My Beauty Favorites — Week of September 5-11, 2016

Hi all! This is the second week in a row that I’m late on my favorites post!  I’ve been busy and lazy — but I’m glad I’m getting it out!

It has been cooling down a bit in Kansas City, which is so nice.  It’s still in low 80’s high 70’s, but still — so much better that high 90’s!

This week I have been loving a hydrating mask, frizz-controlling shampoo and conditioner, and an empty palette that can be filled with pans of makeup to make your perfect palette!

Philosophy when hope is not enough replenishing leave-on gel-oil mask
Philosophy when hope is not enough replenishing leave-on gel-oil mask

Philosophy when hope is not enough replenishing leave-on gel-oil mask ($35 MSRP) — transform dry skin with deep, lasting moisture. our intensely hydrating gel-oil formula leaves depleted skin feeling nourished and comfortable, with a smoothed texture that appears naturally radiant and refreshed. 83% of women agreed skin felt supple, velvety soft and looked naturally luminous.

What I think: This is the perfect treatment to help restore summer skin and get it ready for the colder weather!  Just apply, leave on for 10 minutes and tissue off any excess product.  I then can leave it on and it soaks in and leaves my skin so soft!  I love using it overnight.  I wake up with glowing skin!

Purchase at

Surya Brasil Shampoo and Conditioner – Made with rich, organic ingredients from the Amazon, the Sapien Women Shampoo and Conditioner drench hair with intense moisture, shine and softness while controlling frizz. The shampoo does not contain sulfates. Fresh Coconut & Mango Scent.

Sapien Women Shampoo: $31.99

Sapien Women Conditioner: $26.59

What I think: These smell amazing! I love using any products that smells tropical. After using both products my hair is soft and frizz free.  I love that they are safe for my color treated hair and are natural and organic.

Available online via

Z Palette Mirror Z Palette
Z Palette Mirror Z Palette

Z Palette Mirror Z Palette ($25 USD) — The patent-pending Mirror Z Palette not only has the see-through clear window, but also features a high quality, pull-out mirror that attaches magnetically to the inside clear window. Metal Stickers included: 16pcs (8pc Round, 8pc Square)

What I think: This is such a cool product.  To use this, find color makeup that is in separate pots, or in a palette where you only use one or two of the colors.  Then take it out of the pot, affix an included magnetic sticker and arrange in the palette.  Then you can take anywhere!

My only issue is that I haven’t been successful in depoting the couple of makeup pots I’ve tried (and I’ve followed directions). But I am going to keep trying because I have so much makeup I keep in drawers and bins.  I would love to arrange them in one palette so they will get used!

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Try New Shampoos And Conditioners This Spring!

We are completely into spring now, with summer on it’s way.  And as it has been getting warmer (and more humid in Kansas City), my hair has been crying out for some TLC!

The products before really clean the hair and deeply moisturize it.  So important when going into summer.  I hope you find something to love and please leave a comment with your favorite warmer weather hair products!


Be HairWorks Set
Be HairWorks Set

Be HairWorks Set ($48 USD) — Be HairWorks is an innovative new product developed to remove product and mineral buildup from the hair. The only liquid formulation available on the market today, its unique formulation not only removes every day build-up caused from hairspray, gels, conditioners and shampoos, but also removes minerals. That’s important because minerals can block the effectiveness of all other hair care products. This set includes:

Be True Hair Purification — Be True is a gentle formula used to remove product and mineral build-up from the hair, purifying the hair back to its natural brilliance. DIRECTIONS: Wet hair thoroughly, work through hair using wide tooth comb or fingers. Leave in 5-10 min. Rinse.

Be Kind Cleanse — Be Kind is a moisturizing shampoo developed to kindly cleanse the hair. DIRECTIONS: After using Be True, lather and rinse.

Be Generous Deep Moisture Treatment — Be Generous was developed to generously add moisture, leaving the hair soft, shiny and lustrous. DIRECTIONS: After using Be Kind, work through hair with fingers or wide tooth comb. Leave in 5-10 min. Rinse.

What I think: This is an interesting concept, using three steps to get hair very clean and moisturized.  I haven’t used a system like this before.  And even though it is a bit of extra work, it really make my hair clean and so soft!  My hair was also so shiny.  Loved!

