My Beauty Favorites — Week of November 23-29, 2015

I hope everyone has had a great Thanksgiving weekend! We’ve had freezing rain for days now, but that hasn’t stopped my shopping (online)!

This week I’m loving a variety of products from No Nonsense, wet n wild and Vita Liberata. They include fun tights and leggings, cool new makeup and products that will give me a glow through winter!


No Nonsense
No Nonsense

No Nonsense — I received a variety of No Nonsense leggings and tights for my honest review.  I haven’t tried No Nonsense in a while and was happy with the quality and variety of products that they have:

Zippered cotton leggings in Black ($14.99 USD) — These were really cute and comfortable.

Animal Print Cotton Leggings in Steel ($13.99 USD) — I wear these as PJ’s since I usually don’t wear animal prints and they are perfect!  Soft and comfy, not tight at all!

Great Shapes Blackout Shaping Tights ($8.50 USD) — These are very opaque and hold everything in!  Great with dresses and boots for fall.

Learn more and purchase at

wet n wild’s new line of brushes (17 tools in total) are made of an exclusive thermoplastic polymer complex, which is designed to mimic the small breaks and imperfections in natural hair, making these brushes as effective as brushes made of animal hair, yet PETA certified and vegan ($0.99 and $2.99 USD).

The wet n wild Proline Graphic Marker ($3.99 USD) features a soft, angled marker tip that delivers bold and sharp lines, extreme edges and modern contour for the perfect cat eye.

Amplify your lashes to the max with the wet n wild Max Fanatic Cat Eye ($4.99 USD) Mascara,  which instantly adds 8x the volume and 8x the curl for 35% longer lashes without clumping or smudging.

Get the results of a salon-quality gel manicure with the wet n wild 1-Step Wonder Gel ($4.99 USD) — no top coat or UV light required! wet n wild’s 1-Step Wonder Gel is chip resistant and 3-Free with no Formaldehyde, Toluene or Phthalates.

What I think:  wet n wild’s makeup is fun to use and so affordable.  The brushes are soft and pick up pigment well.  It’s hard to believe that they are so inexpensive, plus they are PETA certified! The Proline marker and Cat Eye mascara help create a bold eye!  The marker is so easy to use and can make a thick or thin line. And, I love that the mascara curls as well as adds volume!

I am wearing the nail polish in a gold color, All That Jazzy.  It is a pretty color that is perfect for the holiday season.  It went on extremely smoothly and has lasted for a few days without chips!

Vita Liberata Fabulous Tinted Self Tanning Mousse ($30 USD) — A super fast-drying tan mousse that gives a gorgeous instant color and then develops to a beautiful natural-looking tan that lasts for up to seven days.

Vita Liberata Tanning Mitt ($6.50 USD) — A tanning mitt with extra soft flock surface for flawless tan application.

Vita Liberata Trystal Minerals Self Tanning Bronzing Minerals in Bronze ($55 USD) — A loose mineral bronzing powder that creates a tan lasting up to five days plus a luxury kabuki brush.

What I think:  Vita Liberata makes some of my favorite tanning products.  The Trystal Minerals are especially nice in the fall and winter to help keep a glow.  The mousse dries quickly for easy all over color.  The scent is nice, and you can barely smell the tanning chemicals.

Available at Sephora stores and

Did you do any shopping this weekend?  What did you get?

My Beauty Favorites Week of August 31-September 6, 2015

Happy Labor Day!  I am visiting my mom in Oregon, but I though I should put out my favorites post for last week.  Better late than never!

This week I am loving products to make my skin glow, protect and firm my facial skin,  give a smooth shave and treat my scalp.

What products are you loving this week?  Please leave a comment and let me know!

Vita Liberata pHenomenal Mousse and Fabulous Self Tanning Gradual Lotion Set
Vita Liberata pHenomenal Mousse and Fabulous Self Tanning Gradual Lotion Set

Vita Liberata pHenomenal Mousse and Fabulous Self Tanning Gradual Lotion Set ($39 USD) — Inclusive of VITA LIBERATA favorites pHenomenal Mousse, Fabulous Gradual Tan Lotion and mini Tanning Mitt, the Labor Day Set has all your tanning needs covered to ensure you have the best skin finishing glow for your last summer hoorah this coming Labor Day weekend, and to extend your summer glow well into fall! The pHenomenal Mousse provides the world’s longest lasting tan in a superbly hydrating formula that encourage the most beautiful, natural and conditioning 2-3 week tan. The Fabulous Gradual Tan Lotion is an ultra-hydrating tan lotion that applies clear for zero transfer onto clothes and develops lasting color over 4-8 hours.

