Zaggora’s NEW 3 Step Solution

Zaggora’s NEW 3 Step Solution

Zaggora’s NEW 3 Step Solution is a leg shaping regimen designed to maximize the effectiveness of Zaggora’s revolutionary workout wear. It pairs iconic HotPants 2.0 with Zaggora body care staples Svelt Melt and Motion Lotion to help you yield results before, after, and during a workout. By pairing HotPants 2.0 with Zaggora’s new body contouring gel and actively hydrating body sculpting lotion before and after your exercise routine, your legs will get the ultimate boost, feeling even more firm and toned. You’ll be happy with your results when it’s time to put on that sexy little bikini!

What I think:  I have been testing this kit (sent to me for my honest opinion).  I think that it is a really interesting idea.  I first tried the pants without the lotions and went walking with them on. You do sweat a lot in the pants and I could feel them working.  Then I tried it with the three step solution:


This seemed to work well, too.  I especially liked using the Motion Lotion after my workout (after showering of course).  Very refreshing.

I have seen some firming of my hip and thighs using this system while I work out.  I am going to keep at it in hoping to firm and lose inches!

You can purchase the system now at for $148.50.

Let me know if you do and if it works for you!


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