Sephora Holiday 2017 — Reach Out and Gift!

Sephora, the beauty mecca we all know and love, has a cool new campaign this holiday season.  It’s called Reach Out and Gift and it features their beauty experts, pictured above.  Here is more info:

Sephora’s holiday campaigns have always celebrated beauty, so this year is no different. Sephora knows the importance of developing a personal, emotional connection with, and understanding of, the unique one-of-a-kind loved ones of your gift list. With that in mind, Reach Out and Gift was created to celebrate how beauty unifies people of all different interests, and encourages them to build personal connections with one another, whether its people they know or don’t know.  

Sephora’s beauty experts help personalize beauty for our clients in stores every day, so it made sense for us to feature them in this campaign. Of the 1,000 consultants that applied to be a part of the campaign, 10 were chosen from all over the U.S. and Canada based on their definition of what unique beauty means to him or her, and their own personal take on beauty. With the help of Inez and Vinoodh, Sephora was able to embrace and brilliantly bring to life its first campaign with its Sephora family—its Cast Members!

Of the ten Cast Members that are included in the campaign, one is actually located right in Kansas City (where I live) at Sephora Town Center Plaza! Her name is Alley Cage and she is on the top row, 4th from the left in the photo.

Alley is a Senior Artist at the Sephora Town Center Plaza store in Kansas City, and has been with Sephora for 6 years. Alley also supports two other stores with training and continued education in artistry, as well as provides content for Sephora’s YouTube Channel.

Alley wanted to work at Sephora because it “felt like coming home.” The first time she ever walked into a Sephora, she felt like she had found people that understood her “hunger for self-expression,” and that they “wanted to make people feel beautiful and celebrated for what made them uniquely beautiful.” Six years later, she feels the same holds true, “it is a place that helps you empower yourself to feel beautiful from the inside out.”

Alley applied for Sephora’s Reach Out and Gift campaign because she received a gift from Sephora that lent itself to a bigger idea – Sephora is a place to inspire beauty. Her mom gifted her her first brush set when she was twelve and it changed her life, it inspired her love for makeup and passion for creating. “Makeup became my armor and outlet when I was growing up and those brushes were the key to creating. Sephora helped me to see the beauty within myself when I was a teenager recreating looks in my bedroom, but they have also helped me to see my own beauty as grow my own artistry and career.” “I can now see my own beauty when the makeup is rinsed off and that I bring a lot to the table by being just the way that I am. This campaign is a celebration of that very premise and of the beauty that lives in others. To be the face of that beautiful idea is the biggest privilege I could ask for.”

Congrats to Alley and the other Cast Members who were chosen!

Plus, here are some amazing gift ideas from Sephora this season:

Sephora Favorites Glow For It

Sephora Favorites Glow For it ($40.00 USD) — Shine a light on beautiful skin with glow-getter creams, powders, and liquids—for a subtle radiance, intense glow, or anything in between. This set includes seven deluxe everyday essentials.

Sephora Collection Show Me Off Brush Set

Sephora Collection Show Me Off Brush Set ($38 USD) — A five-piece full face brush set with unique glitter handles housed in a stand-up pouch.

Sephora Winter Flush Blush Palette

Sephora Winter Flush Blush Palette ($16 USD) — A universally flattering blush palette featuring eight gorgeous shades in matte and shimmer finishes.

Sephora Collection Multi Masking Mania Clay Mask Blockbuster Set

Sephora Collection Multi Masking Mania Clay Mask Blockbuster Set ($38 USD) — Can be used alone or for multi-masking to target different concerns on different areas of the face. The travel-friendly packaging offers easy and convenient use with up to five uses per package.

I know the Insider VIB sales are going on — are you picking up any goodies for yourself or as gifts?



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