Holiday Fragrance Gift Guide 2014

Still looking for the perfect beauty gift for the amazing ladies in your life?  Fragrance is a great choice!  If you know her favorite scent, or even her favorite notes, you can surprise her with a present she will enjoy every day!

Some perfect ideas are:

L'Occitane Arlésienne Eau de Toilette
L’Occitane Arlésienne Eau de Toilette

L’Occitane Arlésienne Eau de Toilette ($50 USD, 2.5 fl. oz.) — This eau de toilette is a feminine floral fusion, the embodiment of the woman of Arles –the Arlésienne. Elegant and mysterious, she leaves in her wake a unique trail that lingers wherever she goes. L’OCCITANE reveals her in a subtle bouquet of three flowers: the rose for her grace, the sweet violet for her mystery, and the saffron for her temperament.
Made with extracts of rose from Grasse, sweet violet, and saffron from Provence.

Available at

Strange Invisible Perfumes Perfumes of the Zodiac Collection
Strange Invisible Perfumes Perfumes of the Zodiac Collection

Strange Invisible Perfumes, Perfumes of the Zodiac Collection ($125 per perfume– This extraordinary collection consists of twelve botanical fragrances, each representing a sign on the astrological chart. Drawing inspiration from her fascination with the cosmos, Balahoutis was compelled to create this collection to convey the complexity of astrology through the art of botanical perfumery.

“I see the constellations of the zodiac as a palette of twelve mysterious essences. Like botanical essences, their content is complex and elusive. They somehow power aspects of our personalities and influence our lives certainly, yet without explanation.” – Alexandra Balahoutis, Perfumer and Founder

The twelve scents are intended to be layered and the wearer encouraged to choose the scent or scents they most admire, rather than feel limited to their sun sign. “We all have more than one sign layered within our personality much like the layers of a perfume composition. The Perfumes of the Zodiac collection lends itself to reflect that,” says Balahoutis.

Visit to learn more about your sign’s scent.


B.BALENCIAGA ($82 1 oz, $110 1.7 oz and $145 2.5 oz) The B.BALENCIAGA woman is mysterious and feminine. Confident in her form and free to express emotion and sensuality. The more she reveals, the more intriguing she becomes. Fresh and alluring, the fragrance opens with green notes of lily of the valley bell and violet green leaves accord. As B.BALENCIAGA evolves, the iris note reveals a powdery essence before drying down with darker woody notes of cashmeran woods.

TOP: Lily of the Valley Bell, Violet Green Leaves Accord, Green Edamame Accord

HEART:  Iris Root, Cedarwood Heart

BASE: Ambrette Seeds, Cashmeran Wood

Available at Sephora and specialty retailers.

Forever Vera by Vera Wang
Forever Vera by Vera Wang

Forever Vera by Vera Wang ($42, 1 oz and $49.50, 1.7 oz — Forever Vera is the essence of timeless beauty. Weightless with a sense of warmth, it feels sensual on a woman’s bare skin. Forever Vera’s classic elegance celebrates a woman’s most intimate moment of reflection. Forever Vera makes a woman feel beautiful in her own skin as velvety textures of white peach and gardenia blend with a splash of refreshing coconut water as a tender top note.

TOP: White Peach, Gardenia Brazil NP, Coconut Water

HEART: Orris, Blooming Lilac, Rum

BASE: Sandalwood, Tonka Beans, Skin Musk

Available at Kohl’s and Ulta.

Sofia by Sofia Vergara Gift Set
Sofia by Sofia Vergara Gift Set

Sofia by Sofia Vergara Gift Set ($60 USD) — Sofia by Sofia Vergara is a passionately constructed fragrance inspired by Sofia’s unrivaled beauty, charm and unforgettable magnetism.

The exquisite scent opens with a sparkling cocktail of cassis buds, juicy black berries and luscious plum nectar, to evoke Sofia’s playful energy.

The heart is a voluptuous floral blend starring Colombian Rose combined with the allure purple Violet and Colombian Luna Musica Orchid, creating a mysterious and exotic aura.

As the fragrance unwraps, earthy Woods are softened with the addiction of Toasted Prailine, Vanilla Absolute and creamy Sandalwood for a long lasting and unforgettable finish.

Set Contains:
1 Eau De Parfum Spray 3.4oz;
1 Body Lotion 3.4oz;
1 Eau De Parfum Pencil Spray 0.34oz.

Notes: Blackberry, Sparkling Cassis Buds, Plum, Purple Violet, Colombian Rose, Colombian Orchid, Earthy Woods, Vanilla, Sandalwood.

Purchase at

Are you picking up any fragrance gifts this year?

Switch Up Your Fragrances For Fall!

