Hand And Nail Products From Julep Keep Hands Soft And Youthful

Unfortunately, hands are one of the easiest way to tell a person’s age.  I moisturize and apply sunscreen to my hands daily to keep them looking young. You can keep your hands smooth and youthful through fall with these hydrating products by Julep.

Julep Facial for Hands ($32.00 UAS) Potent glycolic acid combined with apricot seeds provides powerful double exfoliation that leaves your hands feeling noticeably softer and looking younger after just one use.  Naturally scented with orange oil for a refreshing aromatherapy boost with each use.   This product is perfect for anyone battling dry, dull skin, age spots and fine lines on your hands.

Julep Everyday SPF30 Hand Cream (unscented) ($28.00 USD) — was created to protect your hands from sun-damage.  Facial creams and foundation all have SPF built-in, and now your hand cream can too.  Our FDA approved Everyday SPF was specially designed to protect your hands from UVA and UVB sun-damage while promoting skin renewal and penetrating hydration.

Julep Essential Cuticle Oil ($18.00 USD) — All-natural blend of essential oils and Vitamin E hydrates and strengthens nails and cuticles. Extends the life of your manicure while leaving a glossy sheen. Use daily to soften rough cuticles and strengthen nails. The convenient roller-ball application allows you to take your Julep Essential Cuticle Oil everywhere you go.

What I think:  With regular use, these salon-quality products will help transform hands.  I like glycolic scrubs because they smooth hands two ways — with the scrubbing beads and the glycolic acid.  This really helps aging skin.  The hand cream has a great SPF and is not greasy.  My favorite products is the cuticle oil.  The little bottle is cute and portable and it smells fresh and herbal. They all work well on dry hands and nails.

Visit www.julep.com to learn more and purchase.  Enjoy!

DERMAdoctor Litmus Test Glycolic Acid Facial Cleansing Gel

DERMAdoctor Litmus Test Glycolic Acid Facial Cleansing Gel

Looking for a great anti-aging cleanser? DERMAdoctor’s Litmus Test Glycolic Acid Cleansing Gel ($25.00 USD) cleanses away impurities, removes environmental debris, dirt, excess skin oils and makeup. Leaves skin refreshed and radiant.


  • Buffered Glycolic Acid – Medically recognized as the superior AHA option for removing skin impurities and restoring a glowing complexion.


  • Restores essential healthy skin chemistry with a unique pH balanced foaming formulation
  • Exfoliates cellular build-up and clears impurities, make-up, excess skin oil
  • Can be incorporated into all skincare regimens
  • Ideal for all skin types

Dermatologist Tested, Non Irritating, Non Drying, Non Comedogenic, pH Balanced, Paraben Free, Soap Free, Oil Free, Fragrance Free, Dye Free, No Animal Testing.

What I think: This is a really nice foaming cleanser that doesn’t irritate the skin. I like that it is fragrance-free and that it foams and rinses clean. I have been using it every other day, because I have extremely sensitive skin and it irritates it a little. But once the redness abates, my skin glows and looks clearer! For non-sensitive skin this can be used every day.

Visit www.dermadoctor.com to learn more and to purchase.

Scrubs, Peels and Masks — Oh My!

Cold weather starting to make your skin look dull? Try exfoliating or treating your skin with a rejuvenating peel or mask. The three below are luxury products that may completely change the texture of your skin. Give one a try!

Ona Spa Rejuvenating Pumpkin Peel ($60.00 USD) This mask is described as, “A highly effective, deliciously scented exfoliation treatment to dramatically improve clarity and texture of all skin types, diminish fine lines, and reveal silky, smoother, more radiant skin.”

The ingredients are Pumpkin Pulp extract, water, sunflower oil, avocado oil, corn meal, corn starch, C12-C15 alkyl benzoates, glycerine, glycolic acid, bromelain enzyme, papain enzyme, asafetida extract, phytohyaluronate, phytocollagen, willowbark extract, calendula extract, green tea extract, lavender extract, allantoin, panthenol, carrot tissue extract, vitamin E acetate, liquapar optima, essential oils of orange and frankincense.

What I think: My skin is becoming more sensitive the older I get. The instructions on this mask say to leave on for 10 minutes (which I did) and it may tingle for the first few minutes and then stop. Well. this tingled the whole time and even stung a bit after a while. When I rinsed it off, my skin was very red and my pores were irritated. The next day, the redness was gone and my skin looked fine, but I didn’t notice much of a difference in the texture or my pores. I do think that this mask smells fantastic and if your skin is not sensitive, give it a try.   

The Indige Skincare Anti-aging and Deep Cleansing Salicylic masks ($100 for 4 masks) are like a salon facial at home. They are weekly micro-peels with a natural botanical alpha-hydroxy acid that causes the dead skin cells to exfoliate. The mask’s function is two-fold: To deliver medicinals to the skin for repair and revitalization and to loosen and remove dead skin cells in order to stimulate the rejuvenation process.

The Anti-Aging Mask uses a combination of AHA’s and botanicals to reduce fine
lines, rehydrate your skin and even out complexion tones, a gentle micro-peel at
an affordable price. The Deep Cleansing Mask helps treat problem skin such as
blemishes, blackheads and pimples through a combination of salicylic acid and
botanicals, exfoliating dead skin which holds bacteria. Simply apply the masks to your face for 30-45 minutes once a week and you’ll have that glow which comes from healthy, well-moisturized skin.

Indige Anti-Aging mask lightens and brightens skin, improving radiance and
balancing pigmentation, increases the appearance of firmness and elasticity and
reduces skin roughness and texture with a powerful micropeel. The mask is
activated when is comes into contact with wet skin.

What I think: This was difficult to apply as your face needs to be wet and has to stay damp for part of the application. When I did figure out how to correctly apply the mask, I really like the results I received. My skin glowed and looked smooth and was very gentle on my sensitive skin.

Visit www.indigeskincare.com to learn more and you can purchase these masks at your dermatologist’s office.

Kate Somerville ExfoliKate ($85.00 USD) — This is my favorite of the three products that I tried. This intensive exfoliation can be done twice a week for glowing skin with minimal irritation.

visit www.katesomerville.com to purchase and learn more. Enjoy your beautiful skin!

More about ExfoliKate:

  • Fruit enzymes clarify skin by removing dead cells & eliminating bacteria
  • Highly effective in combating acne, including stubborn blackheads
  • Polishes skin, revealing a smooth, glowing complexion
  • Healthy skin, healthy glow, healthy you!

What I think: I love this product! It makes my skin instantly glowy and clear.