Sinful Colors Color Rebellious, Color Eccentric and Color Symbolic Collections For 80’s Inspired Nails

Get your neon, lace and drama on with 80’s inspired nail polish! Sinful Colors celebrates the 80’s by introducing three NEW collections for a totally rad flashback!  The collections are:

Sinful Colors Color Rebellious  Strike a pose with the NEW Sinful Colors Color Rebellious collection. Inspired by the blond & ambitious Queen of Pop, this collection of super-saturated shades like electric blue and lipstick red will rock the stage. Perfect the punk rock look and own the dance floor in colors with attitude.

Limited Edition

Cherish Me – hardcore pewter polish with heavy metal glitter accents

Starlight – a star bright glittering gold metallic

Pop Queen – shimmering blue-grey metallic studded with bright blue heavy metal accents

The Classics

Cream Pink – bubblegum pink

Endless Blue – en vogue electric blue

Energetic Red – bright lipstick red with attitude

Feel the Vibe – vibrant orange shade

Yolo Yellow – bright yellow hue

Sinful Colors Color Eccentric  Get out of this world color with eccentric neon brights. Inspired by the electric pop and glam rock music of David Bowie, the NEW SinfulColors Color Eccentric collection makes a star-power statement. Stand out in electric yellow and lime green, or combine unexpected colors for an eccentric, shocking look.

Limited Edition

Diamond Blogs – neon fuchsia

Interglamatic – vivid violet

She’s From Mars – neon bright pink

Eccentricity – neon orange

Out in Space – neon yellow

Jean Queen – vibrant neon teal

Sinful Shine Color Symbolic — From red corvettes to purple rains and mood indigos, Prince’s music is painted with vibrant color.  Inspired by the transcendent and unique persona of the legendary musician, SinfulShine’s NEW Color Symbolic collection is funky, fresh and flamboyant all at once.  With a focus on purple hues from deep plum to velvety violet and raspberry, you’ll want to party like its 1999!

Limited Edition

Cranberry Ca raze – fuchsia pearl with an unexpected violet flash

Funky Fierce – violet metallic with a flamboyant gold flash

Rule My World – decadent gold metallic

So Symbolic – sparkling velvety purple

The Classics

Devious – deep blood red

Pragmatic – feisty shade of lavender

Prosecco – glittering neutral gold

Tutu Thrill – pastel pink

Top these off with Sinful Colors Top Coat  – shockingly shiny top coat to lock in crazy color.  To make the colors pop use the White on Time base coat —  a white shade to be applied under neons for the ultimate vivid effect

Color Symbolic and Color Eccentric are $2.99 per bottle and Color Rebellious is $1.99 per bottle.  The products are Made in the USA and 5 Free (Toluene, Formaldehyde, Formaldehyde Resin, DPB and Camphor Free)

Available May 2017 in mass market retailers nationwide!

3 thoughts on “Sinful Colors Color Rebellious, Color Eccentric and Color Symbolic Collections For 80’s Inspired Nails”

  1. This is a new brand for me; I’ll have to take a look. After googling I’ve found that one of our stores ‘Priceline’ carries stock. I love the colours!

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