Laura Geller’s Fall Eye-deas!

Super-talented cosmetics creator and make-up artist Laura Geller has created  a couple of fab new eye products that will make it easy to glam up your Fall with long-wearing eyes!

Laura Geller Perfect Pairing ($26.50 USD) is a dual-ended eyeliner wand. One end holds liquid liner and the other end holds a powder shadow liner in the same shade. Cool, no? So simple to use, yet so transformative! First, apply the unique liquid eyeliner onto the base of the lashes to impart shiny, long-lasting, smudge-resistant color. Then use the high-pigment loose powder on the other end on top of the liquid liner with the specially crafted wand applicator to soften the line and intensify the color. The intense powder formula softens the appearance of a liquid liner, expertly smudging and perfecting while also setting the color so it stays put all day long–it’s that easy! Available in four wearable shades, including Black, Eggplant, Brown and Navy*.

Laura’s Lesson: “Always apply liquid liner to clean, dry skin for the best results. When using both liners, lay the brush on the root of the lash line for easier application. Place the shadow deep into the lash line for
a lush, intense effect.”

What I think: I like a softer eye, so I use the powder alone by smudging it into my lashes. But for more drama, layering the liners gives a sexy look that lasts all day!

Laura Geller Waterproof Eye Spackle ($22.00  USD). As the brand that popularized the primer category, Laura Geller continues to reinvent her famed, best-selling Spackle Collection with new Waterproof Eye Spackle, an innovative primer for eyes. This is gentle on the eyes but seriously tough on creases, smudges and smears, making any powder shadow virtually waterproof.

Application is seamless and effortless with the easy click-pen applicator. Applied as a base, lids are left smooth, creaseless and ready for flawless shadow application. Color stays true and remains in place all
day, no matter what the forecast is! Even humidity, tears, long hours at the office or a fun-filled evening won’t melt or budge eye makeup once Waterproof Spackle is applied.

Key Ingredients & Benefits:
• Isododecane: provides long lasting, water resistant-benefits
• Boron Nitride: imparts a soft, silky finish and simplifies application
• Ronasphere LDP: creates a light diffusing effect

Laura’s Lesson: “Always apply before your favorite shadow. Eye lid primers work to smooth and even the tone of lids for flawless color application. With a click of the pen, just the right amount of Spackle is
dispensed and will revolutionize your makeup case!”

What I think:  This primer works really well. Just a little goes a long way. I smooth it on my eyelids and it instantly evens out the area. If I don’t have a lot of time in the morning, just a little primer and mascara makes me look wide awake. Add shadow and it will stay on all day.

You can purchase Laura Geller products at or

TINte Cosmetics Match Book — A Full Face of Makeup in a Handy Palette

Blushed Beauty Match Book
Blushed Beauty Match Book

According to the website, “TINte Cosmetics was created from a feeling, a feeling of a simpler time, a time we all cherished, a memory of pure innocence, the essence of youth and freedom. The Creator of TINte Cosmetics is a modern day woman who remembers her first encounter with a lip gloss, a lip gloss with the color, aroma and flavor that launched her and a generation down the road to femininity.”

The TINte line includes lip glosses and pigment powders. Their latest addition is a the Match Book ($28.00) — a palette that includes two eye shadows, one eye liner, one blush, two lip glosses and two brushes in one cute little package. This gives you all you need (besides a killer mascara), to give you a complete look for day or night. The back of the palette includes illustrated steps.  The shades are:   

Blushed Beauty — A pink vanilla base eye color and a natural brownish plum contour shade, a deep plum cream eyeliner, medium pink blush, frosty rose and plum lip glosses and two brushes. They are quick and simple to use. Just follow the five instructional steps on the back to achieve a gorgeous new you!

Natural Beauty — A vanilla base eye shadow and a natural bronze contour shade, a deep chocolate brown cream eyeliner, peach blush, peach and cocoa lip glosses and two brushes.

Smoky Eyes — A light grey base shadow and a deep grey contour shade, a black cream eyeliner, sheer pinky-nude blush, nude and pink lip glosses and two brushes.

Visit to purchase these great makeup kits!

New Milani Eye Liners for Fall

Summer makeup is so easy. You don’t need a lot for a fresh look that is perfect for the season. But fall makeup is a different story.  When the weather turns cooler, and the fashions become more bold, the bright colors come out of the makeup cases and on to our faces!

