Instantly Whiten Teeth With Luster NOW

Luster NOW

Luster has just announced the debut of a revolutionary new way to instantly whiten your teeth at home.  Luster Premium White, which offers a collection of at-home whitening products, has come up with a solution unlike anything available – Luster NOW Instant Whitening Toothpaste  ($9.99 USD)  for a fast fix to the white smile you have been dreaming about.

Power up your smile with an instantly white, dazzlingly solution that lasts for hours – perfect before a night on the town, a first date or a party! Dentist developed and perfect for everyday use, Luster NOW is infused with Bluverite™ technology that instantly makes teeth appear whiter with just one brushing. This revolutionary ingredient delivers a special optical effect to make teeth appear instantly white for hours. In addition to the instant whitening effect, the toothpaste uses Luster’s whitening power to gradually whiten smile over time. After brushing with Luster NOW the Bluverite technology may make teeth and gums appear slightly blue, but this will disappear after a few minutes to reveal a white smile!

Directions: Brush teeth thoroughly with Luster NOW following meals or twice daily. If excessive blue appears on teeth or gums simply swish with water to reveal your dazzling smile.

What I think: I have never tried anything like this before. It is like makeup for your teeth, with added benefits of long-term whitening. You brush it on and your teeth are instantly whiter — I would say a few shades. I also love how the whitening powder is brightening my teeth over time as well. Very cool. This is very affordable and you get three 1.5 oz toothpastes that you can take anywhere. 

Luster NOW is available at Walgreens nationwide. Enjoy!

Last Chance To Enter My Go SMiLE Giveaway!

Hi All! Last chance to enter this amazing giveaway valued at $150.00!  Just leave a comment telling me that you want to enter on any of my blog posts. I am going to randomly pick a winner tomorrow, March 4th and will announce it then. Good Luck! The products are:

1.      NEW Speed Whitening System ($99.00 USD): Speed Whitening System is the latest GO SMiLE home teeth whitening innovation – a two-step “prime-and-whiten” application that cuts whitening time in half!  The secret is our exclusive patent-pending Pre-Whitening Gel – a clear, flavorless first coat that accelerates the release of stain-fighting oxygen ions in our patented whitening ampoules, while virtually eliminating tooth sensitivity. This dual-action system is clinically proven to whiten up to 8 shades in 4 days! 
2.      NEW Green Apple Luxury Toothpaste ($16.00 USD): GO SMiLE Green Apple Luxury Toothpaste is a delicious way to keep your teeth white and healthy. A luscious twist on your everyday ritual, Green Apple Toothpaste will invigorate your day with refreshing flavor. With whitening and cavity protection, plus a delicious aromatherapy blend, it’s specially formulated to keep teeth bright and give your smile a refreshing sensory experience!
3.      Touch Up® Ampoules in Green Apple ($35.00 USD for 30): Once you’ve whitened your teeth, use smile perfecting Touch Up ampoules to help polish teeth and keep them white. Just Flip, Pop, Touch Up™ after eating and drinking to help keep stains from setting on teeth. These portable, single-dose ampoules work like a mid-day brush, specifically targeting the bacteria that cause bad breath and refreshing the entire mouth, no sink required.

I have been using all of these products and really love them. The Speed Whitening System was easy to use, tastes good (not bleachy) and didn’t irritate my teeth and gums. It really whitened, too. The Green Apple toothpaste is pretty yummy and keeps teeth white. The Touch Up ampoules are fun to use and great for after lunch, at work or at any time! You can purchase these at

To win ALL THREE of these products worth a combined value of $150.00 leave a comment on my blog telling me that you would love to try GO SMiLE. For an extra entry, like GO SMiLE on Facebook or follow them on Twitter, then email me at to let me know. I will be drawing a winner on Friday, March 4, 2011. Good Luck!

Brighten Your Smile for Summer Photos with Luster’s 1 Hour White

Luster 1 Hour White

If you are getting tan (hopefully fake) and toned and ready for summer, a white smile will top it all off perfectly! Luster is a great brand that you can find in your favorite drugstore to whiten your teeth.  