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Canyon Ranch Gentle Shampoo ($24 USD) — This sulfate-free shampoo gently and effectively cleanses without stripping hair of its natural oils. Chia seed oil is rich in alpha-linolenic acid to promote a healthy scalp and lustrous, youthful-looking hair.

Canyon Ranch Nourishing Conditioner (24 USD) — This silky conditioner locks in moisture to help restore strength and shine. Chia seed oil is rich in alpha-linolenic acid to promote a healthy scalp and lustrous, youthful-looking hair.

What I think:  Both of these products from this new line smell amazing!  I love the sleek design of the bottles, too.  Very luxe!  Plus, I am very happy how soft and shiny they leave my hair.  The shampoo cleans without stripping my hair, plus it’s sulfate-free so it doesn’t ruin my color. It is important to me to have manageable hair that is not frizzy, and the conditioner was moisturizing without weighing my hair down.

Purchase at

PHYTO Phytoneutre Clarifying Detox Shampoo ($24 USD): This detoxifying shampoo is enriched with eucalyptus oil to cleanse, refresh, and stimulate the scalp without stripping hair of essential moisture. It effectively eliminates product build-up that tends to weight hair down and dulling residues such as smoke, pollutants, and hard water minerals. When used weekly, hair is left soft, gleaming, and full of body.

PHYTO Huile Supreme ($40 at Sephora) — This rich, beautifying treatment oil that instantly absorbs into the hair while delivering deep down nutrition. The versatile formula can be used prior to blow drying or as a finishing touch to discipline thick and rebellious hair. Just a few drops creates perfectly defined curls, reduces excess volume, and provides instant nutrition and long-term repair. It delivers anti frizz protection, volume control, manageability, and curl definition, leaving hair smooth, shiny, and soft.

What I think:  Both of these products seem so luxe to me and have really helped my hair!  The Detox Shampoo is perfect for getting all of the crud out of my hair.  It cleans so nicely.  I like using it once or twice a week.  The Huile Supreme is a light oil that leaves hair soft and frizz-free. It is nice as a finishing oil.

Purchase at Sephora and

Surya Brasil Amazonia Preciosa Extra Gentle Ucuuba Hair Mask
Surya Brasil Amazonia Preciosa Extra Gentle Ucuuba Hair Mask

Surya Brasil Amazonia Preciosa Extra Gentle Ucuuba Hair Mask ($15.99 USD) — This 100% vegan, natural and organic Hair Mask certified by EcoCert® and created with Preciosa Essential Oil from the Amazon Rainforest, controls volume, hydrates, softens and shapes curls. It also strengthens hair, leaving it silky and more manageable

What I think:  I love this deep conditioning mask. I apply it after I wash my hair and leave it on for about 15 minutes. It leaves my hair so soft and frizz free. This has a spicy scent that isn’t too strong, but different than any hair product I have used.  It’s great to use a couple of times a week to keep hair looking bouncy and shiny!

Purchase at

My Beauty Favorites — Week of April 11-17, 2016

My favorites this week can be found in one shopping spot — Whole Foods.  But I am not talking about snacks, there are wonderful natural beauty products to be found there, too!

The next time you go to load up your cart, make sure to save some room for skin, and body care from Surya BrasilKensington Apothecary and Jeffrey James Botanicals:


Surya Brasil Sapien Women Shave Gel
Surya Brasil Sapien Women Shave Gel

Surya Brasil Sapien Women Shave Gel ($20.39 USD) — The eco friendly Sapien Women Shave Gel protects your skin while shaving. Its a natural and vegan product made with exotic organic Amazonian ingredients like Cupuaçu butter, Pracaxi oil*, Macadamia oil, Vitamin E to prevent drying and protect sensitive skin. Organic Aloe Vera juice and vegetable glycerin promote intense hydration.

What I think:  This has an fresh, almost citrusy scent.  It lathers well and gives a comfortable shave. And I love how smooth it makes my legs.  The natural ingredients moisturize so well!

Available at

Jeffrey James Botanicals The Crème
Jeffrey James Botanicals The Crème

Jeffrey James Botanicals The Crème ($45 USD) — The Creme restores and regenerates miraculously. Glycolic and Alpha Hydroxy acid boost cell renewal and collagen production. Bee propolis and royal jelly preserve and restore proteins and enzymes for anti aging action as well as amino acid protein building blocks for younger skin. Actives like Wild Indigo scavenge free radicals and superior organic plant oils and Hyaluronic Acid nourish and you then the skin.