What  I think:  Both of these products are amazing! The mousse is extremely easy to apply and will give a deep tan in a few hours.  If you use it for a few days, you can keep the tan for a few weeks.  And to continue the tan (and add moisture), use the gradual lotion every day.  Fabulous!

Available at

Burt’s Bees Renewal Firming Day Lotion with SPF 30
Burt’s Bees Renewal Firming Day Lotion with SPF 30

Burt’s Bees Renewal Firming Day Lotion with SPF 30 ($20 USD) — This lightweight, fast-absorbing moisturizer is clinically shown to help improve firmness and reduce the appearance of deep lines and wrinkles. Powerful natural anti-aging ingredients help restore the appearance of your skin’s smooth, firm texture, while natural broad spectrum SPF 30 protects against sun damage.

What I think:  Day creams with SPF are usually heavy and greasy.  This one is so light, it sinks right into the skin.  That is great for applying makeup afterwards.  My skin looks very smooth after use.  I will continue using it to see if it firms well.

Learn more and purchase at

eos Travel Shave Cream
eos Travel Shave Cream

eos Travel Shave Cream ($1 USD) — Packed with natural conditioning oils, shea butter, and vitamins C and E, the eos Travel Shave Cream in Pomegranate Raspberry is a necessity for keeping legs moisturized all day and night! It is the only shave cream that keep skin soft, smoothed, and moisturized for 24 hours – even after rinsing! And thanks to the TSA-approved eos Travel Shave Cream your legs will be smooth wherever your Labor Day travels bring you!

What I think: This size is small enough for travel, but large enough to get at least a week of shaving in!  It smells so good and really makes my legs smooth and soft after shaving.  I love this line of natural products!

Purchase at Target stores

L'Occitane Aromachologie Revitalizing Fresh Scalp Tonic
L’Occitane Aromachologie Revitalizing Fresh Scalp Tonic

L’Occitane Aromachologie Revitalizing Fresh Scalp Tonic ($26 USD) — This silicone-free tonic helps refresh, revitalize and purify the scalp to leave hair shining with beauty. This ultra-fresh formula combines 5 essential oils (mint, thyme, grapefruit, cedar and lavender) with a plant-based vinegar and allantoin to help purify and soothe the scalp, while reducing excess sebum.

What I think: I’ve heard that the secret to gorgeous hair is to treat the scalp — a healthy scalp means healthy hair.  This smells amazing and really makes my scalp feel clean.  I do notice that my hair is shinier after use!

Available at

Product Round-Up — My Fave Beauty Things Week of November 24-30, 2014

How was your Thanksgiving?  Did you eat and shop too much?  I definitely did!  But, I still have a lot more shopping to do!

This week I’m loving dry skin fighting skincare, a tropical scented deodorant and a self-tanner that is giving me a healthy glow.  It’s important to keep looking and feeling good during this stressful time of year!

CapriClear Spray On Moisturizer
CapriClear Spray On Moisturizer

CapriClear Spray On Moisturizer ($19.99 for 5.2 oz and $10.99 for 1.9 oz) — Made with 100% fractionated coconut oil, this all-natural, paraben-free treatment combats dry, flaky, irritated skin, making it soft and silky.  Conceived by a dermatologist, fragrance-free CapriClear is an exceptionally pure, gentle and effective single-ingredient solution for even the most sensitive skin.  It also has the eczema seal of approval and is safe for the entire family.  Plus, it results in soft, silky skin.

What I think: I have been experiencing some dry patches on my sensitive skin.  I have started using this at night and my skin is much smoother in the morning. Just a little bit goes a long way, as this is very moisturizing.

Available at CVS and Walgreens stores.

Belli Eye Brightening Cream
Belli Eye Brightening Cream

Belli Eye Brightening Cream ($39 USD) — Formulated with vitamins K and B to reduce the appearance of these telltale signs of fatigue and dehydration, this luxurious cream is the perfect anti-dote to late nights and interrupted sleep.  Brighten your day and your look with this soothing and restorative refreshment for the eyes.

What I think: This fab eye cream is extremely hydrating.  I love using it at night.  In the morning my eyes are smoother and the dark circles are lighter. It can also be used in the morning under makeup.

