Tria Hair Removal Laser 4X — Third Review

Tria Hair Removal Laser 4X
Tria Hair Removal Laser 4X

I was given a Tria Hair Removal Laser 4X for my honest review.  It has been almost two weeks since I tried it on my chin and forearm.

I am seeing regrowth on the arm that I used it on, but it is softer and not as coarse as it was.  I am going to use it again on Friday and I am so excited to see the difference a week or two afterwards!

Tria is much more affordable than going and getting laser hair removal and doing it at home is very convenient.  It is easy to use and if you start out at the lowest setting and work your way to higher, it’s not painful.

You can purchase the Tria Hair Removal Laser 4X at  The device is normally $449, but is selling now at a sale price of $387 for the laser and 2 oz. of the SmoothStart Calming Gel.

Leave a message if you have tried Tria and let me know how it worked for you!

Tria Hair Removal Laser 4X — First Review

Tria Hair Removal Laser 4X
Tria Hair Removal Laser 4X

I was so excited when I was recently asked to review the Tria Hair Removal Laser 4X!  I have been wanting to try this cool device for years.  I have light skin and dark hair, so my body hair is fairly noticeable.  I get so tired of shaving every day and thought it would be amazing not to have to worry about unwanted hair.

What is the Tria Laser?  From the website:

The first and only FDA-cleared hair removal laser available for home use, the Tria Laser 4X uses the same diode laser technology preferred by dermatologists. The Tria Laser 4X targets and permanently disables the hair follicle to stop hair growth on the face and body for permanent results.

I received the device in Lavender and a tube of Smoothstart Calming Gel. The gel is to apply on clean, dry and shaven skin right before using the laser.  “Featuring an Indian plant extract with anti-inflammatory properties, SmoothStart Calming Gel may help diminish the sensation of the laser treatment on higher levels for best results.”

I first tried the Tria on my chin.  I have some facial hair and have been wanting to remove it.  The Tria has 5 energy levels.  I tried it on the lowest level on my chin.  It stung at first, but the more I used it the less I felt.  I then tried it on my right forearm and couldn’t feel the heat at all.  The next time I do my arm (you treat an every two weeks), I will try a higher setting.  I am only doing one arm in hopes that I will see a difference in the hair on my arms in time.

I am going to post again in a few days to tell you how the hair is growing back on my chin and arm.  I am also going to treat my underarms and will let you know what that is like!

You can purchase the Tria Laser 4X at  The device is normally $449, but is selling now at a Black Friday price of $427 for the laser and 2 oz. of the SmoothStart Calming Gel.

Leave a message if you have tried Tria and let me know how it worked for you!


Gillette Venus Embrace

Gillette® Venus® Embrace® and Venus & Olay™ Razors

I was lucky to receive a Venus Embrace razor and a Venus and Olay blade refill complimentary from Influenster to try and review.

Have you tried Venus and do you know that the heads are interchangable with the handles?  I didn’t!

Choose how you get Venus Goddess Skin by trying any Venus blade refill on your existing Venus handle. Mix-and-match and find your perfect shaving match without having to purchase a whole new Venus razor.

Any Venus blade refill fits any Venus handle so you can find your perfect shaving match without having to purchase a whole new razor.

o  Venus Embrace blade refills provide an ultra-close shave with five blades that hug curves to get virtually every hair. Available in 4- and 8- count packages.

o  Venus & Olay blade refills feature Olay Moisture Bars that contain skin conditioners to help lock in moisture and with every smoothing stroke, Venus’ five blades provide an ultra-close shave. Available in 3-count packages.

I tried both blades on my razor.  My favorite is the Embrace blade because it gives a very close shave.  The Olay refill is so moisturizing, so if you love a lot of moisture when you shave, it is perfect!

Learn more at  Available at food, drug, convenience & mass merchandise stores throughout the US. Venus blade refills are as low as $3.50-$4.50 a month.

Rid Your Skin of Bikini Bumps With Bikini Zone After Shave Gel

Bikini Zone After Shave Gel

Have you been shaving your legs every day (like me)?  Or, waxing or using creams a lot? Then I’m sure you’ve had the little red bumps that can appear after hair removal.  Luckily there are products like Bikini Zone After Shave Gel that will help your skin be smooth again!

Bikini Zone’s After Shave Gel ($7.99 USD) — Bikini Zone’s best-selling, most popular product is specially formulated to help  skin recover from the possible effects of hair removal, such as irritation, redness,  itching and bumps. Its special ingredients instantly stop irritation, redness and  itching. And it helps reduce the chance of ingrown hairs that cause bumps by  exfoliating the skin to prevent hair from curling back under the skin. This formula  is also available in a Medicated Cream.

Bikini area irritation can occur any time, not just during swimsuit season. Using Bikini Zone regularly can help keep your bikini area skin irritation-free and beautifully smooth all year long.

How to Use:  After hair removal, apply a thin layer of  Bikini Zone to the affected areas.  Repeat as necessary but no more than  4 times daily. Whether you use a  razor, wax or depilatory, continue to  apply Bikini Zone as a regular part of a  hair removal routine. Won’t stain  clothing or bathing suits.

What I think:  This is perfect to have around in the summer time! After shaving, I apply to the red bumps and they reduce in size in a few hours.  I do have the medicated version and it is a bit stinky, but it does work very well.

Where to Buy: Nationwide at food,  drug and mass-market retailers.


Try Parissa Wax Products for Smooth Summer Skin

Pretty summer skin seems to take a lot of work. Since we wear less clothes, skin is a focus of summer looks. So we need to exfoliate, moisturize, use sunscreen, maybe apply a sunless tanner or body bronzer and of course, shave. Every day.

But there is an alternate — you can wax. Since salon waxing can be pricey, home waxing is a great alternative.   Parissa creates many different waxing products for anyone from beginners to experienced waxers.

I have recently tried a few Parissa products. They are:  

Wax Strips 3 Assorted Sizes ($12.00 USD) — This is my favorite of the three products that I tried. It is very easy to use. Just warm the strip in your hand, press on the area to be waxed and zip off. To use these, your hair needs to be at least 1/4 an inch long. The strips needs something to adhere to before they will take it off.  You then press the strip down in the direction your hair is growing and remove in the opposite direction. And Voila! No more hair! Your skin will stay smooth for up to 6 weeks.

Warm Wax ($12.00 USD) a microwaveable liquid salon hair remover that comes with strips. This is for coarser hair and larger areas such as the legs. You warm it up in the microwave, apply with the included wooden spatulas, then press down the strip and remove. This method takes more practice than the convenient strips. Skin should stay smooth for up to 8 weeks.  

Wax Strips Mini Eyebrow Design ($9.00 USD) — These are great for keeping your eyebrows in perfect shape. They are also great for stray hairs such as on the fingers and toes. They work just like the 3 Assorted Size strips, just press on and zip off. Easy! 

All of these products come with Parissa’s azulene oil hair inhibitor that helps remove the excess wax from the skin.

Check out  the website at to learn more and to purchase these products.