It’s almost fall, and I am already starting to love more hearty and spicy fragrances.  I have tried some great new perfumes and bath and body products. Here are a few that I really like:

Lisa Hoffman Beauty Tuscan Fig Eau de Parfum

Tuscan Fig Eau de Parfum ($59.90 USD 2 oz)  Vanilla Bean, Honeysuckle, Coconut Wood, and Gardenia, Tuscan Fig entices you with its warm essence.

I have been wearing this every day lately.  It is a great daytime fragrance because is it soft and warm.  I can really smell the vanilla and fig — so nice!

This is $59.90 USD on

Yves Rocher So Elixir Purple

Yves Rocher So Elixir Purple ($59 USD 1.7 oz) — Following the 2010 launch of SO ELIXIR YVES ROCHER, Yves Rocher is now introducing SO ELIXIR PURPLE, an intoxicating and magnetic fragrance that reveals your powers of seduction. The notes of the fragrance are a unique combination of Tuberose, Vetiver, Bergamot, Benzoin and Patchouli.

I like that this is spicy, but also bright — the tuberose and bergamot lighten up the benzoin and patchouli notes.  I think it is perfect for an evening out! This will be available in October at  Also, take their Plantsonality quiz at to find the perfect fragrances for you!

Strange Invisible Perfumes Lemon Neroli Body Lotion

Strange Invisible Perfume’s Lemon & Neroli Body Lotion ($60 USD 8oz) — A remarkably pure moisturizing formula for all skin types, handcrafted with certified organic, non-photosensitizing ingredients, including hydro-distilled lemon and French neroli.  It is made with purified glacier water and natural, certified organic/pesticide-free ingredients and is completely non-toxic, vegan, and never tested on animals.

This is a light, fresh scent and the lotion makes my skin so soft!  The Bergamot scent is also lovely for citrus-lovers.  Purchase at

Laura Mercier’s Ambre Vanille Body Scrub

Laura Mercier has releasing a brand new fragrance to her Bath and Body Collection: intoxicating Ambre Vanillé in a Souffle Body Crème, Body Scrub and Honey Bath.

I have been loving the Ambre Vanille Body Scrub. This delicious and pampering body polish, made from crushed Vanilla Seeds and Hydrogenated Jojoba Oil, gently exfoliates skin, while Shea Butter and Honey naturally condition and protect. Sweet Almond and Hydrolyzed Rice Proteins, along with Pro-Vitamin B-5 provide moisture balance and protection. For skin that feels super soft and smooth, indulge in this luxurious Body Scrub.

This smells amazing and leaves skin velvety soft.  available for $46.00 at


Strange Invisible Perfumes

“From the barge a strange invisible perfume hits the sense of the adjacent wharfs” — Antony & Cleopatra by William Shakespeare. 

In 2000, botanical perfumer Alexandra Balahoutis founded Strange Invisible Perfumes in her native California. She creates luxury botanical perfumes. She states that, “Our perfumes are melded in the fires of three essential components: pure aromatic plants, reverent distillation, and evocative compositions.”     

The website further explains: “A Strange Invisible Perfume is a soulful, dynamic, living creation that fuses with each wearer’s particular body chemistry to create a unique aromatic expression. Immediately after application to the main pulse points—the insides of the wrists and arms, the nape of the neck, and the shoulders—a subtle evolution begins. Within the first three to five minutes, the perfume uncoils, whispering allusions of how it will eventually inhabit the skin. After ten to fifteen minutes, the dry down process, wherein the alcohol vanishes from the surface of the skin and the top notes begin the quiet, is complete and the true nature of the fragrance is revealed. These botanical perfumes are crafted without the aid of synthetic fixatives, therefore the longevity of an application will vary depending on the wearer’s chemistry and environmental influences.”

The following two perfumes are the ones I find most interesting from this line; Aquarian Roses and Fire and Cream.

Aquarian Roses ($175.00 USD 50 ML)  “Crisp, aquatic notes of wild roses brighten a warm sea of marjoram and sandalwood. A floral perfume for both sexes, this Aquarian elixir boasts the relevance of rose in contemporary perfumery and on the skin of men.” 

Most rose perfume are too floral and almost too grandma-like for me. But I really like Aquarian Roses. Its a sexy rose perfume, that holds all of the romantic essence of the flower without seeming too old fashioned. I don’t know about the uni-sex value of it, though. I still think it’s pretty feminine.  

Fire and Cream ($145.00 USD 50 ML) — “A path begins in a warm, earthly setting of vetiver, sandalwood, and patchouli. Rising through the delicate light of white lavender and tuberose, this composition quickens toward a blazing glow of top notes. Upon its finish, the perfume’s every nuance smolders in a fiery sky of hydro-distilled oranges and their blossoms.” 

This scent is very smoky and earthy. You can really smell the sandalwood and patchouli. After the dry down, you can kind of smell the orange scent, but it is still pretty heavy. This would be good for winter or evening wear. It’s definitely not an office scent!

Visit to learn more and to purchase these luxurious scents. Enjoy!