Hand And Nail Products From Julep Keep Hands Soft And Youthful

Unfortunately, hands are one of the easiest way to tell a person’s age.  I moisturize and apply sunscreen to my hands daily to keep them looking young. You can keep your hands smooth and youthful through fall with these hydrating products by Julep.

Julep Facial for Hands ($32.00 UAS) Potent glycolic acid combined with apricot seeds provides powerful double exfoliation that leaves your hands feeling noticeably softer and looking younger after just one use.  Naturally scented with orange oil for a refreshing aromatherapy boost with each use.   This product is perfect for anyone battling dry, dull skin, age spots and fine lines on your hands.

Julep Everyday SPF30 Hand Cream (unscented) ($28.00 USD) — was created to protect your hands from sun-damage.  Facial creams and foundation all have SPF built-in, and now your hand cream can too.  Our FDA approved Everyday SPF was specially designed to protect your hands from UVA and UVB sun-damage while promoting skin renewal and penetrating hydration.

Julep Essential Cuticle Oil ($18.00 USD) — All-natural blend of essential oils and Vitamin E hydrates and strengthens nails and cuticles. Extends the life of your manicure while leaving a glossy sheen. Use daily to soften rough cuticles and strengthen nails. The convenient roller-ball application allows you to take your Julep Essential Cuticle Oil everywhere you go.

What I think:  With regular use, these salon-quality products will help transform hands.  I like glycolic scrubs because they smooth hands two ways — with the scrubbing beads and the glycolic acid.  This really helps aging skin.  The hand cream has a great SPF and is not greasy.  My favorite products is the cuticle oil.  The little bottle is cute and portable and it smells fresh and herbal. They all work well on dry hands and nails.

Visit www.julep.com to learn more and purchase.  Enjoy!

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