Travel Beauty Products To Take on Vacation!

I am getting ready for a trip to Ireland with my family in a few weeks.  As a beauty blogger, I have been trying to decide which wonderful travel-size products to take with me.

Below are some of my current favorites.  I am excited to use these during my travels:

Juara Candlenut Obsession Trio
Juara Candlenut Obsession Trio

Juara Candlenut Obsession Trio ($28 USD) — This trio features travel friendly sizes of Juara’s Candlenut Body Polish, Candlenut Hydrating Shower Gel, and Candlenut Body Crème to leave your skin baby soft, silky smooth, and lastingly nourished.

Candlenut Body Polish– Exfoliate and soften skin in one easy step with the Candlenut Body Polish. This 2 in 1 product is made with Indonesian Candlenut Oil and Crushed Walnuts; this creamy, soap-free scrub hydrates and reveals fresh glowing skin.

Candlenut Hydrating Shower Gel– Gently cleanse and pamper skin with the Candlenut Hydrating Shower Gel. This sulfate-free foaming shower gel cleanses without stripping and nourishes skin with Candlenut Oil leaving skin velvety smooth and refreshed.

Candlenut Body Crème — Moisturize, soften and smooth skin with our famous Candlenut Body Crème. This velvety, rich body cream provides the nourishing benefits of Indonesian Candlenut Oil as well as Illipe Butter, Rice Bran Oil and Avocado Oil to intensely hydrate and help maintain a youthful elasticity keeping skin supple and soft.

What I think:  I love the Candlenut scent! It is so warm and creamy.  The products all work together to hydrate and soften the body.  I am definitely taking these with me on my trip.  My skin will look amazing!

Purchase at

From Lancôme:

Absolue Premium βx Day Cream ($50 for .5 oz) — Pamper your skin with the luxurious Absolue Premium Bx Day Cream with SPF. Intensively nourishing, Absolue Bx quenches even the driest of skin without being greasy. The velvety texture is light, smooth, and fast-absorbing so it is ideal to wear under makeup. Absolue Premium Bx is infused with Pro-Xylane and the replenishing Bio-Network™ to replenish and rejuvenate skin’s appearance while recapturing the qualities of younger-looking skin: firmness, elasticity, and clarity. Recover your skin’s “golden glow” with Absolue Premium Bx.

Bi-Facil Double-Action Eye Makeup Remover ($15 for 1.7 fl. oz.) — This award-winning phenomenon gently whisks away all types of eye makeup, even waterproof. Simply shake to activate the bi-phase formula that leaves the eye area perfectly clean. The lipid phase lifts off eye makeup, while the water phase contains special emollients to refresh and condition skin without a greasy residue.

Définicils Natural Yet Noticeable Lashes ($13 for .14 oz) — For lavishly long, perfectly defined lashes, this iconic award-winning mascara provides the ultimate in separation. Carefully selected polymers coat each lash from root to tip, to help lengthen and outline each lash for unmatched definition. This best-selling mascara’s unique brush applicator has specially grooved bristles that hold the perfect amount of product for gradual, even application every time.

What I think: I love taking a little luxury with me when I travel. All three of these products are so useful on a trip. I only use day cream with SPF and the Absolue Premium Bx is also very hydrating.  It also sinks right into the skin, which is important before applying makeup.

The Bi-Facil is a classic Lancôme favorite.  Bringing this and some cotton pads will remove stubborn eye makeup. And the Définicils really lengthen and define the lashes.

Purchase at

Leonor Greyl Luxury Travel Kit For Very Dry, Thick Or Curly Hair
Leonor Greyl Luxury Travel Kit For Very Dry, Thick Or Curly Hair

Leonor Greyl Luxury Travel Kit For Very Dry, Thick Or Curly Hair ($52 USD) — The Luxury Travel Kit contains the must-have products for very dry hair, or hair that is very dry / thick/ curly:

  • Huile de Leonor Greyl (1 oz.)
  • Shampooing Moelle de Bambou (1.7 oz.)
  • Masque a l’Orchidee (1.7 oz.)

What I think: These products are a bit of luxury for your hair!  There are different kits available for different hair types.  For curly hair there is shampoo, a hair mask for condition and the Huile is a nice oil to help keep curly hair soft and bouncy!


Talika Bio-Enzymes Mask After Sun
Talika Bio-Enzymes Mask After Sun

Talika Bio-Enzymes Mask After Sun ($12 for one mask) — Talika Bio Enzymes Mask Hydrating is made of bio cellulose, a 100% natural fiber used as artificial skin in reconstructive surgery, offering a concentration in active ingredients 10 times higher than any other material. Perfectly molding the contour of the face like a second-skin, Talika Bio Enzymes Mask Hydrating infuses the skin with a powerful combination of natural ingredients with high moisturizing and repairing properties: Water-harnessing sugar help restoring the skin barrier while sodium hyaluronate rejuvenates the skin and natural plants extracts (Arnica, Chamomilla Recutita, Gentian, Absinth…) soothe the skin, restore moisture and reduce the sensation of tightness.

What I think: I love cellulose masks because they really stick to the face and infuse the skin with the wonderful serum.  This felt very nice on my raw skin (too much retinol) for a while.  After about 15 minutes, it stung a bit so I had to remove it.  Once I did and rubbed in the serum.  My skin felt better and was smooth.  Hours later it looked even better! Great to stick in your bag when going to the beach this summer.

Available at

What products do you like to take with you when traveling?  Leave a comment and let me know!


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  1. Wow ireland! That’s awesome! Good luck deciding what to take…that’s a tough one! Xo

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