Lulu Organics Hair Powder — A Great Hair Refresher

Lulu Organics Hair Powder
Lulu Organics Hair Powder

I don’t know about you, but some days I don’t have time to wash my hair. I take a quick shower (or bath, I’m a bath girl) and don’t want to deal with drying it. Also, my hair gets dry from too much washing.

That’s why I was interested in trying Lulu Organics Hair Powder ($40.00 USD). This fragrant powder is talc free and USDA certified organic. On a day that you don’t have time to wash your hair, sprinkle a small amount of powder in the palm of your¬†hand, and run through your hair at the roots. ¬†Your hair will instantly look and feel fresh.

I own the Lavender & Clary Sage scent which is clean smelling and mild. The hair powder also comes in Patchouli & Amber, Jasmine and Tuberose.

So for those in-between hair days, check out the Lulu Organics website at Enjoy!

Cover Girl Outlast Lip Stain

Cover Girl Outlast Lip Stain
Cover Girl Outlast Lip Stain

Sure, I am into serious skin care and high quality products, but I do love a good novelty, too. I was very intrigued by a review of Cover Girl Outlast Lip Stain on my favorite podcast, Lipgloss and Laptops  (   The ladies on the podcast remarked on what a neat little product this is, and I have to say I agree.

This very fun¬†lip stain in a pen form. When you remove the cap, you see a felt tip marker. “Am I supposed to use that on my lips? I’m not 5 years old!”, you’ll say to yourselves. But trust me. Go for it!

This pen creates a great line around your lips, then just color in the lines for a perfect lip stain. And it tastes like berry candy. Yum!

The lip stain comes in 10 shades. I have color 420, Sassy Mauve. This is a medium plum color on my lips. It is very pretty, but does not last long like it claims. I have to reapply it quite often to keep the stained look.

All in all, for $7.99 at your local drugstore, this is a pretty fun product to own.

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Fresh Soy Face Cream

Fresh Soy Face Cream
Fresh Soy Face Cream

I’m always looking for a quality face cream that will make¬†me look youthful and dewy. When I received a sample of Fresh Soy Face Cream ($42.00 USD at Sephora), I thought this sounded like just the thing.¬†¬†

This moisturizer is “enriched with natural protective soy proteins, restorative rose water, soothing cucumber extract, nourishing meadowfoam, and jojoba seed oils that work together to provide moisture and promote collagen synthesis. It hydrates and renews the skin, creating supple, healthy, firm, radiant results.”

And guess what? It does all of that. My skin glows right after¬†using and looks very smooth and young. The only thing is…the smell.

It has a very strong scent. Very strong.¬†You can really smell the rose water and¬†cucumber. With a natural product¬†like this, you are going to smell the ingredients. It is not a bad¬†fragrance at all, but if you are sensitive to scent, I wouldn’t invest in this product.

But, if you love all things natural and especially if you love rose; I would definitely recommend this cream. It is very a high quality product and will make your face look smooth and lovely almost immediately.    

What else you need to know (from the Sephora Website):
Soy Face Cream has been scientifically proven to have significant, long-term moisturizing and restorative effects on the skin. A healthy dose of antioxidant-rich tea complex and an infusion of vitamins A, C, and E make this skin-smoothing formula exceptionally fortifying and beneficial. For best results, use it as a complement to the Fresh Soy Face Cleanser.

Brighten Your Look This Winter with Stila’s Convertible Color

Stila Covertible Color
Stila Covertible Color


I recently received some wonderful Stila products. Once of the standouts is Convertible Color ($25.00 USD), a creamy compact that can be used on cheeks and lips.

The colors look dark in the compact, but go on sheer and are very blendable. I think this product works well for winter because of its creamy texture. Also, it probably would be good for most seasons because it is not at all greasy.

The two shades that I own are Rose, a pinky-red that leaves a naturally rosy lip stain as well as a complexion brightening blush; and Camellia, a neutral beige color that looks wonderful on my pale skin.

If you visit Stila’s website ( you will find a great variety of nine colors for sale. You can also find these products at Ulta and Sephora.¬†The quality of Stila’s products¬†are fantastic, so have fun trying out the brand!

Bye Bye Pores — Hello Fabulous Skincare from Dr. Brandt.