Available at

Skinfix Body Repair Balm
Skinfix Body Repair Balm

Skinfix Body Repair Balm  ($17.99 USD) — Clinically proven to treat eczema, dryness, and dermatitis. Total relief from the itch, the ouch, the red, the chronic, angry inflamed skin. Skinfix Body Repair Balm is a safe and effective natural medicinal alternative to traditional steroid treatments – which can do more harm than good to skin’s natural moisture level. This healing balm repairs skin’s barrier with 2% colloidal oatmeal, twice the level of most other eczema products. The formula is packed with natural active ingredients like sweet almond oil, allantoin, and zinc; combined with natural butters, soothing botanicals, and emollient protective oils to immediately relieve and protect the skin.

What I think: My 19-year-old daughter has eczema and was excited to try this balm.  She applies it on her arms and legs at night, and by morning her skin looks and feels better.  She has just been using it for about a week, but is seeing improvement already!

Available at Target stores and

Phyto-C B5 Gel
Phyto-C B5 Gel

Phyto-C B5 Gel ($35 .5 fl oz, $60 1 fl. oz.) — Formulated with vitamin B5 and hyaluronic acid, this moisturizing gel provides intensive hydration by binding water to plump skin tissue. The B5 Gel also diminishes the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, while smoothing and softening skin.

What I think: Before I used this on my face, I applied a little on the back of my hand.  My skin was instantly softer and smoother!  I have been using it in place of my serum in the morning and night and love how smooth my skin looks and feels! It has smooth my rough patches and even helped with redness!

Purchase at

Lavanila Vanilla Summer The Healthy Deodorant
Lavanila Vanilla Summer The Healthy Deodorant

Lavanila Vanilla Summer The Healthy Deodorant ($14 USD) — This All-Natural, freshly scented deodorant provides superior, long-lasting odor protection. Soothing essential oils blend with powerful anti-oxidants and beta glucan technology for daily defense and nourishment. Clinically Tested. Dermatologist Recommended. No Aluminum. No Paraben. No Propylene Glycol. No Harsh Chemicals. Tropical pineapple and mango blend with exotic coconut and Madagascar vanilla for an island freshness that lasts all day.

What I think:  This scent is so tropical, which is so nice when it’s freezing out.  I can almost imagine warm, balmy days!  This solid works really well for people who do not need super-strong deodorant (like me).  I suggest that you purchase it for tweens and teens, since it is good for skin and has natural ingredients.

Purchase at


Vita Liberata pHenomenal Lotion
Vita Liberata pHenomenal Lotion

Vita Liberata pHenomenal Lotion ($54 USD) — This product is not only completely odorless, but also contains certified organic botanicals as well as a unique moisture-lock™ system that draws water to the skin surface and locks it there for 72 hours, keeping skin soft and smooth upon application.

What I think:  Love this self tanner!  It is odorless, which is rare in a self-tanner.  It is also very easy to use with the enclosed tanning mitt.  If you apply it carefully, it will give you a flawless tan that lasts for days and even weeks!

Available at and Sephora stores.


Ready To Tan? — Do It Safely With Self-Tanner, and Protect Your Skin With SPF

I am a huge advocate of using sunscreen all year round, but especially during the warm seasons when I go outside more than usual.

But, I also love not being pasty white in the summer!  So I have not only intensified my sunscreen efforts, I have began self-tanning.  I never get super dark, but I do like a bit of a glow.

Below are products to help get ready for the sun — and to help you look like you’ve been soaking up the rays!

Fake Bake Fair
Fake Bake Fair

Fake Bake Fair ($25.95 USD) — As summer approaches. Fake Bake’s Fair is Fake Bake’s build-your-own self-tanner that is as easy to apply as any moisturizer and smells amazing! There is no better way to give your skin a light, golden, natural glow! Fair is wonderful on even the palest of skin tones and builds gradually so the effect is easy to control. It also has Fake Bake’s signature guide color so you can see exactly where it¹s going as you apply it.

What I think:  If you want to get a gradual, natural looking tan, this product is for you!  I love the guide color, it makes it easy to see where you have and have not applied the products yet.  And it smells nice, which is important if you decide to apply it every day.

Fair is available at leading salons nationwide.

