My Beauty Favorites — Week of October 30 – November 5, 2017

It really feels like fall in Kansas City now, it’s much cooler, which I am loving.  I can finally wear my boots!

This week, I’ve been loving a whitening toothpaste, a luxe velvet lipstick and a liquid eyeliner:

Luster Power White Deep Stain Eraser Fluoride Toothpaste ($6.99 USD) — This two in one toothpaste will not only cleanse your teeth and freshen your breath, but it will also whiten surface and deep stains. There is no need to buy a separate cleanser and whitener. Power White Deep Stain Eraser® Fluoride Toothpaste combines these two steps in one.

What I think:  This is an effective whitening toothpaste.  It leaves my teeth clean and it does freshen my breath. It is a bit harsh on my sensitive gums, though, so I can only use it once a day.  I definitely recommend it for quickly removing stains.

Purchase at

ECRU New York Velvet Air Lipstick

ECRU New York Velvet Air Lipstick ($24 USD) –A velvet lip color that glides on lips leaving an airy, weightless cushion of long lasting color. A single swipe of your finger transforms this moisturizing satin color into a true matte finish.

What I think:  I was sent this in Mulberry (the top, dark color in the photo above) and it is perfect for fall.  It’s a really pretty dark berry.  The lipstick is hydrating, but can also be made matte by tapping with your finger.  I like the original finish, though.  It looks really rich.

Available at


Rimmel London Scandaleyes Bold Liquid Eyeliner

Rimmel London Scandaleyes Bold Liquid Eyeliner ($2.99 USD) –Intense glossy color that lasts all day and night, up to 24 hour wear. Fade, transfer and waterproof. Innovative round tip applicator for a bold look

What I think: This is a very black liquid eyeliner! It has a round ball tip that makes it so easy for me to use.  I make a thick line with a wing very easily!  It applies very smoothly and stays on all day!

Purchase at mass market retailers near you

What products are you loving now?





Treat Your Skin, Hair And Smile To New Products This New Year!

It’s time to reverse some of the damages the holidays may have caused — I don’t mean to your body (that’s another blog), but to your beauty regime!  The following products can get your skin, hair and smile glowing again — just in time to have a fabulous 2012!

H2O Plus’ NEW Marine Calm Gentle Creamy Cleanser ($18 USD). Give your skin a fresh start and gently wash away impurities, dirt and oil for brighter, healthy skin. This antioxidant rich formulation lusciously lathers on skin for a fresh feel while antioxidant rich spirulina protects skin from adverse environmental exposure. Availability: H2O Plus Stores Nationwide;; ULTA stores nationwide.

MyChelle’s Magnolia Fresh Eyes ($38.39 USD) gives you a blend of peptides and plant extracts that shed light on even the darkest under-eye shadows. Green Coffee stimulates and revives while Magnolia Leaf Extract helps strengthen and promote repair for a well-rested look, even when you aren’t!  Availability: Whole Foods Nationwide;

Umberto Beverly Hills Repair Treatment Masque ($9.99 USD) With cold, dry weather, your locks will definitely be in need of some T.L.C.  This is an intensive therapy formulated for damaged and chemically treated hair. This deep conditioning treatment uses marine derived amino acids to help revive hair’s natural strength for luscious locks in the New Year!  Availability: Target Stores Nationwide;

Luster Powerwhite toothpaste ($6.99). The gentle formula relieves tooth sensitivity and whitens teeth for an overall healthy, happy smile. This is perfect for making teeth sparkle after a season of indulgences! Availability: Wal Mart, Target, CVS, Duane Reade, Walgreens and drugstores nationwide.

Enjoy getting your skin, hair and teeth back in to shape for the new year!

Instantly Whiten Teeth With Luster NOW

Luster NOW

Luster has just announced the debut of a revolutionary new way to instantly whiten your teeth at home.  Luster Premium White, which offers a collection of at-home whitening products, has come up with a solution unlike anything available – Luster NOW Instant Whitening Toothpaste  ($9.99 USD)  for a fast fix to the white smile you have been dreaming about.

Power up your smile with an instantly white, dazzlingly solution that lasts for hours – perfect before a night on the town, a first date or a party! Dentist developed and perfect for everyday use, Luster NOW is infused with Bluverite™ technology that instantly makes teeth appear whiter with just one brushing. This revolutionary ingredient delivers a special optical effect to make teeth appear instantly white for hours. In addition to the instant whitening effect, the toothpaste uses Luster’s whitening power to gradually whiten smile over time. After brushing with Luster NOW the Bluverite technology may make teeth and gums appear slightly blue, but this will disappear after a few minutes to reveal a white smile!

Directions: Brush teeth thoroughly with Luster NOW following meals or twice daily. If excessive blue appears on teeth or gums simply swish with water to reveal your dazzling smile.

What I think: I have never tried anything like this before. It is like makeup for your teeth, with added benefits of long-term whitening. You brush it on and your teeth are instantly whiter — I would say a few shades. I also love how the whitening powder is brightening my teeth over time as well. Very cool. This is very affordable and you get three 1.5 oz toothpastes that you can take anywhere. 

Luster NOW is available at Walgreens nationwide. Enjoy!

Brighten Your Smile for Summer Photos with Luster’s 1 Hour White

Luster 1 Hour White

If you are getting tan (hopefully fake) and toned and ready for summer, a white smile will top it all off perfectly! Luster is a great brand that you can find in your favorite drugstore to whiten your teeth.  

Luster’s 1 Hour White ($39.99 USD) claims to brighten teeth in only an hour. Does it work? It did for me! I followed the instructions and my teeth were 5 shades whiter in an hour! It is an active hour, though. No sitting and waiting for your teeth to get white. You need to follow these directions:      

Step 1: Rinse with the Accelerator Mouth Rinse, which will enhance the efficacy of the professional strength whitening gel
Step 2: Brush on the Super Whitening Gel, the same whitening agent used by dentists during professional treatments
Step 3: Apply the Activating Whitening Light, which will stimulate the photo-activator in the gel in just 2 minutes
For best results, rinse and repeat for up to 1 hour.  

I found that if the whitening gel got on my lips, they tingled a bit, but my teeth were not sensitive from the products, which is a big plus. I have very sensitive teeth.  

Another good Luster whitening kit which my teenage daughter tried, was the Weekend White ($19.99) This kit contains the whitening gel and the mouth rinse. For 3 days, twice a day, you rinse your mouth, then brush on the gel, wait 10 minutes and rinse again with the mouth wash. My daughters teeth were about 4-5 shades whiter and she didn’t mind the process.  

You can purchase these at a drugstore near you. Enjoy your pearly whites!