Revlon Age Defying Spa Collection Foundation and Concealer

Revlon Age Defying Spa Concealer
Revlon Age Defying Spa Concealer
One of my New Year’s resolutions is to try out products that are supposed to, well, make me look younger. At forty, now’s the time to truly test-drive the products that are supposed to de-age me. This year I want to delve into the wide world of anti-aging skincare and makeup.
Last week I picked up the Revlon Age Defying Spa Collection Concealer($9.99 USD) and Foundation ($13.99 USD). This week, I have been using these products exclusively as my concealer and foundation.
Revlon’s website claims that these products, “instantly revitalize and brighten for radiant, flawless coverage and protect against fine lines”.  They contain, “Stone Therapy minerals that help energize stressed skin and Vitamin C fusion brighteners.”
Revlon Age Defying Spa Foundation
Revlon Age Defying Spa Foundation
That sounds very nice, but how does it wear? Well, I like these products okay, but they did settle a little into the lines around my eyes.
The foundation, though,  has a couple of great pluses to it. First it contains SPF 18 which is important for our aging skin.
Second, the brush applicator is really cool. I twist the base once, squeeze the tube, and the product comes out. I then twist it back to lock it while I am applying it. It takes about 3 squeezes to do my whole face. Ingenious.
The highlighter is in a slim pen shape and also has a brush applicator.  To dispense the concealer, I turn the base until it saturates the brush. I then swipe it on the areas I need it and blend with my finger.  
The shades I purchase are the concealer in 001 light and the foundation in 002 fair/light. The concealer color is perfect for my skin, but the foundation is a little dark and a bit orange for me. It would probably be a good shade for the summer, when my skin becomes a little darker (even with sunscreen).  
All in all, these are nice products and if you are interested, give them a try!

4 thoughts on “Revlon Age Defying Spa Collection Foundation and Concealer”

    1. I bought mine at Walgreens. I think you could find it at most drugstores. Look for the displays of new products that they have out. That’s where I found it. I don’t know if it has been integrated with their regular products yet. Hope this helps! Lorena

  1. I recently bought the foundation this past weekend and I just looooove it!! The light/medium shade is perfect for my skin tone. It makes my face look so natural and flawless. My favorite part about is the built in brush. It makes me so easy and quick to apply. It just makes me want to stock up just in case it gets discontinues, but unfortunately I can’t afford to do that. So I hope a lot of people like it.

    1. The brush is really cool. I have been experimenting a lot with foundation brushes, and it’s nice to have one built in!

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