost is included in the traditional Natural Instincts demi-permanent as well as the new permanent Vibrant formula. Now you can get up to 8 weeks of vibrant, healthy-looking hair color from Natural Instincts. New Natural Instincts Vibrant is a 10-minute formula that delivers stunning color with 100% gray coverage.

What I think:  I have used Natural Instincts before and liked it, but because it is semi-permanent, the gray coverage never lasted long.  The vibrant color is permanent and so lasts a very long time. I also love the idea of the color boost.  I applied it after two weeks and my hair appeared brighter and my color looked fresher. Awesome!

Natural Instincts is available at mass market retailers near you. Enjoy!

Clairol Nice ‘n Easy Color Blend Foam

Clairol Nice ‘n Easy Color Blend Foam

I usually cover my grays at home. Of course it is much less expensive than going to a salon, but these days new formulas make it fairly easy, too!

This year, Clairol Nice ‘n Easy is making this even easier for women who color at-home with a new formula.  Nice ‘n Easy Color Blend Foam ($8.00 USD) offers women a breakthrough usage experience, alleviating many of the application burdens associated with at-home hair color while maintaining the same dimensional color result they know and love from Nice ‘n Easy.   This new, easy-to-apply hair color formula begins as a liquid, then applies as a foam. And it puts dimensional hair color right at your fingertips

Like traditional colorants, the tint and developer come separately in liquid form, but they mix and combine easily in the custom-designed foamer bottle. To produce the foam, simply shake the mixture with the cap on. Then using the foamer top, squeeze the foam into your gloved hand. The unique foamer bottle helps ensure control and consistency of the foam throughout the coloring process. When you squeeze it from the bottle, it stays in your gloved hand without dripping. Then simply use your fingertips to work it into your hair for ultimate precision.

Color Blend Foam gives you six times more product volume versus a traditional liquid or crème colorant, offering effortless and complete coverage. With Color Blend Foam, it’s easy to cover every strand over your entire head. Once it is applied to your hair, your hair’s natural oils collapse the foam. The resulting liquid is drawn through the hairs, allowing the color to penetrate hair quickly and evenly from root to tip. Color Blend Foam will not begin to collapse until it’s applied to your hair.

I really liked using this formula. Once I combined the tint and developer, I shook it up, then squeezed the bottle and the foam appeared I then applied it first to my scalp and then all over with my gloved hands. It was very fast and easy. I then wiped the excess away from my hairline and temples and it stayed in place for the 25 minutes it took to develop. After I rinsed it out and dried my hair, I was left with a rich color that entirely covered my grays!

You can purchase this fab hair color at a drugstore or mass market retailer near you. Enjoy!  

U Color by Umberto Beverly Hills

Yes, I am very cheap. Ever since I moved to Kansas City from Portland, OR (and left my friend and hair stylist), I have been coloring my own hair. I realized fast that without my half-off friend discount, salon color and highlights are very expensive. So I am always looking for an effective way to color my grays.

Umberto Beverly Hills U Color Italian Demi Color ($12.00) is the all-in-one color, developer and equalizer in a sachet packet system ready-to-apply directly to hair. Available in 12 hair color shades.
Kit includes:

  • 2 Sachet Packets, each with Color, Developer and Equalizer
  • Latex Gloves
  • Mini Detail Brush
  • Illustrated InstructionsThis hair color is so easy to use. Fold the packet so that color is sandwiched between the developer and equalizer. SNIP (cut along the dotted line), SQUEEZE (directly onto dry hair), SMOOSH (as if you were shampooing)! Distribute evenly through hair, process for 25 minutes. Rinse, shampoo, and condition as usual. You can also use the traditional bottle or bowl methods.
  • What I think: The shades seem to come out a bit darker than what’s in the package. I tried the Light Chestnut Brown which matched my dark brown hair well and my teenage daughter colored her strawberry blond hair Light Copper Gold and it turned out a bright Auburn. It is a very pretty color that is even all over.
    I think that this is a great bargain for the quality. Try it, your hair will look gorgeous!

    L’Oreal Paris Root Rescue 10 Minute Root Coloring Kit


    L'Oreal Paris Root Rescue 10 Minute Root Coloring Kit

    Root coloring kits are so wonderful because they cover the gray (making me feel better) in only 10 minutes! Also, using color only at the crown instead of all over is so much better for the hair! 

    The latest kit I tried is the L’Oréal Paris Root Rescue 10 Minute Root Coloring Kit ( $7.99 USD). The description of this product is:

    Do more than touch up your roots – rescue them. Introducing the next generation in the root touch-up market that merges color with care and convenience. With a breakthrough applicator, guaranteed shade matching and a conditioning formula, covering grays and roots has never been so precise or easy. Just mix and color your way to seamless coverage – all in just 10 minutes. Featuring a unique conditioning low-ammonia formulation that rescues strands with a revolutionary, flow-through, self-contained root applicator brush, eliminate the mess associated with the standard at-home color bowl and brush. The ultra-caring color gel pampers every strand as it covers every root with seamless, shade matching color. Available in 12 shades.

    What I think: I have dark brown hair that really shows the grays. My color is Dark Brown #4 and it matched perfectly with my hair color. Plus 10 minutes was just enough time to completely cover the grays while looking natural. The applicator brush worked pretty well, but it was kind of bulky and hard to get in the roots. I had to wriggle it in there. But since the coverage was great, it worked out okay in the end!

    You can purchase this kit at drugstores and mass market retailers near you. Enjoy!

    Want to Cover the Grays Naturally? Try Clairol Natural Instincts

    Natural Instincts' Golden Cappuccino
    Natural Instincts' Golden Cappuccino


    For my last review in my hair-stravaganza week, I decided to review a home hair color. In this crazy economical climate, I need to cut at lease a few corners when it comes to beauty. Clairol, a leader in the home hair color arena, is a good one to try.

    A few weeks back, I attended a webinar on home hair color featuring Clairol’s Natural Instincts (approximately $9.49 USD). It touted Natural Instincts non-permanent, ammonia free color as a healthy alternative to harsher products. The color lasts through 28 shampoos and is gentle enough to be used once a month.

    Something interesting that was featured on the webinar is that you can use a shade that is lighter than your natural hair color, and it won’t change the color, but enhance it.

    So far I have tried Golden Cappuccino from the Golden Shimmer collection. It is a dark golden brown that is very pretty. It gave my hair a warm, golden tint. Next I am going to try Clove, a medium ash brown. It’s a very pretty cool color that will add a different hue to my hair.

    To check out the different colors and types of Natural Instincts as well as other Clairol hair color, visit the website at