Brand Review — Reverie Farms & Soaps

I received samples for my honest review from the wonderful natural brand Reverie Farms & Soaps.

Reverie Farms is a small, local farm located in Argyle, Texas. They make natural beauty products because they found many soaps include unhealthy ingredients like parabens.

I received one bar soap (I chose Citrus Fusion) and a liquid hand soap (in Lemongrass):

Citrus Fusion Soap

Citrus Fusion Soap ($6 USD) — Citrus Fusion creates a new angle on citrus! The blood orange and bergamot essential oil fuse together to create a light citrus bar! It is a natural organic based bar soap and is biodegradable, vegan friendly, and made with organic oils.

This smells amazing.  Is is light and fresh and a great scent for the whole family because it isn’t too strong.  It cleans and leaves my skin very soft. I plan to try other scents in the future.

Natural Organic Foaming Hand Soap

Natural Organic Foaming Hand Soap ($6.50 USD) — The natural organic foaming hand soap is biodegradable, vegan friendly, and made with organic oils of sunflower and/or safflower, and coconut, vegetable glycerin, rosemary extract and essential oils. It is sold in an convenient 8 ounce foaming soap dispenser. Can be used in the kitchen, bathroom, shower, etc. Great for hands as well as body cleaning!  Formulated for people with sensitive skin and never tested on animals.

I have this in Lemongrass.  It’s very lemony and works well in my kitchen.  I like it, but it has a bit of a greasy feeling to it.  I need hot water to rinse it clean.  I do really like how moisturizing this is.  And it foams nicely!

These wonderful products are available at

Clean Up With Bodycology Hand Soap

Foaming Hand Soap


Bodycology, the affordable bath and body line that can be found at mass-market stores, has reinvented the packaging of their  popular hand soaps. The labels of their Anti-Bacterial Scrubbing Hand Soap, Anti-Bacterial Foaming Soap and Moisturizing Hand Sanitizers now have sleek and more sophisticated labels. Choose from:    

Antibacterial Foaming Hand Soap: an intense foaming lather for a quick, yet thorough clean that leaves hands smelling divine. Triclosan kills germs, while Vitamin E and Aloe Vera hydrate.  Suggested Retail Price is $2.50. Available in: Apple Orchard, Brown Sugar Vanilla and Cucumber Melon.
Antibacterial Scrubbing Hand Soap: a sparkling clean with scrubbing beads for a gentle lather with a heavenly scent that lingers throughout the day. Gentle scrubbing beads deeply cleanse; Triclosan kills germs; and Vitamin E and Aloe Vera hydrate. Suggested Retail Price is $2.50. Available in: Brown Sugar Vanilla, Clean Lemon, Coconut Lime, and White Gardenia.  Look for the newest fragrance, Cherry Blossom, coming in July 2010.  

Moisturizing Hand Sanitizer: This waterless cleaner instantly kills 99% of germs on hands while imparting a gentle fragrance. Aloe Vera provides extra moisture. Available in two sizes for added convenience. Suggested Retail Price is for 8 oz. bottle is $2.50; 2 oz bottle is $1.99.What I think: I tried the Foaming Hand Soap in Apple Orchard. It smells really yummy and is very foamy. I put it in the family bathroom and my kids really love it. It’s worth the price and I recommend it if you are looking for a quality hand soap that you can afford.   

For further information on bodycology® please visit .

New Summer Fragrances from Antica Farmacista

Antica Farmacista Ala Moana Fragrances

I like to change my home scents every season. In the Summer, the heat makes me long for light scents that are beachy, tropical and or fruity.  Antica Farmacista, a luxury brand of home and personal fragrances have delivered two new Summer collections; Ala Moana and Lemon, Verbena & Cedar.  Their notes are:  

Ala Moana — Night-blooming jasmine, plumeria, tuberose and gardenia and notes of citrus.     

Lemon, Verbena & Cedar — lemon, orange, lemongrass, Italian Verbena, white florals, and cedarwood.   

The line is available in:  

Home Ambiance Fragrance250 ml$62
Home Ambiance Fragrance500 ml$92
Room and Linen Spray100 ml$28
Perfume (Ala Moana only)50 ml$62
Body Lotion (Ala Moana only)10 oz$25
Bath & Shower Wash
(Ala Moana only)10 oz$23
Hand Wash (Ala Moana only)10 oz$23  

I have tried the Ala Moana Hand Wash, and it reminds me of my honeymoon in Hawaii many years ago. The scent of the flowers takes me away every time I wash my hands!  Very nice!    

Antica Farmacista Summer 2010 products will be available at, Nordstrom,, Bergdorf Goodman, Henri Bendel and Takashimaya

Pangea Organics Hand Soap

Pangea Organics Hand Soap


Pangea Organics Hand Soap (regular price $14.00 USD on sale for $10.50 USD) is a herbal hand soap that is foamy and fun! The soap includes organic coconut, olive, hemp and jojoba oils blended with our pure organic herbal extracts and essential oils to nourish the skin. 

This hand soap is available in the following combinations: 

Pyrenees Lavender with Cardamom: The benefits of lavender are soothing, healing and tension-relieving, and the benefits of cardamom are antiseptic, cleansing and invigorating. 

Italian White Sage, Geranium and Yarrow: The benefits of geranium are cell-regenerating, toning and rejuvenating and the benefits of yarrow are anti-allergenic, anti-inflammatory and detoxifying. 

Canadian Pine with White Sage: The benefits of pine are antiseptic and elevating yet grounding and the benefits of white sage are antioxidant, calming and healing.    

I have used the Pyrenees Lavender with Cardamom and I really love the scent, it’s sweet and refreshing. It foams up wonderfully and cleans well! It also leaves skin soft, not dry. 

Visit to learn more and purchase this great soap! 

Clean up with FURTHER SOAP

Further Hand Soap
Further Hand Soap
Want clean hands and a clean conscious? FURTHER SOAP($18.50 8 oz) is made from the glycerin derived from the distillation of biofuel. 
I really like using this hand soap. I love how it is basically a recycled product and is biodegradable. The scent is an infusion of essential oils of bergamot, olive and exotic grasses. It smells bright and fresh and cleans without stripping the skin. My husband likes it too, which is a plus!
They have recently created a candle made from purified waste grease from Mario Batali’s restaurant Mozza. It is the same scent as the soap, so I’m sure it makes the house smell heavenly!
Visit to learn more and purchase the soap and the candle.

Oh Happy Stress Relief — Bath and Body Works Aromotherapy Line Can Help

… and happy sleep plus energy when you need it! I really enjoy the Bath and Body Works Aromatherapy line because the fragrances are soothing and complex at the same time.

My favorite so far is the Lavender Chamomile scent, especially the pillow mist ($10.00 US). I spray this on my pillow every night and let it dry. Then when it’s time to go to sleep, the soft fragrance helps so much. And since it’s had some time to dry, it is not overpowering.

I also like the new Warm Milk & Honey scent. This fragrance includes notes of cinnamon and cloves, and is very comforting. Pour the Luxe Bath ($16.50 US) in your bath water and breathe it in. This will surely relax you!

I have also been using the Mandarin Lime Energy hand wash ($6.00 US). It is quite an invigorating scent. The new Orange Ginger is also fun, and has a kick to it from the ginger. It would be nice to use the lotion and shower gel right before a night out.      

Another thing I like about these products is the packaging. The bottles have an old-time apothecary feel to them. The pillow mist actually comes in a blue glass bottle, which gives it a substantial feel.

I highly recommend these products because of the wonderful scents and the benefits they bring to your mood. As a busy mom, I need lots of help!