My Beauty Favorites Week of May 11-May 17, 2015

It’s getting close to summer in Kansas City.  Hot, humid and stormy!  But, I am still loving trying new products, especially ones that will make me look and feel fabulous to and through summer.

This week I’m loving a new holistic makeup brand, a fast new hair dryer, and skin-smoothing skincare and an amazing smelling bath oil.

Geri G. Cosmetics
Geri G. Cosmetics

Geri G. offers a whole system of products that offer a holistic approach to nourishing and hydrating the skin, including foundation, a multi-purpose canvas, plush mascara, lip-gloss creme, and even complimentary nutritional components.

What I think: I have been testing the Transceutical Canvas, the Innocent Foundation and the Lip Gloss Crème. The canvas is like a primer that leaves your skin glowing and keeps makeup looking fresh all day.  The foundation is a little sheer for me, but the canvas keeps it on all day.  I think it will be perfect in the summer when I don’t want to wear heavy foundation.  And, I love the lip gloss!  It is very moisturizing and stays on for a while.  The color is sheer, but very pretty!

Learn more and purchase at

Jose Eber Quickshine Infrared Blow Dryer
Jose Eber Quickshine Infrared Blow Dryer

Jose Eber Quickshine Infrared Blow Dryer ($159 USD) — Get dry lustrous hair fast with this portable, professional grade dryer. This versatile blow dryer uses the gentle hear of Far Infrared light to dry beginning deep within the hair cuticle, decreasing drying time safely by more than 50%. The days of dry damaging heat, burns and hot spots are over with the Quickshine and you can say hello to shiny and smooth hair, fast!

What I think:  Love this blow dryer!  It is compact so it’s easy to use and dries my hair very fast. The very red light at the mouth of the blow dryer is a bit scary, but it is not as hot as it looks.  Plus, there is a cool air button that you can use to add shine to your hair.

Available at

New NIP+FAB's Glycolic Fix Products
New NIP+FAB’s Glycolic Fix Products

NIP+FAB Glycolic Instant Fix Mask ($12.95 USD) — Resurface, retexture and renew instantly with this gel like mask to leave your skin radiant, blemish free and visibly smoother. A favourite of Kylie Jenner’s, NIP+FAB’s highest level of glycolic acid combines with EVERMAT™ technology to gently smooth away the appearance of lines and wrinkles, whilst clearing and reducing the look of enlarged pores.

NIP+FAB Glycolic No Needle Fix Serum ($19.95 USD) — No Needle Fix is a revolutionary, intensive plumping and volumizing serum that fills fine lines, smoothes wrinkles and reduces the appearance of imperfections, improving skin’s overall tonicity and elasticity.

What I think: I’ve found that both of theses products work to smooth skin tone.  My pores and wrinkles appeared smaller as soon as I first tried the mask.

Available at CVS, ULTA and Target stores nationwide

Rituals Fortune Oil
Rituals Fortune Oil

Rituals Fortune Oil ($15 USD) — The shower oil becomes a silky soft foam, leaving your skin beautifully soft. The ingredients Sweet Orange & Cedar produce a wonderfully warm fragrance. The shower oil helps you keep your summer tan for longer. The oil hydrates your skin in the shower, so that you lose less pigment.

What I think: This oil is really fun to use.  In the shower it turns in to a foam and after you wash, it rinses clean.  My skin is left soft and smooth.  Plus, the scent is amazing it is both warm and sweet.

Purchase at


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