Milani has introduced two new eye liners that are perfect for fall.  Eye Tech Liquid Eye Liner and Infinite Liquid Eye Liner offer bold lines and bright colors, and even though it is not quite fall yet,  I have already begun having fun experimenting with them.

Eye Tech Liquid Eye Liner ($6.99) puts the control in your hands.  This pen-style liner boasts a water-based formula that has a “flow thru system” and a felt-tip applicator for a steady line in one stroke.  It goes on incredibly smoothly and you can get more than one look from it. The first time I tried it I was going out with friends, so I did a thick cats-eye line on my top lashes. I have also drawn a very fine line at the base of my lashes to for a more natural look.  It is available in black, brown and charcoal.

Infinite Liquid Eye Liner ($5.99) is a long wearing liner that boasts a waterproof formula that lasts up to 24 hours.  This comes with a very thin brush that you dip into the product and apply. Once you apply it, you have just a few seconds until it dries to correct any mistakes, because it STAYS ON!!! My daughter applied the blue liner (Infinite) on her friend and it took a lot of makeup remover to get it off! You know that if you put this on in the morning it will stay on all day! It is available in 5 dramatic shades: Infinite (the metallic electric blue),  Endless (metallic purple), Eternal (golden green), Forever (golden bronze) and Everlast (black). My favorite is the Forever, it is so pretty and wearable for day.

Visit to learn more about these and all of their fab products!

Bobbi Brown Ivy League Collection for Fall

“Pencils are back in a big way for fall. They’re quick, mistake-proof and can go from subtle to bold in one easy stroke.” – Bobbi Brown

I agree with Bobbi. I love pencil eyeliners. They are the easiest form of liner for me to maneuver. Bobbi Brown’s Ivy League Collection contains pencil eyeliners — as well as pencil lip colors — as the focus of a classic fall look.  

I recently tried a few items from Bobbi Brown’s fall collection including her new and improved Creamy Eye Pencil ($20.00) — It is  designed to go on smoothly and evenly and features a built-in smudger for a softer, smoky effect. Available in 9 shades including: Jet, Walnut, Caviar, Midnight, Hunter, Brown Plum, Dusk, Charcoal and Mahogany. I tried Mahogany. This is a soft taupey brown with a dash of warmth to it. It is creamy, but it takes a few swipes across my lids for the color to be intense enough to show; it’s quite a subtle brown.  I like the look it gave me and I think it will be great for fall.

Bobbi also adds two new pearlized eye shadows, Autumn Shimmer Wash, a warm bronze and Bash Metallic, which a forest green for lining and defining ($22.00). I have the Bash Metallic and I like using it in my crease when I’m wearing beige shadow on my lids and the Mahogany Creamy Eye Pencil as liner. It’s a fun way to wear a pop of color. You can use the Bobbi Brown Angle Eye Shadow Brush ($28.00) which is ideal for applying shadow in the corner, in the crease or all over the lid. 

The Ivy League Collection also includes a fresh, new spin on fall’s strong eye: Forest Shimmer Ink Long-Wear Gel Eyeliner ($21.00). To create the shade, Bobbi blended deepest green with golden pearls to create a liner that really makes eyes pop.

By far, my favorite product of the line is Bobbi’s Lip Crayons ($22.00). This awesome pencil “combines the luxurious feel of a lipstick with the ease and convenience of a jumbo, crayon-inspired pencil.” Including a custom-sized sharpener, the Lip Crayon is available in six shades: Honeysuckle, Coral Pink, Raisin Berry, Posey, Dusty Nude, Wild Rose. I have Dusty Nude, which is a medium beige that is so pretty on. It’s a lovely natural that will go with all my autumn outfits!

Visit to learn more and to purchase this collection before the first leave falls.

Redpoint Cosmetics

Being forty, flirty and fabulous, I enjoy trying anti-aging cosmetics. So I was very interested in Redpoint. The website states,  “it’s a revolutionary line of color cosmetics infused with breakthrough anti-aging and skin transforming complexes, to make you look and feel better than you ever have.”

I tried a few products from this brand, but my three favorites are:

Transformative Duel Foundation ($42.00 USD) — Redpoint’s new foundation is packaged in a glamorous red compact. The website claims, “Get full coverage in a foundation so weightless, it’s almost like you have nothing on at all! Unique Liquacreme formula glides on like silk, and leaves your skin with a flawless matte finish. Elastimide Amino AC, a proven peptide blend and light diffusing pigments combine to help fill in the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, so skin looks and feels more youthful.” Like it promises, this foundation gives a smooth, matte finish. It comes in 3 color combinations; Light, Medium and Dark with two shades in each compact. Right now I am using the lightest of my Light compact, but in the summer when I get a bit darker (in spite of my sunscreen), I can combine both of the shades or even use the the darker of the two.