Luster’s 1 Hour White ($39.99 USD) claims to brighten teeth in only an hour. Does it work? It did for me! I followed the instructions and my teeth were 5 shades whiter in an hour! It is an active hour, though. No sitting and waiting for your teeth to get white. You need to follow these directions:      

Step 1: Rinse with the Accelerator Mouth Rinse, which will enhance the efficacy of the professional strength whitening gel
Step 2: Brush on the Super Whitening Gel, the same whitening agent used by dentists during professional treatments
Step 3: Apply the Activating Whitening Light, which will stimulate the photo-activator in the gel in just 2 minutes
For best results, rinse and repeat for up to 1 hour.  

I found that if the whitening gel got on my lips, they tingled a bit, but my teeth were not sensitive from the products, which is a big plus. I have very sensitive teeth.  

Another good Luster whitening kit which my teenage daughter tried, was the Weekend White ($19.99) This kit contains the whitening gel and the mouth rinse. For 3 days, twice a day, you rinse your mouth, then brush on the gel, wait 10 minutes and rinse again with the mouth wash. My daughters teeth were about 4-5 shades whiter and she didn’t mind the process.  

You can purchase these at a drugstore near you. Enjoy your pearly whites!

Whiten Up with Supersmile


I drink a lot of coffee. And I also love red wine. So my teeth need constant whitening. That’s why Supersmile is so great. It was created by a dentist, Dr. Irwin Smigel, to whiten conveniently at home and on the go.

The Professional Whitening System ($36.00 USD sm. $75.00 USD lg) – is made up of two items; the Supersmile Professional Whitening Fluoride Toothpaste with CALPROX® and the Supersmile Whitening Accelerator (with carbamide peroxide).  The Website touts, “The Supersmile Whitening System is the perfect bleaching solution for everyone interested in safely and gently whitening teeth at home without messy trays. Just brush and whiten! Supersmile not only enhances professionally bleached teeth – but – most importantly, causes no sensitivity – and the Supersmile Professional Whitening System is the only system that will restore bonding, porcelain veneers, crowns and even dentures to their original color.”

To Use the Professional Whitening System, combine both products on a dry toothbrush and brush for two minutes, then rinse. I have been using the system for a couple of weeks and my teeth are at least a couple of shades whiter. This is so much easier than whitening trays and don’t bother my sensitive teeth as much.

Supersmile also sells fun, on the go products. Supersmile Quikee ($16.00 USD)-  “Just a drop of our new pocket-sized Supersmile Quikee Whitening Tooth Polish with CALPROX® smoothed over your teeth with the tip of the tongue after eating or drinking, freshens breath while fighting cavities and plaque–anytime, anywhere. Quikee conveniently and effectively removes stains caused by coffee, tea or red wine while it helps maintain whiteness.” This tastes really sweet and minty and is easy to use. I like to concentrate it at the base of my teeth.

Also convenient is the Supersmile Single Dose Powdered Mouthrinse (60 Packets$29.00 USD –24 Packets $16.00) “Supersmile Single Dose Powdered Mouthrinse is a quick and convenient solution when there’s no time to brush. Just tear off the top of an individual-use foil packet, add water, swirl and rinse. CALPROX® attacks plaque and stains, and baking soda assures fresher breath and assists in cavity prevention.” This is not my favorite of the products. It was gritty, but did leave my mouth minty and clean.

One of my favorite Supersmile products is the all natural Sugar-free Supersmile Professional Whitening Gum with CALPROX® (Gum Box – 12pcs – $4.00 USD-Gum Jar – 100pcs – $24.00 USD). It, “quickly and effectively whitens teeth, freshens breath, promotes healthier gums and removes superficial surface stains with every use. And Supersmile Professional Whitening Gum is sweetened with XYLITOL – the natural cavity inhibitor preferred by dental professionals.” Plus it tastes yummy and makes my breath very fresh!

Visit the website at to learn more about Dr. Smigel and his fabulous products. They just might make your smile a little whiter!