Ready To Tan? — Do It Safely With Self-Tanner, and Protect Your Skin With SPF

I am a huge advocate of using sunscreen all year round, but especially during the warm seasons when I go outside more than usual.

But, I also love not being pasty white in the summer!  So I have not only intensified my sunscreen efforts, I have began self-tanning.  I never get super dark, but I do like a bit of a glow.

Below are products to help get ready for the sun — and to help you look like you’ve been soaking up the rays!

Fake Bake Fair
Fake Bake Fair

Fake Bake Fair ($25.95 USD) — As summer approaches. Fake Bake’s Fair is Fake Bake’s build-your-own self-tanner that is as easy to apply as any moisturizer and smells amazing! There is no better way to give your skin a light, golden, natural glow! Fair is wonderful on even the palest of skin tones and builds gradually so the effect is easy to control. It also has Fake Bake’s signature guide color so you can see exactly where it¹s going as you apply it.

What I think:  If you want to get a gradual, natural looking tan, this product is for you!  I love the guide color, it makes it easy to see where you have and have not applied the products yet.  And it smells nice, which is important if you decide to apply it every day.

Fair is available at leading salons nationwide.

Vita Liberata pHenomenal 2-3 Week Self Tan Mousse
Vita Liberata pHenomenal 2-3 Week Self Tan Mousse

Vita Liberata pHenomenal 2-3 Week Self Tan Mousse – Dark ($54 USD) — This must-have Tan Lotion gives instant, flawless color and develops into the longest lasting, ultrahydrating tan. It is formulated with revolutionary pHenO2 technology to guarantee the longest lasting tan in the world (up to four times longer than regular tans) with a completely perfect, natural fade. The lotion formula is packed with organic botanicals and is so moisturizing, it can be used on the face as well as the body. It contains unique Moisture Lock™ technology for silky-soft and super hydrated skin that lasts for 72 hours. Odour Remove™ promises zero smell for the most natural tanning experience.

What I think — This comes in Fair, Medium, and Dark.  I like using the Medium.  This is very easy to apply.  Just squirt the mousse onto a tanning mitt or gloves, and rub in.  Really fast!  It does last longer than a long time without fading, which I love. It smells pretty good, but there is a faint smell to it.

Available at, and

Jane Iredale Powder-Me
Jane Iredale Powder-Me

Jane Iredale Powder-Me ($45.50 USD) — This dry sunscreen can be used on the body, face and scalp for UVB/UVA SPF 30 protection and is water-resistant for up to 40 minutes. Powder-Me SPF contains titanium dioxide and natural clay which is completely free of contaminants and atmospheric pollutants. Available in three shades: Translucent, Tanned, and Golden.

What I think:  This sunscreen is easy to apply with the built-in applicator.  I have it in the Translucent, which is good to use on the face, body and hair.  I think the other two would be fun to try in the summer, especially in cute summer outfits!

Available at

Australian Gold Lotion with Kona Bronzers - SPF 50
Australian Gold Lotion with Kona Bronzers – SPF 50

Australian Gold Lotion with Kona Bronzer – SPF 50 ($7.99 USD) — delivers unsurpassed sun protection with instant, natural-looking color. Sport a sun-kissed glow even on your first day at the beach!

  • Delivers an immediate, natural-looking glow with Kona-coffee-infused bronzers
  • Contains Kakadu plum extract, a native Australian fruit that provides exceptional levels of vitamin C
  • Provides Broad Spectrum UVA/UVB protection; Water Resistant (80 Minutes)
  • Signature Australian Gold Fragrance
  • Available in SPF 15, 30 and 50

What I think:  I have been testing this in the SPF 50.  For me, the higher the SPF, the better!  I really love the scent, but I don’t see much of a bronzing color.  But, I love the high SPF!

Available at Drugstores nationwide and

What type of sun care products do you use?

Australian Gold Continuous Spray SPF 30

Australian Gold Continuous Spray

Australian Gold Continuous Spray SPF 30 ($10.49 USD) — Apply evenly and liberally to all exposed areas 20 minutes before sun exposure.  Reapply as needed or after towel drying, swimming, perspiring or vigorous activity. Use in well-ventilated areas.  Do not spray directly on the face.  Spray into hands and rub on the face.

Features are:

  • Helps prevent sunburn.
  • Retains SPF after 80 minutes of activity in the water or sweating.
  • Provides high protection against sunburn and tanning.

What I think: This is a really effective sunblock.  The spray is easy to apply — it imparts a fine mist so that it covers very well.  It is not greasy and stays on for almost a couple of hours.  Perfect for hot summer days!

Visit to learn more and to find out where to purchase.