Dr.¬† Frederic Brandt is¬†the famous dermatologist behind the fantastic Dr. Brandt line of skincare. I haven’t tried¬†a lot of these products, but the ones I have had¬†made almost immediate improvements in my skin.

Getting older has made my skin less luminous and more ruddy with much larger pores. Yuck! So I am always on the lookout for help for my skin. A couple of cool products from Dr. Brandt that have helped are Pore Effect ($55.00 USD) and Microdermabrasion for face ($75.00 USD).

The Dr. Brandt website ( states that Pore Effect “contains salicylic acid, tea tree oil and botanicals, to refine and clarify skin.¬† It helps sooth redness and irritation to prevent future breakouts.” When I apply this cream to clean skin, I feel a tightening, like using a toner. It almost immediately makes my pores appear smaller and my skin feels and looks smoother. Later on in the day, though, my pores begin to look large again.

I have only been using Pore Effect for about a week, so maybe my pores would gradually remain smaller with continued use.

The Micordermabrasion for Face includes, “pharmaceutical grade crystals that polish away dead skin cells leaving skin radiant. These diamond shaped crystals exfoliate evenly without scratching or irritating the skin while smoothing fine lines and wrinkles and improving the overall texture of the skin.”

I have used the Microdermabrasion for a while now. I like to use it a few times a month when my skin is getting flaky and dull. This automatically revives my skin and makes it glow for days after use. The salesperson at Sephora told me to use it once a week, and I agree. Too much use and you could damage your skin.

I intend to explore this brand more in 2009. Their Lineless products look really nice as I am beginning to see fine lines appear around my eyes!

Eye Poppin’ Cover Girl Exact Eyelights Eye-Brightening Mascara

Cover Girl Exact Eyelights Mascara
Cover Girl Exact Eyelights Mascara


Reading about Cover Girl Exact Eyelights Eye-brightening Mascara (8.49 USD),¬†I was really intrigued. It claims to make the eyes 4 times brighter than without wearing mascara. It’s available in four shades to match eye color: Black Pearl for brown eyes, Black Sapphire for blue eyes, Black Ruby for greens eyes and Black Gold for hazel eyes.

Each shade has a metallic sheen and a bit of a color to it.  I purchased the Black Pearl, hoping to enhance my dark brown eyes. When you swipe this shade on a tissue, it is a metallic black.

On my eyes, you can’t really see the metallic, but it is very dark and really does make my eyes pop. I don’t know if they are brighter, but the thickening and lengthening mascara brings attention to my eyes. This mascara separates my lashes nicely and doesn’t clump. This is a great product.

I kind of wish my eyes were a different color, so I could try the shades that are tinted. Oh well, since the price is reasonable, maybe I will try the others, too !

Lots of Looks in a Little Package — Too Faced Glamour To Go

Too Faced Glamour to Go 2
Too Faced Glamour to Go 2

I treated myself to this wonderful little makeup kit with a gift card I received for Christmas.  It is always fun to try out new makeup colors.  I have been using this palette all week and have been creating great eyeshadow and lip gloss combinations.

The Too Faced Glamour to Go kit ($19.50 USD) includes 8 eye shadows, four lip colors and a blush. It comes in a little mirrored compact with the eye shadows on top, and the blush and glosses sliding out on the bottom.

The eye shadows contain shimmer, but aren’t too glittery which is perfect for me.¬†Their pigments are okay, but not the most concentrated. I find if I use an eye shadow base or concealer under it, then layer the shadow, it will last me all day.¬†The colors come in cool grays and pinks and warm golds and browns for a variety of looks.

The blush is a lovely peachy-pink with just a hint of shimmer. I only need a little of this because it is a bit bright on my pale winter skin. I really like it, though because the shade matches the cool and warm eye and lip looks.

The lip glosses are almost the consistency of a soft lipstick. They are a little sticky, but not too bad. They are very shiny and shimmery, so it might be more of an evening look if you work in a conservative office. I work in a non-profit, so a little glitz is fine!

The best part of Glamour to Go is that it is so small. I do my face in the morning, then toss it in my purse. I then have it on hand for touch ups at work. It does not come with applicators, so I just use my fingers or bring a brush or two along. Fun!