Borghese Nail Care

Borghese is a classic beauty brand that creates quality products. Their extensive nail care line boasts beautiful polishes as well as helpful manicure items and hydrating hand and foot creams.

Borghese Nail Laquer ($8.00 USD) comes in a large variety of colors and finishes. The Duale Curve Tip brush is unique because it is two brushes fused together and curves for a precision line. It is free of Tolulene, DBP and added fromaldehyde for a healthier polish. This polish is also fairly long lasting, which is good for us busy ladies!

To get going fast after you do your nails, spray on Borghese Manucure Perfecting Finale Fast Set Nail Spray ($15.00 USD). It literally dries wet nails in seconds. I usually apply two coats of polish and a top coat, and the spray dries my nails instantly! This is handy for everyone, and kids think it’s really fun to use. It can also be used to freshen your shine between manicures and pedicures. The spray contains olive oil, Acqua Di Vita® complex and grape seed extract to moisturize and create high gloss shine.

The Borghese Crema Divina Hydrating Leg & Foot Creme ($15.00 USD) is a luxurious lotion to soften and sooth skin. It is infused with grape seed, olive and sunflower oils, as well as Acqua Di Vita® Complex and sweet almond oil to hydrate and restore skin’s moisture.  I lvoe smoothing this on after a hard day at the office. It smells really lemony, too.

Visit the website at for more information and to find a retailer near you. 



2 thoughts on “Borghese Nail Care

  1. Do you know what’s become of this hand and nail care line? It has vanished. I am particularly addicted tothe Crema Divina. Had you noticed that, applied right after shaving, it can seriously discourage regrowth? My legs stay smooth for days instead the usual hours (Thank you, Italian side of family – sigh). Oh, and the hand brightener – can make my hands look 10 years younger. At least for an hour or 2 – long enough for wedding righ-hand photos.

    I have been able to scavange a tube here and there off of the internet, but most of those sources seem to have dried up.

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