Brighten Your Hair With Clairol Natural Instincts Vibrant

Clairol Natural Instincts Vibrant

Do you know that besides the physical benefits of coloring hair, freshly colored hair can do a lot to a womans self-esteem? Clairol has recently held a survey regarding the emotional benefits of coloring hair. The survey reveals 93% of women who color their hair agree their day instantly improves directly after coloring. Women feel confident and on top of the world with freshly colored hair, but as color starts to fade, their confidence and mood drop. This cycle of emotional ups and downs can be described as a “hair color rollercoaster.”

Now Natural Instincts with new Week 2 Color Refresher has a solution to love. The Week 2 Color Refresher replenishes the tones your hair color loses first and can simply be applied two weeks after coloring to give hair a color boost.

The color boost is included in the traditional Natural Instincts demi-permanent as well as the new permanent Vibrant formula. Now you can get up to 8 weeks of vibrant, healthy-looking hair color from Natural Instincts. New Natural Instincts Vibrant is a 10-minute formula that delivers stunning color with 100% gray coverage.

What I think:  I have used Natural Instincts before and liked it, but because it is semi-permanent, the gray coverage never lasted long.  The vibrant color is permanent and so lasts a very long time. I also love the idea of the color boost.  I applied it after two weeks and my hair appeared brighter and my color looked fresher. Awesome!

Natural Instincts is available at mass market retailers near you. Enjoy!