What I think: I use this creme at night, because it is very rich.  In the morning my skin is fresh and soft! I think it’s ideal for dry skin.  I’ve noticed that my skin looks smoother and a bit tighter each morning.  Great product for a good price!

Available at

Kensington Apothecary Skin Serum #2 City Girl
Kensington Apothecary Skin Serum #2 City Girl

Kensington Apothecary Skin Serum #2 City Girl ($33 USD) — Attention Urban Glamoristas! Bright lights, late nights and the cocktail circuit leave their mark on your face in the form of sallowness, puffiness, rough skin texture and dark circles. What you are seeing are the destructive effects of protein glycation on your otherwise beautiful face. Fight those sugar blues with Kombucha and Silk Seed Extracts and return to the party fresh-faced and radiant.

What I think:  I love this silky serum!  It has the consistency of a light oil and sinks right in to the skin, leaving a glow.  It has a soft scent that goes away quickly.  Using it at night under moisturizer, I wake up with fresh, smooth skin.  Perfect for late nights or stressful weeks!

Learn more at  Plus, all of these products can be found at your local Whole Foods store.

What are you loving this week?  Do you like to use natural skincare?  Leave a message and let me know!





Bath And Body Products For Spring!

It is getting warmer, which means putting away sweaters and boots and bringing out short sleeves and sandals — oh my!

So, my skin needs to be smooth and soft. I am loving body care that smells amazing and moisturizes.  The products below are my new faves:


Surya Brasil Sapien Women Shower Gel
Surya Brasil Sapien Women Shower Gel

Surya Brasil Sapien Women Shower Gel ($26.69 USD) — Provides deep hydration and is free from BHT, EDTA, Parabens, Sulfates, Phthalates and Synthetic Fragrances. Absolutely NO GMOs.

The eco-friendly Sapien Women Body Collection is 100% vegan, natural and rich in exotic organic Amazonian ingredients like Pracaxi Oil, Aloe Vera juice, Amaranth* protein and Vitamin E. Natural coconut & mango essential oils with a trace of raspberry and vanilla

What I think:  This smells so amazing!  It is tangy and refreshing.  I love how natural this is, and it so moisturizing!  I love it when my shower gel doesn’t dry out my skin and adds moisture.

Purchase at


Josie Maran Whipped Argan Oil Body Butter
Josie Maran Whipped Argan Oil Body Butter

Josie Maran Whipped Argan Oil Body Butter ($35 USD) — It’’s not heavy, it’’s my butter——silky, intensely hydrating body butter that smells subtly yum and gives sweet relief to the driest skin. Packed with luscious oils and whipped to a feather-light texture, it sinks in instantly for velvety soft skin to create an argan oil infused body lotion in a flash. Spread the love and feel the difference.

What I think:  I have this in Sweet Citrus, which smells amazing!  I love citrusy scents, they remind me of warm weather and summer time!  It is also so hydrating and not greasy at all.  It sinks right into my skin and leaves it soft all day.

Purchase at

Tree Hut Shea Almond & Honey Body Butter
Tree Hut Shea Almond & Honey Body Butter

Tree Hut Shea Almond & Honey Body Butter (approx. $6 USD) — Moisturize your body with the rich and pampering Tree Hut Shea Almond & Honey Body Butter. Feel the difference as natural body butter helps seal in moisture and softens dry, rough skin. The natural almond extract, honey and certified organic shea butter create an intense moisturizer containing a sweet essence that leaves your body feeling smooth and healthy. Enjoy a relaxing bath or a shower, and then apply some of this Tree Hut Shea Butter, 7 oz, to keep your skin beautiful.

What I think:  I love body butter this time of year, and this is an affordable one that smells really nice! It leaves my skin very soft, and it is nice to use on my dry feet.

Learn more at and purchase at mass market retailers like Walmart.

Nad's Exfoliating Body Wax Strips
Nad’s Exfoliating Body Wax Strips

Nad’s Exfoliating Body Wax Strips ($8.99 USD) — With a tropical grapefruit scent, the new Nad’s Exfoliating Body Wax Strips are an innovative take on the traditional at-home wax strip with the world’s FIRST exfoliating waxing strip. Each cultivated with the Nad’s patented Xfol™ technology, a coarse exfoliating surface on the outside to remove buildup and dead skin, these strips work to release trapped ingrown hairs while a powerful, strong ‘grip’ within the strip to adhere and remove hair. Recommended use for hair as short as 1.5mm.

