Mama Mio Boob Tube

Boob Tube

Mama Mio is a skin care brand that began specializing in helping pregnant women with their skin care needs.  Now, besides pregnancy skin care, Mama Mio creates safe products that give strong, elastic, healthy, well-toned, and fit skin.

I tried the Boob Tube (funny!) Bust & Neck Firmer ($45.00 USD). As the website so sadly states, “Girls, let’s face the facts, our boobs are on a slippery slope heading south. People say the first place you can tell a woman’s age is her hands. Forget about it – it’s your décolletage.” This is because the chest and neck are exposed a lot of the time, (of course not the whole chest). The skin is exposed to the sun and gravity. Use Boob Tube claims to “fight sag and droop by improving skin’s strength and elasticity. It gives you a more beautifully textured, well toned neck and bustline. Boob Tube has become our best-selling sensation which means there will be a lot of gorgeous cleavage out there, thanks to Boob Tube.”

I really like this product. I have been using it on my next and chest every morning and evening. I don’t know if my skin has become firmer, but it looks smooth, especially my neck and upper chest area. It has a pleasant citrusy scent that reminds me of lemon-lime soda. It contains CoQ10, Avocado Oil, Fenugreek, Shea Butter and Milk Thistle. It does not contain Parabens which is great.

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