Vita Liberata pHenomenal 2-3 Week Self Tan Mousse
Vita Liberata pHenomenal 2-3 Week Self Tan Mousse

Vita Liberata pHenomenal 2-3 Week Self Tan Mousse – Dark ($54 USD) — This must-have Tan Lotion gives instant, flawless color and develops into the longest lasting, ultrahydrating tan. It is formulated with revolutionary pHenO2 technology to guarantee the longest lasting tan in the world (up to four times longer than regular tans) with a completely perfect, natural fade. The lotion formula is packed with organic botanicals and is so moisturizing, it can be used on the face as well as the body. It contains unique Moisture Lock™ technology for silky-soft and super hydrated skin that lasts for 72 hours. Odour Remove™ promises zero smell for the most natural tanning experience.

What I think — This comes in Fair, Medium, and Dark.  I like using the Medium.  This is very easy to apply.  Just squirt the mousse onto a tanning mitt or gloves, and rub in.  Really fast!  It does last longer than a long time without fading, which I love. It smells pretty good, but there is a faint smell to it.

Available at, and

Jane Iredale Powder-Me
Jane Iredale Powder-Me

Jane Iredale Powder-Me ($45.50 USD) — This dry sunscreen can be used on the body, face and scalp for UVB/UVA SPF 30 protection and is water-resistant for up to 40 minutes. Powder-Me SPF contains titanium dioxide and natural clay which is completely free of contaminants and atmospheric pollutants. Available in three shades: Translucent, Tanned, and Golden.

What I think:  This sunscreen is easy to apply with the built-in applicator.  I have it in the Translucent, which is good to use on the face, body and hair.  I think the other two would be fun to try in the summer, especially in cute summer outfits!

Available at

Australian Gold Lotion with Kona Bronzers - SPF 50
Australian Gold Lotion with Kona Bronzers – SPF 50

Australian Gold Lotion with Kona Bronzer – SPF 50 ($7.99 USD) — delivers unsurpassed sun protection with instant, natural-looking color. Sport a sun-kissed glow even on your first day at the beach!

  • Delivers an immediate, natural-looking glow with Kona-coffee-infused bronzers
  • Contains Kakadu plum extract, a native Australian fruit that provides exceptional levels of vitamin C
  • Provides Broad Spectrum UVA/UVB protection; Water Resistant (80 Minutes)
  • Signature Australian Gold Fragrance
  • Available in SPF 15, 30 and 50

What I think:  I have been testing this in the SPF 50.  For me, the higher the SPF, the better!  I really love the scent, but I don’t see much of a bronzing color.  But, I love the high SPF!

Available at Drugstores nationwide and

What type of sun care products do you use?

Get A Safe Glow — Self-Tanner Comparison

For the past few summers I have been enjoying experimenting with self-tanners.  I am very wary of the sun and try to wear lots of sunscreen when I go out.  Plus, I am not much of a sunbather anyway.

It has taken me these few years to get self-tanning right.  It is so easy for skin to become streaky or blotchy after self-tanning.  But if you exfoliate the skin and slather moisturizer on your hands and feet (these places can look uneven), plus use a fab product like the ones below, self-tanners can make you look great!

I have been receiving samples of self-tanners to review for my honest opinion. Here’s what I think of the gradual self tanners and instant self-tanners I have been using.

Supergoop! 'Gradual Self-Tanning' Sunscreen Mousse SPF 20
Supergoop! ‘Gradual Self-Tanning’ Sunscreen Mousse SPF 20

Supergoop! ‘Gradual Self-Tanning’ Sunscreen Mousse SPF 20 ($38 USD) – Antioxidant-rich formula improves skins appearance and provides a slight lustrous summer sheen to the skin upon application.  Let Supergoop help prepare you for a day in the sun with this melt into your skin, gradual self-tanning mousse also delivering globally approved SPF protection, and rich moisture in one easy step.  Sensitive, dry skin is soothed and restored; Wonderful and light, green tea plus cucumber scent.

Pros: Easy to blend, very moisturizing, doesn’t stain hands, spf 20, non-streaky

Cons: funky scent, takes a few days of use to see a noticeable difference (could be a pro if you want a light tan), spendy

Jergens Natural Glow + Protect Daily Moisturizer Sunscreen
Jergens Natural Glow + Protect Daily Moisturizer Sunscreen

Jergens Natural Glow + Protect Daily Moisturizer Sunscreen ($9.99 USD) – Spring has arrived, so it’s time to show some skin. Get natural-looking color gradually, with SPF 20. Jergens®Jergens® Natural Glow + PROTECT Daily Moisturizer SPF 20 is the only body moisturizer in the Natural Glow line with SPF protection. Try it today for A beautiful, safe, and healthy natural-looking color.

