Rid Your Skin of Bikini Bumps With Bikini Zone After Shave Gel

Bikini Zone After Shave Gel

Have you been shaving your legs every day (like me)?  Or, waxing or using creams a lot? Then I’m sure you’ve had the little red bumps that can appear after hair removal.  Luckily there are products like Bikini Zone After Shave Gel that will help your skin be smooth again!

Bikini Zone’s After Shave Gel ($7.99 USD) — Bikini Zone’s best-selling, most popular product is specially formulated to help  skin recover from the possible effects of hair removal, such as irritation, redness,  itching and bumps. Its special ingredients instantly stop irritation, redness and  itching. And it helps reduce the chance of ingrown hairs that cause bumps by  exfoliating the skin to prevent hair from curling back under the skin. This formula  is also available in a Medicated Cream.

Bikini area irritation can occur any time, not just during swimsuit season. Using Bikini Zone regularly can help keep your bikini area skin irritation-free and beautifully smooth all year long.

How to Use:  After hair removal, apply a thin layer of  Bikini Zone to the affected areas.  Repeat as necessary but no more than  4 times daily. Whether you use a  razor, wax or depilatory, continue to  apply Bikini Zone as a regular part of a  hair removal routine. Won’t stain  clothing or bathing suits.

What I think:  This is perfect to have around in the summer time! After shaving, I apply to the red bumps and they reduce in size in a few hours.  I do have the medicated version and it is a bit stinky, but it does work very well.

Where to Buy: Nationwide at food,  drug and mass-market retailers.

Website: www.bikinizone.com

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