What I think:  These are interesting.  The outer paper that holds the wax is actually an exfoliating strip.  You rub it in circles on your skin before you wax.  Then rub the outside of the wax strip between the palms to warm it up, peel and apply.  I then make sure the wax is on securely and pull off.  Ouch!  But it works pretty well.  I still had a few hairs left and had to do it again.  It then left my skin hair free!  This is nice if you don’t like to shave.

Purchase at Target stores and

What are you using for smooth skin now?  Leave a comment and let me know.

Color Your Hair Safely With Surya Brasil Henna Cream

Surya Brasil Henna Cream ($11.99 USD) is renowned as the #1 selling semi-permanent hair coloring system in Brazil.  It comes in 15 exciting shades that will last up to seven to ten washes!

Henna Cream is touted as the safest way to color your hair and can be used on chemically treated and color treated hair. Packed with essential oils, this Henna Cream will keep your hair structure intact as it locks in moisture and leaves your hair smelling deliciously fresh!

What I think:  The first thing I noticed when I colored my hair was the scent.  It is light and herbal, but not chemical smelling AT ALL.  Seriously.  I also liked how easy it was to use.  There was no combining products — this is just one liquid that you apply with gloves that are included.  It took a little bit to get used to because it dripped a bit, but once you rub it in, it stays put.  The product also includes a plastic hair cap to use while you are waiting for the color to work.  Nice!

My results were pretty good.  The color is great.  I use dark brown which matched my natural color.  It covered well, but a few of my grays are still showing.  But, for a natural hair color, it works very well.

Availability: Whole Foods Market nationwide.  Enjoy!

Surya Brasil Protects Your Hair Color

Surya Brasil Color Fixation

Want your hair color to last? The Surya Brasil Color Fixation Collection—comprising six miracle hair products—makes it easy to repair and hydrate battered, thirsty locks at home without spending your entire paycheck. Created with nutrient-and-antioxidant-rich ingredients from the Brazilian Amazon like Buriti Fruit Oil (nourishes and improves elasticity), Cupuaçu Seed Butter (moisturizes) and Essential Oils of Rose Flower, Jasmine, Ylang-ylang and Sandalwood, these 100% vegetarian and paraben/sulfate/artificial fragrance-free products will restore lifeless strands and protect against harmful UV rays. Infuse your hair with the rainforest’s finest ingredients to create a silky head of hair for fall!
For best results, use the Restorative Shampoo and Conditioner together daily and apply the treatment products weekly or on an as-needed basis. The products are:

Restorative Shampoo ($9.99 USD) — Perfect  for chemically treated hair. It reconstructs hair fibers and repairs damaged and split ends, while lengthening the vibrancy of color and protecting it from fading away. 

Restorative Conditioner ($9.99 USD) — Like the Restorative Shampoo, the Restorative Conditioner reconstructs hair fibers and repairs damaged and split ends, but it doesn’t stop there: this gentle conditioner also increases hair strength and shine, ensuring healthy, lustrous locks.

Leave-In Cream Conditioner ($7.99 USD) — Keep color vibrant and protect it from fading, while simultaneously hydrating and detangling stubborn strands.  This leave-in beauty also adds shine and strengthens hair while softening.

Restorative Serum ($7.99 USD) — Repair split ends and reconstruct broken hair fibers for an easily manicured mane with this little miracle.  It lays frizz to rest and, in the process, gives extra shine to your newly smooth hair.

Single Application Intensive Treatment ($3.99 USD) — This 5-minute treatment breathes life into washed out color by closing cuticles and restoring shine. Add a single drop to hair after washing or mix with your favorite conditioner.

Maximum Hair Treatment Mask ($8.99 USD) — Enriched with rice protein and 15 hair-centric herbs extracted from India and the Amazon Rainforest, this mask hydrates and renews.  Use once a week to help color last longer!

What I think: I really like the shampoo and conditioner, but it is very moisturizing and thus not good for oily hair. I also really love the serum. A little goes a long way and makes hair very shiny. The intensive treatment turns very dry hair soft. The only product I didn’t care for was the Leave-In conditioner. It didn’t make much of a difference in my hair. 

Find Surya Brasil products at Whole Foods nationwide or on