Pros: Nice scent at first, moisturizing, non-streaking, can see a bit of a difference the next day and deepens quickly with a few days of use, affordable

Cons: leaves a lingering mild chemical scent

Learn more at Available at mass market retailers near you.

tarte Brazilliance™ skin rejuvenating maracuja face and body self tanner with mitt
tarte Brazilliance™ skin rejuvenating maracuja face and body self tanner with mitt

tarte Brazilliance™ skin rejuvenating maracuja face and body self tanner with mitt ($37 USD) – A revolutionary maracuja-infused face and body self tanner. Achieve a healthy faux-glow while drenching your skin in moisture. This revolutionary hybrid gel formula, infused with pure maracuja oil, delivers replenishing essential fatty acids along with skin-brightening and youth-preserving vitamin C. tarte’s proprietary PUREshield™ scent-control technology allows for a pleasant, spa-like application that smells unlike any self tanner you’ve tried before.  You’ll be admiring your newly bronzed bod, your skin will feel and look firmer, brighter and smoother soaking in all of the benefits of maracuja oil.

Pros: tinted so that you can see where you apply, comes with a mitt so hands won’t stain, nice scent, imparts a deep tan color, leaves skin very soft, worth the price!

Cons:  scent turns chemical and stays on skin for a day or two 

Purchase at and

Vita Liberata pHenomenal Self Tanner
Vita Liberata pHenomenal Self Tanner

Vita Liberata pHenomenal Self Tanner ($54 USD) –pHenomenal gives a longer-lasting tan – up to 4 times longer than any other tan, with a perfect, natural fade.  Available in Fair, Medium and Dark.  

Incorporates new technology (pHeno2) that works with unique Time Release DHA which slowly releases DHA over time to extend tan – lasts 4 times longer than any other tan. 

Mousse formulation is quick-drying, light and airy to give a beautiful, natural bronze result which leaves the skin soft and moisturized.

Pros: foam is light, tinted and easy to blend, beautiful deep tan color, initial smell with application ends and there is NO scent afterwords, which I have never encountered in a self-tanner (worth the steep price!)

Cons: spendy (but worth it)

Available at, Availability: Sephora/


Somerville Glow to Go
Somerville Glow to Go

Kate Somerville Glow to Go ($18 USD) —

Somerville360® Body Self Tanning Towelettes make it easy to get a gorgeous glow with just a simple swipe. With a quick and easy application that prevents uneven tone or streaking, it’s the best way to get a healthy-looking tan. Best of all, because this advanced formula works with your skin’s own proteins, it gradually darkens to an ultra-natural, complementary color every time.

Somerville360® Face Self Tanning Pads are quick and easy-to-use while preventing uneven tone and streaking, plus they won’t stain hands. Specially designed for the face, this advanced moisturizing formula contains powerful Peptide K8™ and age-defying actives, designed to diminish the appearance of lines and wrinkles, while creating a glowing complexion in two to four hours.

Kit includes:

Pros: Deep tan color is almost instant, easy to use – especially the face pads, leaves skin very soft

Cons: Chemical scent after tanning lasts a day or two, make sure to exfoliate and lotion up feet and hands because this can streak if not blended well 

Somerville360 Tan Maximizer Tan Enhancing Moisturi
Somerville360 Tan Maximizer Tan Enhancing Moisturizer

Somerville360 Tan Maximizer Tan Enhancing Moisturizer ($48 USD) -Stay gorgeous, golden, and glowing with a unique formula that conditions and moisturizes skin for a longer lasting tan. A specialized Peptide and Lipid Complex hydrates skin to help maintain a sun-kissed look after using self-tanning products or sun exposure. Black Snakeroot conditions, moisturizes, and soothes skin for after-sun recovery that prevents peeling and dryness. Rich natural Oils and Butters seal in hydration, making this essential formula a great year-round moisturizer to maximize and help prolong a healthy looking tan.

  • Enhances the look of both natural and self tanning
  • Prolongs the life and beauty of a tan
  • Provides soothing post-sun recovery, replenishing essential lipids that condition and moisturize
  • Helps prevent peeling and dryness by providing continuous

This is great to use after all self-tanning products (and from sun exposure, we can’t always stay out of the sun).,