Dry Skin Driving You Crazy This Winter? Soothe It With New Products for Hands and Body

When the weather gets cold and dry (and blizzards like it did in Kansas City this week), skin and nails really need to be nourished.  My hands and feet especially have been cracked and my cuticles are peeling. I have taken this opportunity to try new products (or ones that are new to me) to get my skin feeling soft and hydrated.

Cures by Avance Hydrating Body Silk ($26.00 USD) is a weightless body milk which claims to transform the skin. I like to use this after a shower to lock in the moisture. My skin feels silky and soft afer use. To purchase, visit  www.curesbyavance.com

It’s a known fact that winter air completely zaps the essential natural oils found in  skin and hair but unfortunately, attention to the nails has long been neglected. Due to the sub-zero effects outside and the bone-dry heat that is pumped indoors, the nails take a real beating – quickly becoming dry and brittle which results in cracks, painful splits and very short-lived manicures (the shame!)
In order to prevent and combat these harsh effects, protect nails with Perfect Formula’s Daily Moisture ($29.00 USD)– a tried and true treatment that keeps nails long, strong and healthy. Formulated with Keratin, the main protein that makes up nails, Jojoba Oil, an excellent moisturizer that is similar to the natural lubricant of skin, and Vitamin E, this product instantly nourishes and strengthens dry, thirsty nails even in the most treacherous conditions. 
To use, simply brush Daily Moisture on top of nails, under nails and on cuticles daily. Can be used on polished or natural nails. purchase at http://www.perfectformulas.com or QVC.com.

Caudalie Vine Body Butter ($36.00 USD) is deeply hydrating, with a delicious light scent and velvety texture melts into skin and provides all the therapeutic benefits and efficiency of Vinothérapie Spas. This lotion is perfect for anyone with very dry to damaged skin wanting an ultra nourishing, repairing and luxurious treatment. Apply morning and evening, massage gently into skin in upward motions.

I love the scent of this lotion, it is a bit fruity and is very refreshing. I like to apply it to my hands, feet and legs after shaving. Visit www.caudalie-usa.com to purchase.

Enjoy your hydrated skin!

Soften Your Dry Winter Skin With Caudalie Hand And Nail Cream

I seem to be slathering on hand cream constantly in this cold, dry, winter air. I have been looking for a hydrating, but not greasy, hand cream that smells great. And I have found it! Caudalie Hand And Nail Cream ($19.00 USD) is my new favorite winter hand cream.

Why? Because is it nourishing for both hand and nails and it is also anti-aging. It contains patented grapevine polyphenols, organic shea butter from equitable trade, grape-seed oil, avocado extract, Vinolevure® and plant-derived glycerin. It is also infused with a sweet orange fragrance that smells fantastic!

Visit www.caudalie-usa.com to learn more and to purchase. Enjoy!