My Beauty Favorites — Week of October 30 – November 5, 2017

It really feels like fall in Kansas City now, it’s much cooler, which I am loving.  I can finally wear my boots!

This week, I’ve been loving a whitening toothpaste, a luxe velvet lipstick and a liquid eyeliner:

Luster Power White Deep Stain Eraser Fluoride Toothpaste ($6.99 USD) — This two in one toothpaste will not only cleanse your teeth and freshen your breath, but it will also whiten surface and deep stains. There is no need to buy a separate cleanser and whitener. Power White Deep Stain Eraser® Fluoride Toothpaste combines these two steps in one.

What I think:  This is an effective whitening toothpaste.  It leaves my teeth clean and it does freshen my breath. It is a bit harsh on my sensitive gums, though, so I can only use it once a day.  I definitely recommend it for quickly removing stains.

Purchase at

ECRU New York Velvet Air Lipstick

ECRU New York Velvet Air Lipstick ($24 USD) –A velvet lip color that glides on lips leaving an airy, weightless cushion of long lasting color. A single swipe of your finger transforms this moisturizing satin color into a true matte finish.

What I think:  I was sent this in Mulberry (the top, dark color in the photo above) and it is perfect for fall.  It’s a really pretty dark berry.  The lipstick is hydrating, but can also be made matte by tapping with your finger.  I like the original finish, though.  It looks really rich.

Available at


Rimmel London Scandaleyes Bold Liquid Eyeliner

Rimmel London Scandaleyes Bold Liquid Eyeliner ($2.99 USD) –Intense glossy color that lasts all day and night, up to 24 hour wear. Fade, transfer and waterproof. Innovative round tip applicator for a bold look

What I think: This is a very black liquid eyeliner! It has a round ball tip that makes it so easy for me to use.  I make a thick line with a wing very easily!  It applies very smoothly and stays on all day!

Purchase at mass market retailers near you

What products are you loving now?





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