Palladio — Natural Cosmetics at an Affordable Price

Palladio Beauty creates affordable makeup that is actually good for you. The products are enriched with herbs and vitamins and come in quite a variety of products and shades.

Some of the products I have tried are:

Herbal Lipstick ($6.00) — This vanilla-scented lipstick’s formula contains “diamond clusters” that are touted to create an irresistible look of frost and glimmer on the lips. Out of the 40 shades, I tried Precious, a rosy pink. It is shimmery, but not glittery and the color was subtle and was moisturizing too.  

Mosaic ($10.00) — is five harmonizing hues of pinks, tans and browns combined in one powder kit. They can be used individually or blended together to create a single shade to match your skin type. They can be used as an overall bronzer, blush, eye shadow or an overall face highlight. I tried Sun Kissed, a light bronzer. It is very soft and pretty, and is available in 8 kits of blush or bronzer.

One of may favorite Palladio products are the Baked Eye Shadows ($7.00 for single colors; $8.00 for trios). These are highly pigmented, shimmery and last longer than regular shadows.  They are available in 12 single shades and 8 trios. I love the glimmer and choices of colors that these shadows offer. Fun!

Visit to learn more about these great products and to find a store that carries them.

Marina Cosmetics– The Kiss of the Sea

I love trying new lipsticks and lip glosses. I seem to be more drawn to lip glosses these days because they make the lips feel moisturized and are non-drying. Lipsticks can be very drying and it is great to find one that makes the lips soft and glossy.

If you are looking for a hydrating lipstick, try Marina Cosmetics – The Kiss of the Sea. Both their lipsticks and lip glosses are enriched with hydrating sea minerals, plus other nourishing ingredients like seaweed, jojoba oil and natural waxes. They are also Dermatologist tested, Hypoallergenic,  and Paraben-Free.  

The Sea Perfected Lipstick ($20.00) gives a soft, sheer wash of color that has a hint of shimmer to it.  Available in ten colors, I have Pink Sand, which is a glimmering rose color.

Hydrating Lip Gloss ($22.00) This non-sticky and moisturizing lip gloss is fun to apply at any time of the day. It gives the lips shimmer and shine. Available in ten colors as well, I have tried Sandcastle which is a light beige.

Visit the webiste at to learn more about these fab lip products.

Big Bang Illusion Gloss by Lipstick Queen

Lipstick Queen Big Bang Illusion Gloss
Lipstick Queen Big Bang Illusion Gloss


I love discovering new lip products. There is nothing better than a new lipstick or gloss. That’s why the company Lipstick Queen was such an irresistible find. A company solely invested in creating quality and innovative lip products? I am so in!
The creator of Lipstick Queen, Poppy, is a chemist who loves inventing new formulas of lip products. And she is the responsible one for making my new favorite lip gloss, Big Bang – Illusion Gloss ($20.00 USD). This is a gloss created to give the illusion of fuller lips. Unlike sometimes painful plumpers, irritants aren’t responsible for the fullness of your lips after you apply this wonderful gloss, the perfect ratio of shine to shimmer is.
This gloss is extremely moisturizing and not sticky at all; it feels almost like wearing a balm . I have a beautiful light pink called Infinate and it is perfect for day or evening. But since there are eight lovely colors, I’m sure you can find something you like, too!
You can purchase these glosses plus fabulous lipsticks and more at I really recommend these quality products.  

Ready For Your New Year’s Kiss? — Try a New Red Lipstick

Urban Decay Lipstick -- Revolution
Urban Decay Lipstick -- Revolution

The perfect red lipstick is extremely difficult to find. The reason being is there are so many shades of the color. Warm reds, cherry reds, blue reds, fire engine reds. The mind boggles.

I’ve decided to begin my search for the perfect red lipstick, which is a wonderful item to have for a New Year Eve Party. I started my search at Sephora and have found a few good ones. Brands like Urban Decay, Stila, Dior, Nars, and Cargo all have various shades of red to choose from.

Surprisingly to me, the one that looked the best was by Urban Decay ($22.00 USD). The shade is Revolution, a warm classic red. My coloring is light olive skin with dark brown hair and dark brown eyes. I alway thought that cooler colors looked better on me ( I like purples and maroon’s), but Revolution looked very pretty on.

PlantLove Botanical Lipstick - Cherry Bliss - The shade in the center
PlantLove Botanical Lipstick - Cherry Bliss - The shade in the center

I also realized what doesn’t look nice on me. That is a cherry red. I tried on Cargo’s PlantLove Botanical Lipstick ($20.00) in Cherry Bliss. This is a very pretty color, but is too bright for my face. I also tried on other cherry and blue red’s but they made me look like a little girl trying on my mother’s lipstick!

I recommend both Urban Decay and Cargo’s lipsticks if you are looking for quality. They both feel great and are good for you. The Urban Decay Lipstick has vitamins A, C, and E and is infused with a crème-caramel scent and flavor. Hyaluronic spheres (found naturally in the body) are added to stimulate cellular function, prevent dehydration, and fill in lines and wrinkles.
PlantLoves’s packaging is biodegradable and the lipstick is Paraben and Sulfate free. What’s even better is that CARGO is donating two dollars from the sale of every shade to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital.    

If you are looking for a red lipstick you are a bold lady! I recommend that you take your time and search for the perfect shade for you. I am not done looking yet. Maybe I will continue my search around Valentine’s Day…

Lipstick Love for Fall

Glamorous. That’s how I feel when I wear a noticeable color of lipstick. Lip gloss can be natural and often sexy, but not glamorous like lipstick.

To me, fall is a naturally glamorous time. It is cooler, causing us to wear more clothes. I trade in my flip flops for boots and shoes with heels. And I wear more makeup.

I have been wearing lip gloss all summer long, and now I want a new lipstick to complete my fall looks. But which one? A nice drugstore brand like Revlon, A creamy MAC, or splurge on a Nars or Urban Decay? What do you think?

I mean really, what do you think? Below is a poll on your favorite brand of lipstick. If you don’t like any of the choices feel free to write one in and you can champion your favorite brand or shade in the comments section of this blog. I might just try your favorite!