Try Parissa Wax Products for Smooth Summer Skin

Pretty summer skin seems to take a lot of work. Since we wear less clothes, skin is a focus of summer looks. So we need to exfoliate, moisturize, use sunscreen, maybe apply a sunless tanner or body bronzer and of course, shave. Every day.

But there is an alternate — you can wax. Since salon waxing can be pricey, home waxing is a great alternative.   Parissa creates many different waxing products for anyone from beginners to experienced waxers.

I have recently tried a few Parissa products. They are:  

Wax Strips 3 Assorted Sizes ($12.00 USD) — This is my favorite of the three products that I tried. It is very easy to use. Just warm the strip in your hand, press on the area to be waxed and zip off. To use these, your hair needs to be at least 1/4 an inch long. The strips needs something to adhere to before they will take it off.  You then press the strip down in the direction your hair is growing and remove in the opposite direction. And Voila! No more hair! Your skin will stay smooth for up to 6 weeks.

Warm Wax ($12.00 USD) a microwaveable liquid salon hair remover that comes with strips. This is for coarser hair and larger areas such as the legs. You warm it up in the microwave, apply with the included wooden spatulas, then press down the strip and remove. This method takes more practice than the convenient strips. Skin should stay smooth for up to 8 weeks.  

Wax Strips Mini Eyebrow Design ($9.00 USD) — These are great for keeping your eyebrows in perfect shape. They are also great for stray hairs such as on the fingers and toes. They work just like the 3 Assorted Size strips, just press on and zip off. Easy! 

All of these products come with Parissa’s azulene oil hair inhibitor that helps remove the excess wax from the skin.

Check out  the website at to learn more and to purchase these products.

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