DermaLift Foundation ($42.00 USD) — If you would like a dewier look, this liquid foundation could be right for you. “Reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles with this sheer, all-in-one foundation, enriched with a proven combination of powerful peptides and moisturizers. The lightweight blend is easily layered, and contains unique light diffusing pigments that create the illusion of younger looking skin. The mineral oil-free, stay put blend is perfect for all skin types.” This is also available in Light, Medium and Dark. It may be lightweight, but it does have great coverage. My skin looks luminous with it on, but for daytime a little powder over if creates a natural, office-appropriate look.

StayPut Eyeliner ($21.00 USD) — “StayPut Eyeliner has a long-wearing, water-resistant, never-smudge formula that features our anti-aging TriPeptide complex to help your eye area appear firmer, smoother and more hydrated.” I LOVE this liner. It goes on extremely smoothly and stays on all day. One end has a sponge on it to use for a smudgey, smokey look. It comes in one color, Conga, which is a lovely, shimmery bronze. It is a beautiful color, but I would love it if they would make more shades!

I definitely recommend this brand to ladies of all ages who wants a little youthful magic in their make up. Visit the website at

Eye Stand Out on New Years Eve! — Flashy Eye Looks to Try

New Year’s Eve is a great time to try out a sparkly look that we wouldn’t wear everyday. As a 40 year old (yes, I own it) I usually don’t wear glitter, I leave that to my 13 year old daughter. But I am drawn to the sparkly around party time!

There are a lot of fun products to try at stores like Sephora and Ulta. The Sephora brand itself has a lot of party options that are fairly affordable. I really like the sparkly Sephora Glitter Eyeliner ($12.00 USD).  The eyeliner is just the right amount of glam. Applied to the upper lid over a neutral shadow, you can get away with almost any of the seven shades if comes in; Gold, Silver, Opal, Black, Teal, Purple and Blue.

Make Up For ever is another fun brand found at Sephora. Their false eyelashes ($14.00 USD) come in many varieties. From different textures and colors to the one above with glitter at the base, you can find the look you want to achieve. Talk about instant glamour!

Another bold choice is Max Factor’s Vivid Impact Highlighting Mascara ($9.99 USD). This is a dual color mascara that combines a traditional solid color base coat with an iridescent highlighting top coat to add a hint of color to lashes.

Remember if you do decide to go glitzy on the eyes, keep the rest of your look neutral. Maybe a nice nude or pink plumping lip gloss? Have fun!

Well Hello, Bright Eyes…Almay’s New Line

Almay Bright Eyes Eye Base + Concealer
Almay Bright Eyes Eye Base + Concealer
Almay Bright Eyes Liner/Highlighter Duo
Almay Bright Eyes Liner/Highlighter Duo

With my kids and husband back in school, I am getting less sleep doing more work. So my eyes are looking kind of tired. At forty, I do not want to look tired. That’s why I was drawn to Almay’s new Bright Eyes line.

The claim for this line is that it, “instantly refreshes and enhances your eyes. Now, you can always have the natural radiance that comes with a great night’s sleep.” The main brightening ingredients in the line are white tea and marine extract, whatever that is. 
 There are three products in the line, the Liner/Highlighter Duo, the Eye Base + Concealer and the Eye Shadow. I purchased the Liner/Highlighter Duo in Dark Chocolate/Shell and the Eye Base + Concealer in Light.

I usually wear black, purple or navy eyeliner and I usually wear eye shadow as liner. I haven’t purchased a dark brown eyeliner in years. It’s nice, though. The eye liner is a little hard and tugs at my eye lids a bit, but I like the color, it’s a rich dark brown.

The highlighter on the other end is very soft.  On my first use, I didn’t see any color when I used it. Then I looked at myself in natural light and noticed a soft, light pink shimmer. Very nice. I use the highlighter below my browbones, in the inner corners of my eyes and on my cheekbones. Can we say youthful glow?!       

The concealer is wonderful. You sqeeze the tube and the product comes out through the brush on top. I dab it on then rub it in gently with my finger. It instantly brightens up my eyes. I also use it as an eye shadow base and I have to say, my shadow seems to stay on longer.

If you are looking for a youthful eye look at a reasonable price (both were $8.99 at Walgreens), check this line out.

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