Cool Summer Nail Looks

I change my nail polish a lot and try to always have something on my nails.  I find it’s an inexpensive way to put my personality into my look!

Here are some ideas for fun summer nails:

Nail It With essence

Well-manicured nails are sure to become your signature this season!  The newest nail products and accessories from essence offer excitement and versatility for the budding fashionista who craves new looks and trends.  With the addition of new nudes, brilliantly innovative nail art and a top coat to seal the deal, the possibilities are endless!

What I think — these products by essence are great affordable nail art.  I especially like the combo of the nude polish with the decoration kit — really cute.  It takes a little practice to make the gemstones and glitter look perfect, but it’s worth it.  The top coat is very stick, so make sure you have lots of time to let it dry.

Available at Ulta Stores nationwide and

In The Mood

In the Mood Color Changing Nail Polish ($8.00 USD) — Welcome to the fun whimsical world of mood changing nail polish.  Don’t worry – you’re not crazy, but your nail polish, on the other hand may be described as …..unstable.   Finally, a nail polish that will reflect your inner hysteria.  Amuse yourself by guessing what shade your nail polish will be at any given moment.

The new metallic shades from left to right are The Blues, Loved and Envious.

What I think:  These change to body temperature.  So when you are outside in the heat, they will be the lighter color and when you are cooler they will be the darker shade.  If you are hot and wash your hands in cold water, you might get darker tips, which is really cool!  I think these are very fun!

You can purchase these at

China Glaze Sunsational

Make waves this summer with the new China Glaze® Sunsational collection.  This fun palette of six brighter-than-bright crèmes and six juicy jelly polishes create a bold pop or sheer hint of color that are sure to see you through every highlight of your summer.

Mix and match these hot hues and different finishes from China Glaze® Sunsational for a vivid and bold expression on your tips and toes:

Sun of A Peach: Popping peachy crème

Neon & On & On: Flirtatious pink crème

Bottoms Up: Passionate bubblegum pink-purple crème

That’s Shore Bright: Playful purple crème

Too Yacht to Handle: Teasing teal crème

Highlight of My Summer: Mellow mint green crème

Shell-O: Juicy coral-pink jelly

Heat Index: Enticing pink jelly

You Drive Me Coconuts: Panic-causing purple jelly

Are You Jelly?: Vivacious purple jelly

Isle See You Later:  Marine blue jelly

Keepin’ It Teal: Totally Turned Up turquoise jelly

What I think:  These are super fun summer colors!  I love creams, but I think I would have to say my favorites are the jellies, especially Are You Jelly?, Isle See You Later and Keepin’ it Teal!

These are available at salons and beauty supply stores including Ulta and

Enjoy your fun nails!

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